Mike Pence Has Powerful Message For Silent Majority: Here’s What He’s Telling Us To Do

(Tea Party PAC) – Vice President Mike Pence had a powerful message for America’s silent majority, who are watching free speech erode and the fascistic culture of the intersectional left launch a hysterical assault on everyday Americans.

The left has never been more desperate to regain their stranglehold on the culture and subversive shadowy control of Washington DC.

Their cohorts in the mainstream media complex are doing the best they can to feather a viable candidate out of former Vice President Joe Biden, but it’s likely to no avail.

We can’t trust the polls.

Pence explained to Breitbart News Daily that “polling America is broken,” explaining that it is likely the “silent majority” of Americans support President Donald Trump and will vote for him in November.

“Let’s talk about the concept of the Silent Majority… What do you say to those people who are out there who are skeptical that one exists?” host Alex Marlow asked the Vice President.

Pence remarked, “The traveling that I have a chance to do as vice president, Alex, the silent majority doesn’t look very silent to me. I was in Pennsylvania for that Cops for Trump [rally] last week, we had hundreds of people in a parking lot in downtown of a small town, a great area of Pennsylvania, and there were just as many people on the streets as we rolled into town waving signs and [giving] thumbs up, and I just sense a great deal of enthusiasm out there.”

Pence explained that polling is unreliable, pointing to the widespread predictions that Hillary Clinton would take the election in 2016.

“You see the polling that comes out from these news organizations,” said Pence, “but somebody reminded me the other day, four years ago, I think there were over — I forget the exact number — but there were 60 or 70 public polls that were published between Labor Day and Election Day — statewide polls, nationwide polls — and somebody told me that the president and our team actually were ahead in only like three of them.”

“The reality is, polling is broken in America,” determined Pence. “To everybody listening on Breitbart radio, and all the great supporters out there, just let your voice be heard.”

Pence encouraged Trump’s supporters to “tell the story” of the president’s successes in contrast to “Joe Biden and the radical left.”

Pence concluded, “I have every confidence we’re going to deliver a great victory for the American people when we reelect President Donald Trump for four more years on November the 3rd.”


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  5. Democrats’ Credo

    Now that we have destroyed ourselves
    We are now immune from destruction
    Now that we are immune from destruction
    We can now destroy the nation

    God help us and our country if the Dems take over!!

  6. I am a decorated war veteran, former Air Force fighter pilot with 117 combat mission in Viet Nam. I was awarded numerous combat decorations. I was twice awarded “The Distinguished Flying Cross” for Heroism in combat. I love this great nation, and I was so proud to serve.
    I have worked hard all my life to accomplish my goals. I have held management position in several large corporations, and CEO of several successful small business corporations. I also served as an advisor to President Carter’s White House Staff on small business. I once told a Treasury Official, “The government can only print money, it can’t make money”. Our great nation is run by taxes from corporation, and individual tax payers, and ordinary working class people.
    This is the most important presidential election in the history of our nation. It’s not just Democrats vs Republicans. “It is about to future survival of our nation, and our way of life of freedom and peace.
    Socialisms has never worked anywhere. Margret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of Great Briton once said, “Social only works until you run out of money”

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  9. Living in California, I have great concerns that they are going to pull some very shady voting stunts this November. I always have sent in my ballot, but not this year. I want to personally cast my vote for President Trump. Governor Newsom is being spurred on by Nancy Pelosi and her cronnies, and it’s pretty scary what they are trying to do in this state.
    I have a very dear friend here, who is a registered nurse, and they are reporting far more COVID positive patients than their actually are. The majority of Californians would like to see Governor Newsom fried at the stake. We want our kids back in school, we want to open the state/economy back up, and he is keep this state locked down. It’s really a shame what is happening right now in America. President Trump promised to Clean the Swamp, and he’s doing just that. He is by far the very best President we as a nation have ever had.

  10. The silent majority doesn’t exist only for Republicans, it also means the disheartened democratic citizens that are waking up to see what the future is going to look like if the country actually steps over the line and votes socialism. It possibly could if we do not specify that only citizens can and will be allowed to vote and we do it with vote at polls only and with military sworn officers and troops to ensure it, PROOF IN THE PUDDING! And no state can allow mail in votes, nor ID’s from driver’s licenses, nor just residency cards. Proof will mean birthright with a verifiable birth certificate or a U.S. Passport or naturalization papers. and no other.
    In the meantime, we need very specific military intervention in the domestic violance occurring in cities and states that have proclaimed to destroy the Constitution by the dems and the rioters are following this, to destroy the cities and burn the towns and loot the businesses, and cause harm to anyone that violates their activities and strike down anyone not following their principles. We need as well U.S. federal troops to replace and exceed the police that have been defunded by local leaders of the dem network and are part of the conspiracy to destroy the U.S. In addition all those participating in this conspiracy to be arrested for violation of Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.
    I am finding it difficult to believe why the administration is dragging their feet in doing anything about stopping these organizations, antifa and BLM and the dems that arte openly professing to do this. If it is politics, it is a shitty way to treat the citizens in the right.

  11. This is so true. Most polls done my the Media are total BULL SHIP as is all their news. They tried this before for Crooked Hillary and it failed. The Silent Majority will get rid of all those crooks and elect TRUMP and in essence tell the Deep State and Democrats to go the HELL.

  12. Polling or INDOCTRINATING? . . . There IS a difference! The MAJORITY of these polls are sensing that their INFLUENCE is SLIPPING away, and NOW they are resorting to LYING and Propaganda. Even THIS isn’t WORKING anymore – the American Public is QUITE aware of these LIES being told. If these polls were to REALLY tell the TRUTH, NOBODY (but a STUPID RETARD) would vote for the Democrat ticket. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. Thanks Carol, you are so right mail in ballots will not be counted. And voter ID a definite must!!!! If we have to have ID for just about everything we should have voter ID for voting. This is to insure illegals from voting and dead people won’t be counted. Let’s do this!!! Everyone who reads this please this is for all of us, if you love this country you will get out there and vote. Vote Red T&P re-elected 2020!!! Keep America Great!!

  14. The liberal left democrats want us conservative Republicans to shut up. They are trying to silence us so only their side would be heard. They have done this for many decades especially to the black population. Promises made but never delivered over decades. Joe Biden has been a politician for 50 years and not one promise he delivered on. He does a lot of talk but never has any success in his career. If he has the chance to be president HE will not be allowed to run this country it will be taken over by the rest of the liberal left and they will have the power to take us all down. He will be president in name only he won’t have to do a thing just be there like a statue. We can’t thrive and can’t survive as a country with no real leader. The liberals want power they are full of greed and don’t care who they take down to get it. They have hatred for people who support our president as well as hate President Trump for keeping his word to drain the swamp. There will be massive liberals going to be exposed and they are doing whatever they can to slander our president so this doesn’t surface. My message is for true patriots and people unsure of who you will give your vote to please look at President Trumps accomplishments. He would have accomplished much more if the left wasn’t throwing their deceitful lies in the mix. The media is flat out trash being paid big bucks from the dems sources. They all are, money money money is what these people rely on. They are fake, phony, lying, corrupt liberals who don’t care for the people of this country. President Trump loves the people and this country and will fight every terrorist foreign and domestic to keep us safe. Vote RED Vote Trump/Pence 2020!! Keeping America Great!!!

  15. The mental media and the fake polls can say what they want. We the People will vote
    Republican in November. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US needs to get out there and vote IN PERSON> No mail ins. They will never be counted.

  16. Unless the media can be forced only to report actual news, what is planned or results, we will always run the risk of loosing our way. I say this as we must all keep in mind that we have many more followers than leaders. Just like sheep have one Shepard. What would happen to the sheep if the Shepard fell asleep on the job?

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