Major City Asks Its Residents To Give Up Their Bikes To Illegal Aliens

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s become abundantly clear that the main priority of the Democratic Party is to serve illegal aliens and represent them and their needs rather than the American people, who pay their salaries.

As if it isn’t bad enough that the southern border is open and millions of illegal aliens are pouring through it each year, now Americans are being asked to give up their own property to aid and abet these criminal invaders.

New York City is asking residents to donate their bikes, helmets, and locks to illegal aliens so that the illegals can have an easier time moving around the Big Apple.

A new ad campaign funded by the City of New York is underway appearing on electronic ad boards at bus stops and along sidewalks proposing residents give up their bikes to “help” so-called “asylum-seekers” to “mode around with ease.”

You really have to wonder if the people behind this are serious people. Do they actually believe the millions of illegal aliens flooding into the country are legitimately seeking asylum or do they know this is all just a massive political plot to alter US demographics in their favor? As if they don’t cheat enough. It’s hard to believe anyone actually believes this nonsense. They’re just seeing how far Americans will go to avoid being called “xenophobic” or “racist” and laughing all the way.

“Bike New York is looking to receive, repair & distribute bikes, helmets, locks & lights to help asylum-seeking folks move around,” the “Recycle-A-Bicycle” advertisement reads. “Donations will be accepted until February 28.”

The program is being run by “Bike New York” in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, the New York City Department of Transportation and other government agencies. The goal is to get bikes into the hands of illegal aliens. Interesting to note that they are asking for bike locks to go with the bikes so that the illegals have a way to protect themselves from becoming victims of crime. That’s called irony.

In a statement made announcing the program on the Bike New York website, the organization says the purpose of their program is “to oversee a large-scale effort to receive, repair, and distribute donated bikes to recent arrivals from the southern border,” and “to provide an inexpensive and convenient way for them to access the jobs and services they need to get settled and acclimated in their new homes.”

New York City is not going to let Republican governors who have bussed illegal aliens there get the best of them.

“Those who receive a bike,” the statement continues, will receive a taxpayer-funded helmet for free, “courtesy of New York City DOT,” as well as a bike lock and bike lights.

How wonderful. We certainly wouldn’t want the illegal aliens already being supported by tax dollars to be unsafe or vulnerable to theft.

The move to transport illegal aliens around the US to blue states and cities might be backfiring as sanctuary-cities like NYC embrace them and all but ensure they’ll never be deported. These illegal aliens will soon be voting and you can bet they’ll be voting for Democrats. Everything is going exactly as planned.

While residents of East Palestine, Ohio, where an atomic bomb of toxic chemicals went off earlier this month, can’t even get a hotel room covered by the Biden regime so they can escape harmful fumes, illegal aliens are being put up in privately owned hotel rooms in NYC by Mayor Eric Adams. As you’ve heard, the illegal aliens have been totally trashing the hotels making the buildings not only unsafe but unsanitary.

One hotel employee described to the New York Post how the illegals had turned his place of work into a violent, drug-infested “free-for-all,” where “total chaos” ensues round the clock.

This is what happens when the US opens its border to anyone and everyone with no standards or restrictions. We don’t get the best the world has to offer. We don’t get migrants seeking the American Dream, which involves work. We get criminals looking for a free ride and that’s exactly what they’re getting, literally.

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