More Winning: Trump Takes Out Yet Another Murderous Terrorist. Here’s Who It Is.

(Tea Party PAC) – Earlier this week, Iranian-backed militia killed two American military personnel and one from the UK at the Taji military base in Iraq.

Last night, the US hit back.


We struck at least 18 militia members in Iraq, including Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander General Siamand Mashhadani.

The US launched strikes in Iraq against the Iranian-backed militias after their attack earlier in the week against the US and UK military members.

According to the Kurdistan media outlet News 24, US jets bombed the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization (hashd al-shaabi) in Jurf al-Sakhr (الصخر ), which is located about 60 kilometers southwest of #Baghdad.

The world seems like its imploding and Trump is still blowing up terrorists.

What a great president we have!

Featured image credit: @kurdistannews24

H/T The Gateway Pundit


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