Missouri Patriot Finds Jaw-Dropping Way To School State’s Gun Buyback Program

(Tea Party PAC) – A Missouri man has found an incredibly clever way to outsmart his state’s “gun buyback,” program, which encourages citizens to sell their guns to the state to reduce firearms.

“YouTuber Royal Nonesuch made a quick $300 by taking 3 firearms that he’d built out of scrap and selling them back to the state of Missouri,” Law Enforcement Today reports. “He described two of the pipe guns as the ‘crappiest guns I’ve ever made’ but was still able to successfully sell them off to the program.”

The aim of the buyback program, which was put in place by anti-Second Amendment Democrats, is to try to get more weapons “off the street,” i.e. out of the hands of Americans. As the author of the Law Enforcement Today article notes, it is only ever law-abiding firearm owners that turn in their weapons, not criminals.

As it just so happens, this entrepreneurial YouTuber found a very quick way to make some cash by selling his homemade weapons, which he described as “by no means a practical weapon or method of defense,” back to the state.

“Nonesuch was literally able to sell pieces of scrap metal and garbage back to the ‘no questions asked’ program with an intention to purchase a rifle or pistol from a pawn shop after the sale,” the article explains. “He stated to his followers that he would post again when he settled on a new gun to purchase.”

The report also explains that the buyback program is located in a parking lot, in the coordinator’s personal vehicles, because the building in which they work is a “gun-free zone.”

Self-defeating gun control at it’s finest.


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