Media Runs Wild With Claim That Joe Biden Is First With All Female Comm Dept — There’s Just One Small Problem

(Tea Party PAC) – The shameful bias of the crooked mainstream media continues to be exposed on what seems like a daily basis. It’s not even really all that interesting to read about anymore and it most certainly is no longer shocking.

Their blatant and obvious disdain for President Trump, his administration, and conservatives is just what we’ve all come to expect now, right along with their obsequious fawning over anything and everything Joe Biden-related.

On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that Joe Biden was making history by compiling the very first female-led communications team to hit the White House. Only problem is that President Trump already beat him to that “accomplishment.”

The Post reported that it’s the “first time all of the top aides tasked with speaking on behalf of an administration and shaping its message will be female.”

It’s quite obvious these “journalists” no longer actually do any journalism. They don’t research anything. They just spew forth narratives that make Joe Biden and Democrats look good to their obedient lock-step readers.

All it takes is for one mainstream media outlet to run a fake news story for it to catch on like wildfire within the Deep State’s propaganda arm.

NPR “reporters” Benjamin Swasey and Franco Ordoñez got in on the fake news action, writing that it will be “the first time in history” these roles were appointed to women. They don’t even try to be convincing anymore.

It didn’t take long at all before this fake news story was utterly shredded by truth and reality. Of course, those on the left won’t be convinced because “truth over facts” and “their truth” trumps all facts.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews was quick to point out that President Trump’s administration’s communications team is currently completely led by women:

There’s virtually no way that the Washington Post and NPR reporters who specifically cover all things related to the White House were unaware of Trump’s communication team being entirely female-led.

Current White House Press Secretary is Kayleigh McEnany, who is the third woman in a row to hold the position under Trump. Alyssa Farah is Trump’s Communications Director, and has served for more than 3 years under Trump in various communications roles.

Vice President Mike Pence’s Communications Director is Katie Miller. In case you couldn’t deduce from her name, she too, is a woman. Both the First and Second Lady have female spokespersons, Stephanie Grisham and Kara Brooks, respectively.

It really doesn’t even require any digging at all to discover that President Trump’s communication team is entirely comprised of women and that he, in fact, is the first US President to accomplish that.

Mainstream media journalists aren’t lazy, they just lack integrity and are beholden to the Deep State to make Dear Leader Biden look good and to make Orange Man look bad.

Instead of admitting that these stories are completely false and giving President Trump credit, Maggie Haberman of The New York Times just awkwardly pointed out lower-level men within the communications department of Trump’s administration in an attempt to slam Trump and his team:

Haberman didn’t have to wonder. She could have just checked out Deere’s Twitter account to see exactly what he was thinking:

Just further proof that leftist “journalists” aren’t journalists at all but rather Deep State shills who will say and do anything that they’re told regardless of fact or reality.

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  1. Never ever let the left take our guns.The conservative right is by Jewish example the next Holocaust.First the insults then comes more hatred and then genocide.


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