Mexican Ambassador Ready To Flood US With Immigrants; Here’s What Was Said

(Tea Party PAC) – According to one of Mexico’s ambassadors to the United States, it’s time for the country to reopen and allow migration to start up all over again, complete with refugee inflows, asylum seekers, and temporary contract workers.

Apparently, COVID-19 doesn’t infect folks from Mexico, because this kind of insanity is how you get major outbreaks of disease, and since we’re already in the middle of an upswing in coronavirus cases, allowing folks in from south of the border seems like a really stupid idea.

According to a new report by Breitbart, Ambassador Martha Barcena Coqui recently spoke at a forum that was put on by the National Immigration Forum where she said the U.S. immigration system “has to be based on facts and realities.”

“The facts and realities is the need to protect the most vulnerable, the need to keep open the generosity towards refugees, the need to recognize the complementarity of labor markets and demographic profiles, the need for temporary workers in the United States,” she went on to say.

According to Coqui, our country shouldn’t be viewing migration as a security threat, going on to say, “If you conceptualize migration as a national security issue, if you [push for] securitization of migration, and what is even worse, if you criminalize migration, then your approach always be policing, contentious [and] reduction of migration. So what we need is really to conceptualize migration … as an economic and social and political phenomena.”

Is that so?

Well, how are we not supposed to view immigration as a security threat when you have tons of folks with rap sheets a mile long mingling in with the massive crowds and entering out country to cause havoc? Many of these individuals work for drug cartels. How is that not a threat to our national security?

Not to mention how easy such a move would make it for Islamic radicals to gain entry to the United States.

Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies responded by saying, “With all due respect to Madam Ambassador, she should mind her own country’s business, not ours.”

“The Mexican ambassador is going to tell us what is in the best interest of Mexico,” Rosemary Jenks, the policy director at NumbersUSA, replied. “But that doesn’t mean we have to do it — we have to do what’s in the best interest of the United States. of American, of Americans and legal immigrants,” she said.

Jenks then went on to discuss the health risks of allowing migration to start up again in the middle of a pandemic, a fact that should be glaringly obvious to anyone with more than a single fully functioning brain cell.

Migration is just simply a bad idea right at the moment. We have to take care of our own nation first, and quite frankly, we can’t trust that those entering the country aren’t bringing more COVID with them.

Coqui wants the United States to grant amnesty to illegals from all over the world, again, something that isn’t really any of her business. Look, if we grant these folks amnesty, that’s encouraging others to break the law and come across the border without permission.

We want people coming in the front door, not sneaking through the back window. This is our country. It has borders and rules, just like someone’s personal residence. Those rules need to be respected if someone wants to enter our “house.” It’s not too much to act.

Copyright 2020.


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  5. The government of the United States not only has the right but the moral obligation to put the interests of Americans Citizens first, and then the immigrant. It isn’t racist or xenophobic to take this stand, and it doesn’t mean you’re not a good Christian if you think this. We need to remember that the term “illegal immigrant” is a contradiction. A true immigrant respects the laws and customs of the country they are immigrating to.

  6. We still have 15 million out of work. Businesses that didn’t bounce back because of the Democrats wouldn’t support them. We don’t need more refugees etc…., now they think Biden is the winner and he will just open the doors to them.

  7. No! We are not responsible for Mexico’s people. America needs to put Our Own First!
    Veterans; we have Soldiers coming home soon! They will need care. Elderly, Homeless, Children, Children who were rescued recently. This all costs Taxpayers money. We’re not going to put one more dime out for Mexico right now.

  8. When my parents came to this country (from Italy) in the 30’s, they made a stop at Ellis Island and were checked to see if they were sick. If they were, they had 1 month to get better or be sent back ( and while being sick, you did not leave the Island ) for fear of stating and epidemic. So letting Mexicans in while we have a 2nd wave is only asking for a disaster.

  9. So if peeps from Mexico come to the border and seek asylum, doesn’t that infer that Mexico is violating their own people? Does this idiotic mouthpiece even realize that?

  10. Is this person REEEEEEETARDED? Who does she this she is? Just like the article stated, that we THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA must do what’s in OUR best interests. Not what some other country’s politician wants. This country, MY COUNTRY, the one I spent 9 years in the military defending, is and has been generous to a fault for decades. It may sound selfish not to let these people in but If you don’t understand, as the article also stated, that terrorists can blend in with these people and sneak across the border, then you need YOUR head checked as well. AAAAAAND WHY ISN’T MEXICO ABSORBING THESE PEOPLE??? Where is their neighborly generosity? Hmmmmmm????

  11. Anything stupid the democrats will do it. Flooding America with immigrants will do several things to America. Unchecked criminals entering America. These criminals will be violent, MS-13. Will cause manual American works to either have to accept lower wages. Are replace by immigrant works. Crime will be on a increase in all cities. There are many more thing will take place in America.

    • All of the stupid decisions point to a desire to destroy this country. The real people will NOT allow this to happen.

    • If Biden gets in office, then we may as well call the local chapters of ISIS and M-13 and invite them over for a pot- luck dinner. I and many others are praying he doesn’t get in. Trump 2020!!

    • And then the need for an authoritarian takeover with martial law and suspension of our rights will be “justified”.

  12. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS need to be sent back . . . PERMANENTLY. Those awaiting immigration need to STAY in their country – PERMANENTLY until called in. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  13. The liberal left politicians want our borders to be open but they don’t have to deal with these illegals like us normal people do. They have walls surrounding their homes, they also have security. I am not going to bat an eye to do what I need to do to protect my home and family. If that means taken some slime dipshit out then so be it. This country is not for people to walk into and take what they want, if you think that… think again.

  14. While Europe is slowly but finally realizing that immigration is causing their problems she wants us to start doing it again? What an idiot. I hope our people are not fools but we shall see.


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  17. The only thing I have to say is “Dumb Is Dumb”. And “We The People” are not dumb, just ask AOC, she will always tell you the truth, Right? right!!

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    • Glad you are happy. so take you 95 and hour and buzz off. this news post has to do with the country. not your self BS.


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