Mexican Governor Declares 150 Los Zetas Gunmen Entered Texas During Attack; Now He’s Suddenly Singing A Different Tune

(Tea Party PAC) – Political pressure has always been a tool used by certain individuals to keep facts about specific situations and circumstances from getting out to the public, because if such information actually got out, the people would demand individuals who are responsible for said situation be held accountable for their actions. This would mean a loss of power for many who are more than a little hesitant to part with it.

Such seems to be the case with Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme who first announced that 150 Los Zetas cartel gunmen escaped into Texas after an attack and is now walking back that statement.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Editor’s notes: Just hours after saying that a group of approximately 150 cartel gunmen illegally snuck into Texas through a series of dirt roads and over the border river before crossing back into Mexico to attack a rural community for a shootout that killed at least 23, the governor of Coahuila is now walking back his statement, claiming the gunmen did not cross the international boundary.

On Tuesday afternoon, Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme reversed his verbal statements issued hours earlier, where he said gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas entered Texas as they made their way from Nuevo Laredo to Coahuila.

“What I said was that our territory is vast in our borders with Texas, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, a part where there is nothing but desert, where it is unknown whose limits they are, that is where they tried to go around to enter the ranches and enter directly to Villa Union,” Riquelme was quoted by El Norte. “It doesn’t mean that they crossed the river or that they entered the U.S.”

The reversal comes after his statements caused an uproar about cartel gunmen temporarily crossing into Texas. El Norte and Reforma news agency published the original statement where Riquelme said, “They go around through the U.S. part and they enter directly to the ranches in Coahuila towards Villa Union.”


The Governor of Coahuila, a Mexican state bordering Texas, revealed that approximately 150 cartel gunmen illegally snuck into Texas through dirt roads and the border river as they made their way to the Mexican town of Villa Union for an hours-long shootout that killed 23 individuals–including four cops and two firefighters.

Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme revealed that state authorities arrested two gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas who disclosed their convoy consisted of approximately 25 SUVs carrying at least six shooters apiece, Zocalo reported. The gunmen took various dirt roads as they made their way to Villa Union, where they fired repeatedly at the city hall building, torched police cars, and then engaged authorities in a fierce gun battle.

In a series of statements made by Riquelme, the politician claimed that as the gunmen traveled through dirt roads from the border city of Nuevo Laredo, they planned to burn buildings and terrorize the community. According to El Norte, the publication spoke with a government spokesman who confirmed the information from the captured gunmen who said the convoy briefly crossed into Texas before engaging in targets back in Mexico.

The official revelation is the first of kind where cartel gunmen crossed into Texas before carrying out a series of attacks. Certain portions of the Rio Grande are shallow enough to allow a four-wheel drive vehicle to cross even without deploying a makeshift bridge. Officials did not specify the means of crossing in this case. As Breitbart Texas reported, four police officers and seven to 10 gunmen died in the initial shootout, with at least seven more dying hours following the incident. Information released since then revealed that the gunmen kidnapped various locals as they fled Villa Union, including two firefighters whose dead bodies were later recovered.

Truth has become very unpopular in our modern era, but unfortunately for those who want the truth to remain buried, given the digital age it’s much harder to hide from the public than ever before. Cover ups are much easier to unravel, but that doesn’t stop folks from trying.

If you need more proof that our borders need to be sealed off with a wall, it was just handed to you on a silver platter. Part of the legitimate job of the government is to protect our nation from infiltration like what is happening at the southern border. It’s time for them to do their job and build the wall.

We also need more personnel down at the border, equipped with the right tools to make sure illegals like these individuals from the cartel do not gain access to our country and do harm to our citizens or our resources.



  1. Each Border Patrol Agent should travel with at least 3 National Guard Solders for back up. The Agent could do any arresting, and the Solders could help during fire fights with criminals.
    Then we could eliminate Automatic Birth-Right Citizenship. Each child born here must have at least one Citizen or Legal Immigrant Parent to become a Citizen.
    We could have a second Birth Certificate for Non-Citizens where the Home Country of each Parent is listed, where and when the child was born, and the fact that they are not a US Citizen. This would end the Birth-Tourists who come here in their 8th month, have their baby here to gain that Baby’s Citizenship, then go Home to raise their little US Citizen to hate everything we stand for.
    Wa La! No more Anchor Babies!

  2. Sorry, I inadvertently left out the freedom loving people of New Mexico from my last reply. My apologies to them!!! Unfortunately, California has so many unreasonable restrictions on firearms that it would be difficult for them to act in an emergency.

  3. Citizens wake the fuuuk up!!! Our elected officials have already given immigrants the ability to receive social security… Draining billions from a system that is already failing… We have been invaded and are now subject to the new world order….. We better put on our big boy pants while we still has pants…

  4. As long as we have news networks like CNN ,MSNBC, ABC, and others, our country is in grave danger of becoming extinct . It’s frightening to even think about it, but if we don’t re elect President Trump, it could happen. I’m an 83 year old vet who loves his country and am willing to die if necessary so that my 5 grand children and others can live and enjoy America as much as I have. It has been a great ride for me, in spite of the set backs and failures I have had. Yes, Donald Trump can be mean and insulting at times but we need a strong and patriotic person like him to lead us through the difficult times ahead. The Democratic Party was once great. I was a member of it but it no longer exists. JFK was my Commander in Chief and one who loved his country. It was a real honor for me to serve under him. I was recalled to active duty during the Cuban crisis. He gave us all a scare but he backed Krushef down and I was able to return to my job and family. May God keep his hand on us and give us guidance through the coming years ahead. Amen

  5. I don’t care what these murdering chihuahua’s do in their country……But they had better NOT cross our nations “sovereign border” – because in theory, that is classified as an act-of-war!! Then POTUS Trump has the right to retaliate – anyway he sees fit!!

  6. A nation that has no borders, or has no control over its borders, is NOT a nation—-it’s a TARGET (and I’m not talking about a discount department store, either)! FINISH THE WALL!

  7. That $25 is going towards our tax money for the so called impeachment hearing! Next Democratic president maybe Republicans should do the same. (Only kidding-just being sarcastic) Guess what I’ve been a Democrat my who life and changed parties after al this bullshit. So instead of gaining votes I think they will lose a lot with this ridiculous “witch hunt” going on!

  8. Build the wall. I agree that Mexico will Never be part of the US. Democrats just want they’re vote. And they want to give ILLEGALS the right to vote! Isn’t that a privilege of being a citizen? Boo hoo if they’re separated. They knew they weren’t legal and tried to get in by having a child. Nobody is preventing them from taking their kids with them. Should we let US criminals who have kids out of jail because they would be separated from their families. I don’t think their children should be legal if they are. They wouldn’t have been born here if they didn’t commit a crime. It’s also a slap in the face to those who went through the legal channels to become citizens. They take our jobs, increase our health care premiums and they get free healthcare. They make our money and they send it back to their families so it’s not even staying in our country. O did I mention they want to give them our SS to. Look at what’s happening in Sweden. Trump is the only ZUS President who want to put America first and stop having us being trampled and used by other countries. Let them pay like we do for their country. Nobody thinks of that! Don’t let us become another Sweden. Say no to all illegals from any country. Go through proper channels! Build the wall . A lot cheaper in the end!

  9. eventually i can see somewhere down the road where mexico will be come like a state of the us………..maybe 5 states…….it is too corrupt and right next to the US to be left alone…..the mexican govt has become completely corrupt…not capable if fixing their problems…………so instead of them invading us………..we need to take over them due to security issues……………it will become part of the us under us law…………no other way to fix the problem otherwise it will become a communist country on our border…….we need to stop this influx of illegals…… will become like a part of texas……….a place where no one from the rest of the country ever go’s

    • I don’t agree with you rj. I would never make or have Mexico as ours then you will have open borders, explains that one rj. Then open borders means Terrorist cross into USA were already on the verge of collapse. So many countries wants to see us go down. Just take a look at the U.K. Their President must be involved some kind of way because President Trump said to him were here if you need us to send our Troops down and take them out. But he backed down. We don’t need no other parties coming in and trying to help take care of this issue is what their Mexico President said. All the Cartels just took over all the farmers crops because of the demands of Avocados. It’s worth billions. Cartel RUNS Mexico and the President, Im sure is aware of it. Also America needs to boycott Disney Land in Florida they laid off 250 American workers that have been there for awhile and even years indefinitely. They were not aware of this until people from India came in with work vista that Disney brought in to be trained. So yes they all LOST their jobs and they are speaking out. Plz spread the word!!! Check it out on FAIR

  10. Jimmy, if you libratards would open your eyes and then get OFF YOUR ASS’ we could “have that border”!!! It’s morons like you who WILL import this violence into our country. Also, I heartily doubt that crap would occur at the Mex/Texas border w/o quite a few of the Los Zetas boys would have collected some bullet holes in their hides. But of course in your world the good guys would have been unarmed!

  11. Thank God President is building The Wall. The Democrats have done everything to stop him. If elected the Democrats will open our borders for illegals, terrorists, criminals, and illegal drugs to enter America. They even want us to pay for the healthcare of all illegals. And get this, they even want to remove our gun rights; so we cannot defend ourselves from being invaded by cartels, muslim terrorists, everyday illegal criminals that steal, rape, and murder Americans everyday in America.

    Anyone voting for Democrats in 2020, have to be for destroying America.

    • Wynette I agree with you. It has been told that CAIR is affiliated with HAMAS and they are considered terrorist. Mexico, I just watch a video on the border Patrol capturing people crossing through Texas and some are terrorist. Wynette the wall is at a halt at the moment. I just donated another $25 to we build the wall. Because the Democrats stoped all money going to it. Check it out. Wake up Americans


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