Michigan’s Very Own Tyrant, Gov. Whitmer, Breaks Her Own Lockdown Order; Here’s What She Decided To Do Instead

(Tea Party PAC) – Over the last several months, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has made headlines for crafting some of the most draconian measures in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in the nation. She attempted to control what kind of products people could buy, threw temper tantrums when protesters stepped out against her tyranny and extending the orders to keep everything closed down just for spite.

Then, of course, there was the incident involving her hubby trying to use her name and influence to try and get ahead of folks in a boat line. As if that’s not bad enough, Whitmer is now violating her own order by taking part in a protest march related to the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, an incident that has sparked violent riots across America.

Now think about that for just a moment. Whitmer threw a fit over patriots gathering to demand she open the state’s economy, telling them how awful they were for being selfish and getting together in a group, knowing it could spread the virus. And yet, here she is, doing that for which she condemned others, simply because this particular cause lines up with her belief system.

The brazen display of hypocrisy is appalling.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who recently extended her coronavirus-related stay-at-home order until mid-June, joined scores of demonstrators Thursday evening in Detroit to march in protest of the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd at the hands of police.

Whitmer and other leaders including Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan traveled to the Highland Park area and joined demonstrators who marched down Woodward with religious leaders demanding equality for people of color.

“As I talk to my friends in the black community, exhaustion is the predominant word used. And it’s understandable. I could not imagine being a mother of children of color and worry every time they leave the house,” Whitmer told reporters, according to FOX2.

After seven straight days of demonstrations and some rioting, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist said the message has been the same.

“We don’t have another moment to waste. We do not have a step to waste and when our brothers and sisters they can’t breathe, we do not have a breath to waste either,” he said.

As for Whitmer, on May 22 she extended her existing stay-at-home order until June 19, claiming that it was necessary to continue ‘bending the curve’ of the pandemic.

There have been rumors for a while now that Whitmer is on a short list of possible vice president candidates for Joe Biden. If that’s true, Biden might want to consider scratching her name off the list. Otherwise, he might be guaranteed a loss come November. Folks of all walks of life are unhappy with how Whitmer has handled the pandemic. Seems like a no brainer to choose someone else.

In addition to the blatant hypocrisy, there are additional differences between the anti-lockdown protests and those involving the death of Floyd.

On Thursday reports noted that the Committee to Protect Medicare and Affordable Care, under the direction of former Democratic congressional candidate Dr. Rob Davidson, used an app called VoteMap to track the cellphones of about 400 lockdown protesters, allegedly to ‘track the spread’ of COVID-19.

The group did no similar tracking of Floyd demonstrators, however.

Again, this is blatant hypocrisy. It seems the left is caring less and less about putting this sort of insanity on public display, apparently confident that they have the majority of folks in the country brainwashed enough to ignore all of this in favor of opposing President Trump.

The bottom line is, they are arrogantly assuming that we all hate the president. We don’t. And we’ll let her and other Democratic Party goons know as much come November.

Featured image credit: Twitter/@chrismeagher

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/06/05/mich-gov-whitmer-defies-her-own-extended-lockdown-order-to-march-with-george-floyd-protesters-930388


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  4. I laugh at the saying ” Mothers of People of Color” really, he was a criminal by choice, which caused his death, where was his mother when it was committing these crimes. I see him as a lost soul who died at the hands of another criminal, It was Criminal on Criminal crime. Nearly ALL of the “People of Color” killed by police were harden criminals, and unfortunately this was the life they chose and their time was up.

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  6. People can’t really be that naive. Can’t people see it has nothing to do with the cause but the democrats cause to cause dissent. After allowing people to lose their business and houses because they may die and allowing her husband and herself to go out on their boat, all the while telling people they’ll be arrested? Are people that gullible? Guess what next week everyone will be locked up again because the virus has spiked again. It’ll be their excuse to act like they actually care. Wake up people. The virus wasn’t that big of a threat to healthy people. Many have the antibody. This is normal. The CDC said they overplayed. A miracle how short people’s memory is. If you thought it was bad before just wait to see what happens if Biden wins. Bye-Bye FREEDOM.

  7. I pray and hope Michigan does better you deserve better. Take your state back. Stop voting Democrat they have done you wrong.

  8. Typical Progressive Socialist, “Do as I say do, now ha I do”! And this is taking advantage of two Crisis. This whole thing is a scam, they have no scruples even in Death. But they have a lot of people fooled.

  9. Macy’s mini me is going to become a one term germ. She lied her way into the governor’s mansion and she is lying her way out. Wake up black America the Dem’s are not your friends and never have been. They are your modern day slave masters. If you don’t vote for Trump you may be a chump but either way Biden considers you all to be his chimp
    Look up Candace Owens she is a brilliant young woman of color who is championing your true cause. Unlike, Sharpton, Fabicon & Jackson who have been ripping your community off for decades!!! Wake up!!!

    • Sharpton took 250,000 out of his donations for himself then tried to justify it by saying it was his account so same difference. How short their memories when Biden said you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me. Or 10-15% of Americans are violent. That’s 100 million people. Or his reform bill that incarcerated 40% black men and cause black women to have no choice but welfare. His track record for black employment at record high. This is just a ploy to make people forget. Every time he makes a gaffe the democrats have to exploit. Shameful and they get what they deserve which will be nothing if they fall for it. They need to look at what Trump has done for them not what the democrats and their media says. Evidence is key.

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  11. Typical – you use these morons – you keep them stupid – you keep them divided so they refuse to fight the tyrants and keep them in power. YA GOTTA LOVE IT.

  12. Whitmore is a classic example of the fascist ideology that was rampant in Europe during thd 1920s and 1930s.
    It is axiomatic that her ideology is a reincarnation of this fascist movement.

  13. The arrogance of power is like shouting I am above the masses , a very regale attitude. Is this not one of our forefathers created a country called The United States of America . So let’s just create a new ruling where those in it are above the law (does Hillery Clinton) sound familiar.

  14. LOCK up this LUNATIC in the ASSYLUM “double quick” . . . and DON’T give her the KEY!. We DON’T need another “GOTHAM”. One Wary Patriot on the LOOKOUT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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