Martha MacCallum Gives Raffensperger The Business Over Leaked Phone Call With Trump, Suggests This Was His Real Motive

(Tea Party PAC) – Earlier this week, on Monday, Fox News Host Martha MacCallum sat down for a little chat with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, where she gave him the business regarding the leaked phone call he had with President Donald Trump over the weekend.

Raffensperger has proven himself to very much be an enemy of the true Republican Party by essentially refusing to help the president do anything about all of the incidents of alleged voter fraud that is happening in his state.

According to BizPacReview, Raffensperger was very evasive with MacCallum during the interview, rambling and stumbling through explanations for why he had refused to take any calls from Trump over the course of the last several weeks. He was also pretty vague about how the call he had with the president was leaked to the Washington Post.

“So, why did you decide to take the phone call this time? What was different this time?” MacCallum asked the secretary of state.

His response was a total and flat out denial.

“I didn’t know [the phone call] was being recorded. I just was at my home with my wife, I had it on speakerphone. But I didn’t record anything at my house,” he said.

Really? I don’t think anyone is going to buy that lame excuse. At all. It seems fairly obvious that there was more going on here than simple ignorance about the call being recorded.

“But, uh, I was making notes, uh, but also then on Sunday morning [Trump] put out a Twitter. I thought we had a private conversation…just left unsaid it was private, but I thought it was man-to-man, just having a conversation…with the president of the United States,” Raffensperger added.

Raffensperger then said that Trump went out the following morning and said things that aren’t true. MacCallum follows up by asking him if after that happened he decided to release the phone call. He replied by saying the information was out there and that it “is what it is.”

However, MacCallum wasn’t about to let him slide with the dodge.

“That’s not an answer to my question. Are you going to answer my question? Were you aware of the decision and were you in favor of the decision to release the phone call, sir?” she asked again.

Raffensperger again seemed reluctant to address the situation directly.

“I think we had to respond to the president’s Twitter, and we responded with the facts that were in the call,” Raffensperger said. “So that’s how it got out there. The world can make up their own decisions, listen to both sides. Both sides of the aisle. Down the middle. Make their own decisions.”

MacCallum then switched up tactics a little and started noting how several Republicans in the state of Georgia, such as Gov. Brian Kemp and incumbent Sen. David Perdue, thought that releasing the call just days before the runoff elections on Tuesday was inappropriate.

Raffensperger then said, “Senator Perdue owes my wife an apology after the death-threats after he asked for my resignation. I have not heard a peep from that man. If he wants to call me, I’ll talk to him off the record. But he hasn’t done that.”

“It feels like this is very much about a grudge between you and the president and … Perdue,” MacCallum stated.

“It’s about getting the facts out,” Raffensperger responded. “President Trump probably had eight-to-10 points. Every one of [the president’s] numbers were wrong. We have a poster board of the actual numbers that we have versus what they have. Our numbers will be supported in a court of law. Their numbers will not be.”

Yeah, this guy got busted acting like a little child and he doesn’t quite know how to respond. It’s pretty clear that Raffensperger has an axe to grind with the GOP in his state and with the president. If he was actually putting his country first instead of his bruised pride, maybe we could have all the evidence necessary to nail Democrats to the wall for voter fraud.

Then again, maybe he’s in on it. Anything is possible.

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  1. That Bastard of GA should resign from his job –leaking a conversation with the president of USA my country that I went to SERVICE in the US army to protect my friends and people of my country and to have a SON-OF BITCH OF GA TO CROSS MY LEADER OF THE COUNTRY I so loved and willing to die for–WHAT A DISCUSS and this goes for all of those other fake REPUBLICANS that hates the man that done what he said he would do for my country when running for that office and these words apply to the OTHER REPUBLICANS THAT HAD UNKIND WORDS FOR MY PRESIDENT W.R. Warren

  2. When 2022 is near Trump will be the key to massive votes and all of these Congressmen and Senators who left him now will plead to him to help them. The answer will be ‘no’. They will lose their primaries.

  3. This is purely DISGUSTING, plain and SIMPLE . . . On JUDGEMENT day, ALL of this will come to LIGHT, and GOD will NOT be pleased with all the Deceit and LYING going on. MAY EVERYONE involved in this FRAUD reap the FULL just fruits of their REWARD! Unfortunately, we The People will suffer also. However, I believe that GOD will put his BELIEVERS in their “Land Of Goshen” (Read EXODUS, Old Testament) in safety. The REST will get what they DESERVED, Hopefully FULL judgement. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  4. Raffensperger is another
    Republican turncoat , probably
    Got paid to hurt Trump,
    Republican Party should kick
    Him to the curb!!

  5. He looks like a crooked politician. They will all be sorry when the Democratic Socialist party starts changing this country.

  6. I know President Trump is not perfect neither am I, the only perfect one is JESUS CHRIST. I will say all this the dems,republicans,tech companies and fake news and everyone who has sinned and think they will get away with it is wrong. When JESUS CHRIST comes back that is not going to be long and then JUDGEMENT DAY EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESS TO EVERY DEED GOOD OR BAD SIN THEY HAVE DONE.ALL THESE THAT HAVE DONE PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY BAD WILL BE ACCOUNT FOR THEIR DEEDS WILL COME TO LIGHT.


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