Maricopa County Elections Chair Disappeared On Election Day… We Now Know Why

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s no secret that Democrats worked overtime, once again, to ensure their advantage during the 2022 midterm elections across the nation. They inexplicably managed to retain control of the Senate and just barely lost the House.

Their success defies all logic especially when you consider both Obama and Clinton lost dozens and dozens of seats in the House during their midterm election cycles. Somehow, the American people are more satisfied under Joe Biden than they were during those administrations.

Of course, we know this is not true and we know that Democrats took advantage of COVID rules, loopholes, and technological malfunctions in order to edge out their competition.

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is, however, the only candidate in the US that seems to be talking about this and calling attention to the obviously corrupt election that took place on Nov. 8.

Once again, Maricopa County has become the epicenter of controversy over Election Day and for good reason. There were a myriad of problems that resulted in voters being turned away from voting locations while others were forced to wait in hours-long lines.

The problems stemmed from supposed malfunctioning vote tabulators at over 20% of voting locations. This is totally unacceptable and led to massive voter disenfranchisement.

Multiple sources have reported that election officials downplayed the extent of the issues and subsequent reports by The Washington Post and KNTX-TV assert they were told that 70 locations, over 30 percent, suffered issues with tabulators.

Rasmussen Reports has claimed that 30% is still an underestimate and that the real number was closer to 48%.

The Western Journal reports that on election day, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates disappeared. CNN reported on Tuesday that Gates was moved to an “undisclosed location” after alleged threats were made against him.

Gates spent the night of Nov. 8 at this “undisclosed location” under the protection of the local sheriff’s office. Meanwhile, the county continued to experience one problem after another.

A Gates’ spokesperson told CNN that the chairman had to increase personal security in order to continue performing his duties as chairman.

Two weeks since Election Day, Arizona is still not done counting the votes. Politico reports that as of Tuesday, 99% of the vote was in.

It’s truly inexcusable. Arizona, Nevada and California all took weeks to count the votes while states like Florida, with a population three times larger than Arizona, was able to count theirs and declare winners on Election Night.

The delay in counting and getting results, however, is just a symptom of the underlying problems in Arizona which seem to only have affected same-day voters who were expected to lean heavily Republican.

Despite the fact that Kari Lake was projected to win the governorship by a large margin over Democrat Katie Hobbs, she is currently behind Hobbs by around 17,000 votes.

Lake has been very clear that she plans to contest the results and is doing everything in her power to investigate and fight for the people of Arizona.

“Imagine if the tabulators had worked in primarily red districts! Again, this election was irreparably compromised by voter disenfranchisement,” the campaign’s tweet read.

“We don’t care if this is unprecedented. The appropriate thing to do would be to let Maricopa County cast their votes again.”

Indeed. The only way to resolve this issue would be to have voters in Maricopa County go to the polls in person and vote again. There doesn’t seem to be anything fair or logical about what happened there. It’s time to make this right and give Americans a reason to continue believing that democracy is still alive in America.

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  1. The elections have been fixed for many years. The people do not vote in candidates – it is a sham. Your vote is meaningless due to a corrupt system run by liars and thieves.
    The voting system is a scam to fool the ignorant.


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