Mayor Lori Lightfoot Begs This Major Business Not To Leave Riot-Torn Chicago

(Tea Party PAC) – The radical left used the George Floyd protests as an opportunity to riot and cause large-scale chaos and destruction in many major US cities. While the bedlam started in Minneapolis, it quickly spread across the country hitting cities like Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and, of course, Chicago. Over 4,000 arrests were made nationwide as law enforcement tried to stop the chaos.

The damage done is reported to have potentially reached “catastrophe” level and will likely exceed the record for most costly civil disorder in the US, which is currently held by the Los Angeles riots of 1992 over Rodney King which were confined to one metropolitan area and caused $775 million worth of damage (or $1.42 billion in today’s dollars).

The economic toll is expected to impact these cities for years to come especially as businesses assess the damage and are left contemplating whether to stay or leave certain cities for good.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been talking to these retailers and begging them not to leave. To be fair, Lightfoot has not shown the enthusiastic support for the rioting and destruction that other Democrat leaders have, such as Muriel Bowser who was hell-bent on seeing Washington DC burnt to the ground before “allowing” the National Guard to protect the city and lives.

Lightfoot said, of the riots, “God help us all if we believe that we can express our pain by destroying the hopes, and dreams, and livelihoods, and the fortunes of others,” adding, “That’s not the way. That is just not the way.”

Nonetheless, businesses that have been destroyed during the riots are thinking about leaving and taking the tax revenue, jobs, and goods that the city relies on, with them. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers faced with the decision of whether to stay or leave Chicago.

WBBM reports:

Mayor Lightfoot said she was on a conference call with Walmart and other major retailers that had stores looted or heavily damaged during the unrest in Chicago. She said she pleaded with them to not abandon Chicago.

“I think in the case of Walmart, what they were focused on was assessing the damage. They are doing an effort to donate fresh produce, to the extent of what’s left so it doesn’t perish, and other perishables, and they are taking their time, as I would expect.”

There were earlier reports that Walmart expected to rebuild all stores trashed by looters and vandals, but company officials later said they would open some stores and would not say which ones. 

The mayor said most of the others said they are committed to Chicago. She said she hopes Walmart follows suit.

“My hope is that they will come back,” Lightfoot said. “But I got a resounding, ‘Mayor, this is our city, this is our home,’ from a lot of other retailers and I would hope that Walmart would follow suit.”

Despite the fact that Lightfoot did not support the riots and bedlam she is still a Democrat and has contributed to the leftist culture that is only serving to keep Chicago impoverished and crime-ridden. Maybe Walmart has simply had enough and the riots were the last straw.

Between the riots and the coronavirus power-grabs, Democrat mayors and governors across the country will soon be faced with lying in the very beds they made. This is why elections are so important.


  1. It would be a most foolish business decision for any business owner to reopen in any large city run by Democrats who stood by and watched rioters destroy the businesses. It’s happened before and will happen again, but get worse. Until the city management style changes, nothing else will change.

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  7. After a snake bites you and puts you in the hospital, only the biggest fool in the world would start feeding it again. Just say no to Chicago.

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  8. Get the Hell out of there. The next time there is a riot, your store will be up for grabs. We all know if a store loses money from looters they raise prices to make up there loses. As a consume I will not go to you store because I refuse to pay extra because of animals.

  9. Get the hell out of there, because you know if there’s another riot, your store will be up for grabs. People know if a store loses money from thieves the store raises prices to make up the difference. As a consumer I will not go to your store because I will not pay more for animal stealing.

  10. I assume that Seattle will probably have the same problem. The BLM and Antifa took over part of their city and put up borders. The police had to leave the PD. These people need to realize that there are consequences. They’re like little kids, if not reprimanded they’ll keep doing it. If I was Target I’d leave too. They let the riots which were deemed “ peaceful
    protesting “ go on. Now all these democrat states and cities were asking for loads of money to bail them out and the president said no. I wonder if they purposely did nothing so they could get money. My bet is yes!

  11. Keep saying f…you to Trump. I hope all retailers pull out of Chicago. She’s a typical liberal moron talking out of both sides of her mouth.

  12. I live in Chicago the problem is Democratic Party run this city for as long as I been alive I’m 58 the problem is Democratic kiss the Union ass so they can control them with big pay and pensions are schools are a joke and they can’t fire the bad teachers because the union won’t let them are roads are crumbling crime is out of control and we the citizens have to pay high taxes for crap services I planning on moving out in 4 years and it’s sad because this shithole been my home for my whole life but it’s time to surrender and get the hell out they just keep voting these idiots into office

  13. Mayor Lightfoot, the problem that you have with your city is that you’re following the democrat ways. Educate yourself into the common sense ideas of the republicans and put them into practice. You will make yourself into a hero as you fix the cities problems, bring prosperity to the citizens, and have businesses vie to come your city.

  14. I would leave no one deserves this mess it’s all political one bad cop! I guess there is no bad black cops right ! Oh that’s not the liberal narrative RIGHT ! If things go to a total war in this country we all know who is behind it I guess we just drag them from there mansions and deal with it ! Remember Qaddafi !

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  16. They reap what they sow. I hope the stores DO leave. Thats what they deserve. These DEM mayors might have been shocked with the first night of rioting. After that IT WAS ON THEM, they allowed it. They had their police stand down and become targets of the rioters. Then when the cops defend themselves, they are brought up on charges.DISGUSTING. If you allow people to act like animals and do NOTHING in the face of that, you deserve the consequences. Walmart makes a bundle in places where people are civilized. They don’t need to remain in Chicago.

  17. Leftist officials will simply condemn Walmart as ‘racist’ and blame them for failing to serve communities. Chicago’s hometown girl, Michelle Robinson Obama, took this same tack when she cried crocodile tears about food deserts in poor neighborhoods. If shoplifting, rioting and property damage must be factored into any given retailers business model, the more astute operators of those businesses will say “forget about it.” They will operate in locations where they face a much lower prospect of losing money and worrying about the safety of their employees with all the legal and financial implications when safety can’t be ensured. So the rioters, thieves and other assorted criminals accelerate the flight of jobs, businesses and economic activity in struggling communities when they engage in their most uncivil behavior and protests.

    • A critical factor that all merchants and businesses have to consider is whether they will able to obtain affordable insurance. When mayors and city councils decide to defund or even reduce funding for the police, that will either drive up the cost of insurance or rule it out (especially since most insurance companies have already had to deal with the unexpected and government-worsened COVID-19). Instead of defunding the police, the police budgets should be increased (when prosperity returns) to fund longer and better training as well as providing police with more non-lethal means of apprehending criminals and handling crowd control (like these).

  18. Lightfoot, just like every other mayor Chicago has ever had, is corrupt. Who could blame the companies if they left – they would be wise to do so.

  19. I would LEAVE that city IMMEDIATELY! . . . There is NO representation OR protection for this manufacturer. The MAYOR (A Left Wing IDIOT) Lied, and LOST big time, and DESERVED it. The ONLY thing left to do is a RECALL election to REPLACE her – she is TOTALLY worthless. Keep your Left Wing Political GARBAGE to YOURSELF! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. Letting these riots go on causes so much damage to the people of poor communities. The number of places for people to shop was low to begin with. Nobody with a clue will invest in these communities. So there will also be no jobs for the community. There is a price to pay for total stupidity.

  21. Good for Walmart. Stand up to the violence and walk away. Let the rioters live in the environment that they created. They owe Walmart the money in damages that they created. Will they pay? Ha!

  22. Why would anyone want a business in riot torn Chicago!!! If Walmart has a responsible management, they should leave war torn Chicago for the sake of their employees. Offer them positions in other parts of Illinois!!!

  23. You can’t expect people to stick around in the face of increased violent crimes and destruction. Democrats are definitely NOT the party of peace, but more like the party of pieces.

  24. Why would any sane person trust the people in power who not only made this happen but cheered as their cities burned. Then blamed the Police who work doing the impossible every day! No, if I owned a business I would be looking for a more fiscally and morally responsible area to do my business in. An area where the Police are allowed to “serve and protect” not “shunned and wrecked”!!

  25. Maybe it’s time to gather all the protesters and make them start cleaning up their mess. It’s a shame that the news can’t get all the facts before they rush the news out. also need to find out who is paying these professional protesters and make them pay for the clean up.

  26. WAL-MART we salute you. If you stay, and once this BS settles down, you will be yet another target, and probably sooner than later.

  27. How in hell can a democratic mayor of Chicago dare to say, “May God help us”. It is obvious that democrats are not Christians, and only call upon God to help them when they let Rioters cause mayhem in their city. If these people want to disband the police then they will get what they want. Chicago is the worst of the worst when it come to killing and looting. Why don’t they spend their time in using this energy to stop the killing in Chicago. How do the democrats expect anything to change, or get worse if Biden is in charge.

    • It is time for Chicago to elect a republican and get rid if the likes of Madigan too! Lightfoot’s mouth belong in the gutter. Trump has more respect of others in his little finger than her. She is trash and needs to be kicked out. Just listen to her rants to alderman after telling the president to “fu”. She fires a cop for unbecoming actions and yet she did the same thing .. to the President! Hypocritical ingrate.

  28. Leave please leave it’s got to stop Let him know there’s consequences for Ledisi

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