Maxine Waters Has A Brilliant Plan To Get Senate To Impeach…LOL!!

(Tea Party PAC) – The most intelligent member of the House, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), has come out with a brilliant plan for how to get the Republican-majority Senate to impeach the president.

This is, of course, all while her own chamber won’t even vote for a formal impeachment inquiry.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the nationally syndicated talk show “The Real,” Waters declared that she is entirely confident that obstructions House Democrats like herself could simply convince the Senate Republicans to impeach Trump.

Wow. What a genius. That oughta do it.

Waters, of course, is the one who has been feebly crying “impeach 45” as often and as loudly as possible with as much lung volume as her aging lungs can muster, at least, since before he even took office.

She mentioned this.

“I’ve been thinking he should be impeached for years,” she said.

No crap, Autie Max.

“I believe that when you connect the dots, when you have the facts that we can convince some folks,” the woman who once said they simply needed to find a reason to impeach Trump continued.

“If you take a look at what’s happening with the Republicans now, this new revelation about him pulling our troops out of protecting the Kurds so that Turkey can move in and invade and create all kind of harm,” she added, throwing in a hot take on current events.

She added, “You have some Republicans who are moving. You have Romney who is speaking out and Grassley, he spoke out not too long ago.”

Um…you mean Romney who has been bashing Trump at every possible opportunity since being elected to the Senate, after soliciting Trump’s endorsement for his low-hanging Senate seat, and who no one whatsoever even bothers to listen to?


“I do believe that while they don’t want to do it because many of them are afraid they won’t be reelected, particularly if they are in those states where he won, but I think if the information is overwhelming that they’re going to have a hard time,” she continued.

“The polls this morning was very encouraging The polls are saying 48 or 49% of Americans said they want him out out. They want him out,” she added in her usual articulate way.

Um, not so much. What Americans support is a formal impeachment inquiry, according to the far-left mainstream media, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will never do this because she’s trying to protect her members who will be hurt by going on record saying they oppose impeachment.

If impeachment is so popular, Maxine, if it would be so easy to convince Senate Republicans to impeach the president, why won’t Pelosi just go ahead and pull the trigger?

Because it’s not popular.


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