Michael Moore Offers Tips For Dems To ‘Reach Across The Turkey’ And Convince Conservatives Dem Policies Will Help Them

(Tea Party PAC) – Thanksgiving is typically a time when Americans set aside some time to spend with family, sitting around the dinner table feasting on a delicious bounty of food while sharing laughs and making memories, sharing what they’re thankful for.

Well, that’s how the holiday is supposed to go, anyway, but the reality is, families are made up of sinners who are imperfect and who each have their own personalities and beliefs. For a lot of individuals, this time of year is full of stress and anxiety, knowing the inevitable topic of politics is going to come up and family members on opposite spectrums are going to have an all out war over their competing ideologies.

But never fear, good citizens. Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is here to show you how to “reach across the turkey” and explain just how Democratic policies will benefit conservatives.

Check out the details from Breitbart:

Wednesday, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore pleaded with Democrats to “reach across the turkey” during their Thanksgiving meals and explain to their conservative family members how Democratic policies will benefit them.

Moore said on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that liberals and Democrats should tell their Republican family members that voting in a Democrat means their health care will be taken care of, they will not have to pay for daycare for their children and they will “cover” their kids being able to afford college.

Partial transcript of Moore as follows:

A lot of people have mentioned this to me is that they have not invited the people who’ve been starting fights the last two years.

And so especially, they are – families are not inviting the family bigot. They don’t want racism uttered at the Thanksgiving day table, especially with children at the table so they’re just having – they’ve had to tell, you know, brothers or uncles or whatever that, I’m sorry but there’s been now three years of this — 16, 17 and 18 where we’ve had to listen to this and the kids are not going to be listening to the you know misogyny and things like that. So, I think that’s going to help on some – with some dinner tables tomorrow. But I’d like to just suggest to liberals, lefties, Democrats you know, who are watching that there is a way to sort of reach across the turkey and, you know, try to help people.

You’re not going to convince them, and you should really save your energy for the candidate that you support. You should be either working for the candidate in the nine weeks leading up to Iowa. Whatever you can do, you should help. But for tomorrow, I would just – I would just say to your conservative brother-in-law that’s been sitting there and saying all these things on how much he loves Trump or whatever, I would just say to him you know, here’s the thing, though. I know you if you don’t like Bernie or you don’t like Elizabeth, or you don’t like whatever, fine, but I’m going to tell you something. If we win, if we’re in the White House, here’s what we’re going to do for you. If you get sick and you’re in the hospital, you’re not going to have to pay the hospital bill.

You’re not going to – you’re not going to go bankrupt like half a million people did last year because of health care bills. Here’s what I think I’m going to do for you. I’m going to put your kids to college, not me personally, but me and my 330 million fellow citizens who are all going to chip in so that your kid can get a college education and not be in a debtor’s prison when she or he is out of college. That’s what I’m going to do for you.

Oh and if we have kids, small kids, I’m going to pay for your babysitter, not me – not me personally but my 330 million fellow Americans. We’re going to see that there’s real day care and we’re going to see that that when people have babies, they get time off, paid time off.

We’re going to do – we’re going to do these – we’re going to make your life easier, less stressful, you’ll live longer as a result of that. I’m willing to do all that even though I don’t agree with you politically. That’s what I’m willing to do because I’m out there.

I’m going to get someone elected to the White House that’s going to make this a better country for everybody, not a country where people are living on pins and needles and living in fear and full of despair but a country of people who, the way that you know, the way that it should be. The richest country in the world. We should be able to cover some basic human needs. Healthcare, day care, college, etcetera, we can – we can do that.

So I encourage people who are watching tonight. Tomorrow at dinner, in the best possible way, just explain it to them because unfortunately with a lot of the voters on the other side, it is kind of all about them. And they’re very much about the me – me – me. So. make it about them. Just tell them you’re going to cover their health care bills, you’re going to cover the daycare bills and all of us together, we’re all going to cover your kids being able to afford college. That’s our promise.

The truth of the matter is, for one day, folks on both sides of the political spectrum should be able to set aside their political differences and just enjoy each other’s company as family and friends. It’s sad this is only done one day a year, as it should be standard practice for us all every single day we’re above ground.

There’s plenty of time for spirited discussion and debate on important issues, but that shouldn’t be the sole focus of a family’s time together. We need to remember our shared humanity, find the common ground we all have in this journey of life, and celebrate one another.

Don’t make Thanksgiving or Christmas a time of the year you dread by constantly politicizing everything. It’s not good for your health, mentally or physically.

Source: breitbart.com/clips/2019/11/28/michael-moore-tells-democrats-to-reach-across-the-turkey-and-explain-how-dem-policies-will-help-conservatives/


  1. This Goofus must be on a constant drug high. No one in their right mind could have idiotic thoughts such as this clown spew forth. Something missing in a bad way for this boy

  2. Fat Boys whines may have been a lot more understanding IF he had not been on a tear for the last three years demanding that we impeach Trump

  3. Bullying 101. Moore is a fat slob who has nothing of value to tell anyone. He needs to crawl back under a rock like the snake he is.

  4. And, Mikey, what do I have to do in return for those votes?! I can think for myself. These”promises” have been promised for decades, and no delivery. What makes this upcoming election different?!

  5. Obviously, Old Mikey lives in La-La Land. Michael Moron has no sense of reality. His movies suck and he is a poor excuse for a film maker. His comments are irrelevant.

  6. Well, if anyone dares reach over the turkey with Mikey around, you’re likely to pull back a stump or a hand with a fork through it. So we have to accept that it is better to have our money stolen from us in order to get 20% of it back in government handouts? Micheal Bloomberg spilled the beans when he said the poor (I suspect also the middle class too) will live longer if he taxes them more. What???

  7. Perhaps m&m should slip his head between his legs. Then stuff his head up his anal orifice and keep crawling in until he completely disappears. No one cares what the clown has to say.

  8. How generous of Michael Moore to talk about how taxpayers’ money can be spent. You can get free healthcare, and free childcare, and free college education. Wow, really? Nothing is free. This is not a reason to vote for a sleazy Democrat. Why don’t you put your own money up first, Michael. Especially to pay for illegal immigrants to have the same thing as citizens. And, what about all of the thousands of homeless living on the streets of California? Why aren’t you taking care of them Michael? California is run by lefties. Why aren’t the residents all getting free everything? And, why can lefties just focus on helping people get jobs that pay decent wages instead of focusing on free stuff? Is it because most of the lefties don’t want to hire American citizens. Very likely. And, that is the real problem. Lefties don’t like American citizens and want to replace them with immigrants. That’s why I believe all lefties should leave the country and live with the immigrants they prefer. Let us deplorables stay in America with President Trump.

  9. I’ll reach across the freaking turkey and bludgeon your dumb ass with a drumstick, okay, fatboy? Take your communist horseshit, and stuff it.

  10. Yes, you do have to pay, called raising your taxes. These Dems want to control your life in every way. They will come after your money, but I guarantee you these idiots who promote this stuff, will keep theirs. How will adding 145 trillion to our debt be a good thing? Can any of these morons explain that?

  11. Michael Moore is among the dummest Americans there is. Why should I have to pay for someone else’s health care education or child care? Go Trump 2020!

  12. Michael Moore: are you dying?…Most of the time you are giving out your Communist rants about something you know nothing about, now you are telling us about helping others…Women do not need paid leave off for pregnancy they just want free abortions, there fore no need for baby sitters, no day care and if there are any kids that make it to college age they can just get a Student loan and know they will not have to repay it, and they get no education, they party, get brain washed and their indoctrination to be good little communistic krauts…..worthless as Hollywood numb nuts and liberals on a mission to destroy the world!!!!!

  13. Mr. Moore wants us to be socialist and communist. We can ruin our economy like Brazil, Columbia, and Greece.
    Or maybe we can let the rest of the country follow California’s lead. Increase our homeless population. Increase the amount of human feces in our streets. Increase our power outages and wildfires.
    We can follow the Democrat’s lead and become baby killers.
    Or we can support Antifa and attack anyone that disagrees with our ideals.
    How about letting Oligarchs like Soros dictate our ideals and actions?
    And make sure our main stream media is a political propaganda machine?
    No thank you Mr. Moore.

    • Knowledge that one is going to lose can often humble a person. What’s the saying? ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’.

  14. Isn’t it amazing. The same ones pushing communism. Previously in a violent manner. Are now trying to be nice. There Golden boy started the division. But the ones who have had enough of the bullying, screaming, etc. Are being blamed for standing up.
    And now the lefties (as Michael Moore calls them) are scared!!!

  15. And the money for all this comes from???? I would like to do all this also but if I had the idea then I would cowboy up and I would pay for it before I asked my neighbor to.


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