‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg Goes Hard For Gun Control During Super Bowl; Response Isn’t What He Was Hoping For

(Tea Party PAC) – Another of President Trump’s favorite political rivals, current Democratic Party presidential candidate “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, decided to use the Super Bowl as a primary opportunity to pop out some ads for his campaign focusing on gun control.

However, it seems the commercials he put out did not have the effect he was hoping for. In fact, not only was the ad rejected by folks who are members of the NRA and big supporters of the Second Amendment, but top Democrat strategist also didn’t care for the ads.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

The ad cost Bloomberg $10 million and it pushed gun control in response to the 2013 shooting death of 20-year-old George Kemp.

Bloomberg’s ad did not mention a September 27, 2013, Houston Chronicle report that Kemp was shot just around midnight after allegedly pulling into a Richmond, Texas, neighborhood, calling an individual on his cell phone, and challenging him to a fight.

The ad’s purpose was to push gun control, period, and negative responses to the ad came quickly.

NRA members, gathered at the Great American Outdoor Show, responded to Bloomberg by explaining that he has no say in the way they exercise their Second Amendment rights, especially when it comes to defending their own lives.

An NRA member observed, “Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved ones.”

And a mother named Ashley Boop flatly rejected Bloomberg’s push as well. She said, “As a mother of three-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me. As a woman, I believe the best way to protect myself is with a firearm.

Other women spoke up, too, asking if Bloomberg is willing for the women in his life to be left defenseless via gun control.

NRA members don’t like hypocritical NYC billionaires. You want to know how real Americans feel, Bloomberg? Watch this!

Your $10M #SuperBowl ad won’t beat the American spirit. You want to take our guns, go ahead and try. We will fight for our freedom. #SuperBowlLIV #GAOS2020

A top Democrat strategist unaffiliated with any 2020 campaign also reacted adversely to Bloomberg’s gun control ad, telling Breitbart News:

“Bloomberg acts like the’s the only one doing something on the issue. But the movement is a lot bigger than him. He needs to wake up and realize that mothers have been going to funerals and fighting back a lot longer than he’s been buying ads on TV and calling himself the leader of a movement.”

You know, liberals are always complaining about billionaires and how they are out of touch with the reality of the average American and should be paying more in taxes and blah, blah, blah. With all of the deep hatred they seem to have for the rich, why are so many of the candidates they put forward for president wealthy?

Why should the rest of us listen to a rich guy about guns when we’re being told that rich people are the reason the world is the way it is these days? That makes no sense, right?

Bottom line, American citizens understand the importance of the right to bear arms, an inconvenient truth the left wants to ignore. It’s time to stop pushing for restrictive gun control and start tackling the problem of mass violence at its core, which is both the basic human condition and mental health of individuals.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/02/mini-mike-bloombergs-super-bowl-gun-control-push-widely-rejected/


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