Michele Bachmann Hosts Virtual Conference On 2020 Election And Concludes “Overwhelming” Evidence Of Fraud

(Tea Party PAC) – The American people have not forgotten about the stolen 2020 presidential election. Far from it. We are still looking for answers and still hopeful that Republicans will find their spines and start fighting for what is right.

It’s about time Republicans took matters into their own hands. The matter of the rigged 2020 election is just too important to simply let it go. We are now under the fraudulent Biden regime and they are quickly destroying America.

If something is not done about it, and soon, there may be no America at all come 2024.

The most important thing we can do is fight for election integrity so that we can know our voices will be heard in 2022 when Americans will have the opportunity to change the majorities in Congress.

The good news is, many within the Republican party are still fighting and don’t show any signs of abandoning this cause.

Former Republican Congresswoman and former presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann is now the dean of the graduate school of government at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

On Tuesday, Bachmann hosted a seven-hour virtual conference called “Analyzing American Election Integrity.” Her motivation for the conference was the fact that polls show nearly half of Americans still don’t believe Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.

Half of the country believes we are currently under a fraudulent administration and, the truth is, we are.

On Wednesday, Bachmann told WND that the university was “a forum for letting speakers put evidence out – it’s their opinion, not ours – and then let people decide for themselves.”

There were many speakers like election experts John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky who addressed the general issue of fraud as well as the Democrats absurd “election reform” bill. Other presenters included former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro and former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

On Wednesday, Bachmann said that it was her goal to pull together and present all the evidence “and let people decide for themselves: Was this a true and legitimate outcome or not?”

“And I’ll tell you the evidence was overwhelming that it was not,” she concluded. “People want truth and they want justice.”

She is absolutely right about that. Americans have been waiting for truth to be revealed and justice to be achieved for the duration of President Trump’s first term. Now with the stolen election, Americans have had enough.

She said that the reaction to the conference has been “profound” and that people have been “overwhelmingly grateful.”

Of course, because the vast majority of Americans feel helpless despite knowing that something very wrong happened in the 2020 election.

She further noted how even the presenters seemed to be “joyous” to have a “free space, a safe space where people could speak freely about what they had observed about the election, what their research found about the election.”

Bachmann went on to say that it’s time for conservatives to stop playing defense.

“You can go on offense when you have the truth,” she said. “We have information, and this is us just the down payment on telling the truth.”

Since the stolen election the crooked mainstream media and the corrupt Democrats have all insisted that it’s un-American to question the results and that we all need to shut up and “unite.”

Thanks to patriots like Bachmann, the conversation will continue and it must. Now is the time to fight back. It just may be the last opportunity we get to save America.

Video: Jim Hoft Releases Shock Video At Regent University Election Integrity Conference

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  1. “Of course, because the vast majority of Americans feel helpless despite knowing that something very wrong happened in the 2020 election.”
    This is absolutely correct…what can ordinary Americans do to insure the integrity of future elections? Who or what group/organization can fix the disastrous election system?


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