Man Tosses Last Of CHOP’s Barricades, But It’s What He Said While Doing It That’s Made Him An Internet Sensation; This Is Brilliant

(Tea Party PAC) – In a world that seems to be overcome by madness, violence, and unrest, we’re all waiting for a hero to rise up from the shadows and give us a reason to cheer once again. Well, it seems we’ve found an individual who fits the bill, and he’s definitely the stuff legends are made of.

An unidentified man has become a total internet sensation thanks to a video that’s exploded all over the online world that shows him giving the left-wing terrorists who took over a six block portion of downtown Seattle a huge piece of his mind.

It’s clear right from the get-go this guy is not at all a big fan of what these morons are trying to accomplish, and he lets his frustrations be known. He basically says what we’ve all been thinking ever since this mess started.

You need to see this. It’ll do your heart some good.

Via BizPacReview:

Video caught the fed-up man single-handedly dismantling barricades and overturning tables in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone as others tried to intervene and make him stop.


“Move the f*** outta my way!” the man yelled at one person who stood in front of him to block him as he picked up metal barricades and tossed them into a pile.

“So, black man versus black man? This is what they want!” another person interjected as the man readied to throw another barricade.

“Who gives a f***?” he shot back.

In one tense exchange, it appeared as if the man pulled out a gun when confronted by another person touting a knife. As the two exchanged words and the fed-up man grew louder, another person came into view in an apparent attempt to diffuse the situation. He appeared to take the knife away from the objecting person and the other man continued with his anti-CHOP clean-up.

Another person bothered by the man’s efforts complained, “you’re destroying their property!”

But he went on with his business, determined to make a dent in the blocks-long occupied area that was finally ordered dismantled Monday by the city’s Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan.

“I’m sick of this s**t! F*** all you guys! Go home!” the man exclaimed at one point, as he went on to overturn a table and scatter objects in the area.

Later in the video, he was seen telling some other people that CHOP is “not a black movement.”

He’s right. It’s not a black movement. It’s a progressive movement. Truth be told, by the very fact that it’s a progressive movement, it’s also a racist movement. These people want to tear our nation apart, having been brainwashed by liberal thought, allowing the powers that be within the progressive movement to finally have the justification they’ve been looking for to strip us all of our rights. Whoever these individuals are, they’re being lied to.

“Get your own f***in’ movement,” he added. “What you guys are doing … nobody’s gonna hear.”

The official word from the CHOP Committee called the movement a “success,” urging supporters to “continue supporting the kind of revolutionary change we just created by voting for Joe Biden” in a statement Wednesday.

Though the group may claim the weeks-long occupation was successful, the city is now facing a class action lawsuit by residents and business owners who are seeking damages, alleging that their constitutional rights “have been overrun by the city of Seattle’s unprecedented decision to abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood, leaving it unchecked by the police, unserved by fire and emergency health services, and inaccessible to the public at large.”

The only thing this movement succeeded in doing was making folks who live in this area angry and exposing the left-wing radicalism that these nuts hold to as the insane ramblings of children trapped in adult bodies.

Folks all over the country are finally seeing Democrats and the ilk they are creating through public education for what they really are. Statist robots who only live to serve.

People are sick and tired of this garbage, especially those in the black community. This kind of tactic does nothing to combat racism. Nothing at all. Then again, neither does anything Black Lives Matter is doing either. The real way to end racism is to stop focusing on what makes us all different from each other and start putting our attention on what connects us together.

Skin color isn’t important. Our shared humanity, our journey through life, that is something we all have in common.



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  6. I’m disappointed that more of the people living there didn’t step up and help him. Guess they didn’t care enough and that’s why it lasted so long! At least he stood up.

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  8. It’s a damn shame what the BLM, Antifa, Soros, Obama, Biden, Clintons, and all the rest are trying to do to this country. Things were a lot better before Obama came here, he was the division maker. Most of us have worked with multitudes of different races and never had a problem. This is all generated by the left who want to make a nation with dictators. There are always going to be problems in society but this is taking it a bit too far. Folks keep praying and trying to do good. The fight will always be there between good and evil.


  10. Amen. He did with the rest of us wish we could do. Thank God he didn’t get attacked! God bless America

  11. Don’t recall seeing this mans name but I still want to comment on how he went in there and was showing such strength and determination to let this organization know he wasn’t having it!! Thank you young man for having courage and telling these people this is bullshit. All these people need to get together and tear it down!! Take back your town, they invaded your space and you have every right to fight and over power them. It’s easier said then done but if you have enough people it can be accomplished. The mayor and governor are useless but what do you expect from liberal democrats. All states run by liberals are shitholes maybe that should tell voters not to trust and vote democrat. God Bless you young man, stay safe and keep strong, many more people should have your guts to fight. I hope the best for your town and state.

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  13. I commend his determination. I think he is trying to take back his neighborhood. He is right these people need to go home. The officials are so far left and can’t see what their own people need and want. I hope they win big over the cities stupidity in court.$$$$$. It cost the people of this area dearly.

  14. I truly believe the Mayor and Governor should pay the people who are sueing out of their pockets. It was they who let this get out of control by not taking action right from the start. Now it’s their turn to pay.

    Neither of them deserve to be re elected maybe this will turn Washing Republican, the Dems are a failure this is proof.

  15. The man pulling down this idiotic barricade is a HERO. The punks occupying the area are just snot-nosed brats who never got a spanking in their lives and now think they know everything and are morally superior to everyone else in every way, except they are the EXACT ANTITHESIS of knowledgeable and capable. FINALLY, the REAL citizens of Seattle in that area are suing the clowns that were elected to run the city. I hope they clean the clock of every inept moron who is in Seattle city government.

  16. Thank God for someone with the courage to take charge and do what most Americans thought should have been done at the get go. Thank You!

  17. Joe Biden has been in DC for around 50 years , 8 as vice president, and did nothing to solve anything. When have old dogs been able to be taught new tricks? Trump has done more in 3 years than Biden in 50.

  18. Who put these idiots in charge of the world? What a mindless mob mentality group of complete lunatics in DEM controlled and run cities. Philadelphia, Chicago, St Louis, San Francisco. New York. Washington DC, LA, Seattle, Portland are being run over and controlled by domestic terrorists. Their mayors and governors backed down in front of them. No doubt they don’t want to lose their cushy well paid jobs. What is going to happen when police departments are defunded or abolished? Rampant crime in the inner cities less so in the suburbs and rural areas. Just thinking.

  19. About time. Now all the politicians need to be removed for treason, out on a bus straight to Venezuela to live for 6 mo. Tell us how you all like socialism. That is if you survive it.
    Every single democrat should be disgusted and embarrassed for all their terribly run cities. And it’s no one’s fault but your own. If you had a spine, instead of being so feckless, you would of never been in this spot.

  20. I agree with this man! Democrats started this so called movement! Blacks deserve better! At least he believes in something. I pray for him and what he wants!

  21. These self serving idiots have defined themselves AND the Democratic Party, not as protestors, but as disrupters. God help our Republic if they succeed. Just wait’til November. Biden! Is the best the Democrats have to offer?

  22. Yes all people need to stand up to these low life commie cowards! It is not about justice or is about communism take over! Defend your yourself, defend your family,defend your city,county,and state. Democrats could care less how many die or are injured. They could care less how many businesses are lost they just want power and control a dictator commie! Cor the love of all that is holy stop voting Democrat !

  23. This young man did what the cowardly politicians refused to do, take back his community. It is true, Black Lives Do Matter, but then ALL lives matter. It’s time that the liberals are finally held accountable for using the different races to try and further their agenda.

  24. This is not the first time I have hear positive intelligent black people speaking with honest conviction and outrage directed at both blacks and idiot Democrat, progressives (NOT) simply political opportunist. Looking to loot and grab cheat shots, and idiot sound bites
    making Seattle appear as a reviled and stupid mass of exactly what they are… as the Black Hero states . . . “children trapped in and adult body” . . .

    On 850 AM radio listening to a very intelligent Black leader (not from Seattle) I missed exactly where he was from Tuned in Late and missed some of the interview What was very clear he spoke about meeting other Blacks, Mothers of dead sons & daughters who have died by Black on Black Crime… who thanks and praised the Police for their genuine compassionate concern and thanking them for catching prosecuting the Criminals to took these black lives… which is the antithesis of of what Main Stream Media and idiot Mayor of Seattle had been saying… you can not deal with … such rationalism of what was going on in Seattle…… I truly felt the people of all races living in that area of Seattle were ignored, and only the radicals got their unreasonable voices hear.

  25. Maybe I don’t like the language but he is a hero it’s what should have been done a long time ago not to cower down to them just can’t understand why he was so alone where were his friends because he should not have to stand alone I would stand beside this guy anytime a Marine in Indiana

  26. He’s right! At least someone has the balls to stand up to them! I am a life long straight ticket Republican. However, my cat that has been neutered, has more balls than the collective Republicans in Washington, DC. All they do is bow down to the Democrats at ever opportunity. The Democrats are not responsible for this crap, the Republicans we have sent to DC are for not one of you have come up with one idea to stop this shit. YOU LET THE DEMOCRATS DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, WHEN THEY WANT. PELOSI AND SCHUMER HAVE THE CLEANEST ASSES IN WASHINGTON FOR THEY ARE KSSED EVERYDAY BY THE REPUBLICANS! While I once again will vote a straight GOP ticket, I believe a sweep of the House, Senate and White House for the Democrats, due to your inaction and the equal hate for President Trump, is going to be the final result!

  27. Very brave man, thank you for telling it like it really is. The radical left leaders are letting this devide our country, it is not Black Lives Matter. The states this protesting and destruction is done by states ran by Democrat Governors and Mayors!! They have tried every way else to keep President Trump from being elected, they do not care about the damage they have done to this country. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, are already looking at using this as a way to try and impeach President Trump. Think about how many lives have been lost. How do you like living as socialist? Arrest everyone involved, impeach the Governors and Mayors that have cheered this on! The PEOPLE need to to stand up and start fighting back for their rights.rid this country of Soros and other billionaires that are paying and organize Antifa and those that claim Black Lives Matter!! Pray to God to help us over come this horror we have been going through!!

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