Ministers In The UK Say All Is Well Amid BoJo Hospitalization…But Are They Telling The Truth?

(Tea Party PAC) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is apparently still the big boss, despite the fact he was hospitalized overnight for “tests,” something that the country’s other ministers affirmed to the mainstream media. Whether that’s actually true or not is anyone’s guess.

Johnson was diagnosed with coronavirus back on March 27th, the same day as Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

For the folks who aren’t taking this disease seriously, just take a look at how it’s dragging folks like Johnson straight down the tubes. This sucker is pretty doggone bad and not to be taken at all lightly. Let’s hope those who are deniers open their peepers and catch a glimpse of this before it’s too late.

Here’s more from Breitbart News:

However, while Hancock now appears to be recovered and has left self-isolation, the Prime Minister remains unwell, with insiders suggesting he has been “coughing and spluttering” on conference calls, and his pregnant fiancée Carrie Symonds has also been bedridden with virus symptoms for some time.

Johnson has now been admitted to hospital as a “precautionary measure”, according to a spokesman — perhaps because his symptoms have now persisted for long enough that he may be at risk of developing pneumonia.

More details have now emerged about the medical treatment being received by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. London newspaper The Times reports the PM was driven to St Thomas’s Hospital, which is directly across the river Thames from the Houses of Parliament, by private car and did not need to be taken by hospital, and was not admitted as an emergency case.

Nonetheless, the PM was administered an oxygen treatment on Sunday night. Because coronavirus causes damage to the lungs, the oxygen saturation of the blood in victims can fall to dangerously low levels, which is why the availability of ventilators is a key bottleneck in the UK National Health Service’s national response to the virus.

The official story according to Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government, Robert Jenrick is that Johnson is still “very much in charge of the Government.”

“He spent the night in hospital and of course we all wish him well and we hope that as a result of these tests he will be able to come back to Downing Street as soon as possible,” Jenrick told the media.

“He’s been working extremely hard leading the government and being constantly updated. That’s going to continue. Obviously today he’s in hospital having the tests but he will continue to be kept informed as to what’s happening and to be in charge of the government.

“I hope, I think we all do, that he has a speedy recovery and that he gets back to Number 10 and takes charge in the way he would want to as soon as possible,” he continued.

“I’m sure this is very frustrating for him, for somebody like Boris who wants to be hands running the government from the front, but nonetheless he’s still very much in charge of the government,” Jenrick concluded.

This virus is certainly no respecter of persons and there’s no telling exactly how the illness will impact each individual who contracts it. While we have discovered that the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are extremely vulnerable to the illness, how it affects the rest of the population seems to be unpredictable.

There have been healthy folk who have succumbed to the disease, though that is far from the norm. Other individuals get very ill, some have no symptoms at all. Regardless of what’s happening in the UK, let’s hope for a speedy recovery for all who contract coronavirus.

The real question folks are asking right now is whether or not Johnson still calling the shots for the government is still true. How can a man this ill still be functioning at a level high enough to handle the day-to-day business of an entire country? But if this is just what government officials are saying in order to keep people calm, then who could potentially be taking over the position in the interim?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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