Move Over NFL, It’s Major League Baseball’s Turn To Pander To Black Lives Matter And The Left.

(Tea Party PAC) – Nothing protests the “inequality” and “oppression” of blacks and minorities in America quite like privileged and wealthy professional athletes of color speaking out and taking a stand against it on social media. If you didn’t think America was an awful society steeped deeply in systemic racism and oppression, after seeing your professional sports figure post about Black Lives Matter on Twitter, you are surely to be convinced of it now.

If there is any hope for America, surely it lies with professional athletes. If it weren’t for their ability to use their national platforms as famous, successful, and rich athletes to pander to the radical left we would simply have no idea just how oppressive America is.

The National Football League has been hogging enough of the social justice spotlight with all of its’ recent concessions to the extremist group Black Lives Matter. Now, it’s Major League Baseball’s turn and just in time for their shortened season to start. Fans are sure to be thrilled by the dozens of players who, along with the MLB’s official Twitter page, have flooded the internet with proof of just how woke they are. Social media was overtaken by the League’s support of BLM and it looks as though the MLB is the latest professional sports league to go the way of political activism and leftist appeasing.

It boggles the mind how an already hurting sports league would want to jeopardize future success, and possibly even the survival of the MLB itself, by taking a stand with a fringe, radical political movement that will only serve to alienate fans who have had enough of the political correctness and social turmoil in America.

So much for a relaxing day at the ballpark or time to unwind after a busy week while watching a game on TV. Americans are running out of places to escape the madness.

While the MLB managed to mostly avoid any controversy from kneeling during the National Anthem, it looks like they’re now changing their tune and could even be encouraging it moving forward.

On Thursday the MLB retweeted a post made by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty which spins kneeling to be a virtue-signal for “human rights” rather than the protest of America that it actually is.

This is far from the only tweet in support of kneeling and BLM. Twitter is rife with posts in which athletes have now decided they must use their sport as a means to express their political beliefs. Nobody is asking athletes not to have an opinion, all we’re asking is that they express it while they’re “off the clock” just like every other person who has a job in America is asked to do. Now, apparently, Americans aren’t allowed to like an professional athlete for their ability on the field without also endorsing their political views.

Professional athletes want our monetary support so they can maintain their status and livelihoods but they don’t much care about how their personal views make us feel. Talk about privilege.

That’s exactly what this post by Cincinnati Reds pitcher Amir Garrett is saying:

Here are some more political tweets by players and the MLB in which the message is “loud and clear:”

They’ve also gone completely all-in on wearing a mask:

Professionals sports leagues have become bastions of far-left political activism and its time we send them a message “loud and clear” by ending our support of it.

Featured image credit: @MLB


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  9. I am running out of sports to watch. The NFL, NBA and now MLB have all gone over to the dark side(please do not take this as racist). Even American Professional Soccer and the WNBA are bowing to the BLM Marxist organization and taking a knee for the Flag! But as still free people of “white privilege” we still have a choice. We can refuse to buy the expensive game shirts, sneakers, and souvenirs made in Communist China sweat shops. Finally we can stop spending money on overpriced tickets to watch spoiled multi millionaire athletes.

  10. If anyone is racist, it’s negros. How many whites do you see in baseball, basketball, or football. Not many, you could probably count on one hand. I’m white and these niggers make a lot more money than I do. How about spreading some of there wealth.

  11. Watching sports had up until recently been a good way to lose myself and escape the distractions of politics, work, and social controversies. I guess those days are over. I had already stopped watching the NBA and NFL and it looks like MLB is next. I expect college sports to follow suit as it seems the players are feeling their oats and now intimidating the college presidents and coaches, like the recruit refusing to play unless Coach Gundy at Okie State apologized for wearing a t-shirt that didn’t pass muster of the said player. Gundy of course bowed to the pressure and washed his feet and slobbered all over himself apologizing. They say taking a knee isn’t about the flag but if that’s the case why protest during the anthem? I understand all the players have opinions about social issues as we all do but please express them when you’re on your own time and not on my dime. I was a salesman for many years and wouldn’t have had many accounts (or even my job for that matter) if I had chosen to alienate them by preaching religion or politics.

  12. One more sport I wont watch,if America is that racist LEAVE!! Many marxist countries would love to have your highly overpaid ,useless ass!!

  13. Just what I need another spoiled over paid athlete getting rich for playing a sport telling me how to live my life. I stopped watching football Last year because of a bunch of spoiled brats who should be thanking God they live in a country that allows them to make millions of dollars playing a game

  14. American Sports leagues have NO equal in the INSANELY stupid policies they come out with. And, they’ll pay DEARLY for it someday. No MLB or NFL in MY house . . . I haven’t watched it in YEARS, and I DON’T miss it. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. What a bunch of weak-minded fools. Remember it’s the 80% other intelligent people who pays for the tickets. I say boycott major league sports. So far NHL are the only smart ones. I hope they’re learning a lesson. Keep your mouth shut and nobody notices. Once you open it you have to kowtow to these communist. I will never bow down to anyone but God. BLM and Antifa have capsulated on the situation. All the money given to BLM get laundered through 4 different charities. 10% go to black people. 40% go to other socialist countries and 50% go to the democrats. The BLM is sponsored by Soros and The Clinton Foundation. We REAL Americans are going to have to stand up or forever lose America like the Venezuela people did when antifa and BLM started the same thing in their country. Stand up to the American anthem anywhere it’s played and never kneel. Lost all respect for Brees and he disrespected his grandparents.

  16. I grew up loving sports but with all this pandering going on for BLM which is nothing but a Socialist Marxist organization I am done with all professional sports.

  17. MLB was the only American sport that loved America. What happened? Does this mean the great Timothy Miller will no longer bless us with his singing of “God Bless America”? This insanity needs to end NOW!!! Minorities in professional sports make millions off of America. Time they stop and thank God for their great fortune, instead of bashing the country who made them multi-millionaires.

    • I got a better national anthem for you. How about instead of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, how about we start singing Exodus’s “SCAR-Spangled Banner” instead? After all, like the song says, America is the land of the deceived and the home of the depraved.

  18. I have been a baseball fan for 67 years. Now, I’m done. I’m tired of all these players
    who think they are somebody. Most of them have a junior high mentality.

  19. Well, my wife and I and “all” of our friends were going to tune out the NFL. Now, we can add MLB to the list. Maybe, just maybe, if enough hard working men and women who are Americans first tune out these games and the over paid athletes who fill the fields – the money will dry up and … possibly some reality will set in. BLM – where were they when a 7 year old black girl was shot in the head and killed outside of her home on the 4th. The day later an 8 year old black girl was similarly murdered? For every police act that led to the death of a black person … blacks committed 270 murders – black against black. Really, if these pompous morons would just address the facts – the ending of violence in the black communities and use their positions to speak about the real crimes – America could get behind them. By the way, the great majority of police officers are decent men and women – performing a very hazardous job. The “very” few who commit abuse of power … against both blacks and whites should be terminated and incarcerated for their crimes. Sadly, for the most part, the violent acts are not about racism but about bad police officers.

    • You forgot about the 3 , 16 and 19 year olds. They don’t care about black lives. These entitled professional sports players are too stupid to realize it. I think the democrats sent out a letter to every corporation threatening them if they didn’t speak up. But guess what? If nobody goes to their games, no salaries and the owners go broke. Make it hurt them where it counts, their purse. Weenies should stand up.

    • Overpaid and ingrate athletes! Same goes for Hollywood actors! Who cares about their political views?

  20. As far as I am concerned, no big loss, don’t watch basketball, do not see anything in it, and I quit watching or going to ball games since players went on strike God knows how many year ago. If they are depending on my money to survive they will die waiting.

  21. Conservative America needs to take a stand, as well and say “enough is enough”!
    We can all agree that racism and racists need to go. BUT, in fact, the BLM organization is as racist and Anti-American as they come. I support the lives of black Americans, white Americans and all Americans: I do not support the political BLM organization or their agenda, which is to destroy American tradition and history.
    America, like Americans, is/are flawed. The good book says “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”, In spite of the flaws, our country has produced giants of freedom who sacrificed their lives to give us the greatest country on earth. The world and millions of immigrants know that America represents opportunities unique to this great land.
    We have flawed heroes, but heroes nonetheless. We do well to honor those alive and passed who died to make us free! The good in our country outpaces the evil by light years. Let us celebrate the blood we share as the bond that makes us the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  22. Last year 10 Blacks killed by cops. 600 killed by other Blacks in one month! What does BLM stand for anyway? The Blacks are the racist ones. More Whites where killed by police, most all killings are a result from pulling a gun or physically threatening the police. What is it these super stars are wanting? What is it the BLM wants? $$$$$$ and power. Soros knows how stupid the Liberals are, so he feeds them for today. But he is looking at tomorrow and being a main elite in the New World Order. The only thing stopping him and the Elites are the Conservatives, Our Constitution, our laws and the Police. They have already taken the Freedom of Speech (thanks to Bill Clinton and Obama).

  23. So there is systemic racism in America! Really, a bunch of minority millionaires are saying the white man is keeping them down! These are the most lying deceiving moronic people I’ve ever heard. Majority of all pro athletes are black! They didn’t have that handed to them, they busted their butts to make it and they have a whole lot of money that they earn yearly for playing a game. So now they are playing another game by saying they are being oppressed by white people. So if they really believe that then stay in the town they grew up in and donate to all the oppressed. However as a white hispanic I don’t wake up and say I’m better than all because I’m white! We don’t have a of choosing what color we are born. So when you call whites racist and conservatives are racist please do your research and read reports from the FBI, before you make it a lie.

  24. Yep , dem rich ass negroes, da’s gots dis shit all figured out – NOW since yooz makin all dat $cha-Chang$ ,dats makin yoo a hunderd mo timz intellehgent den yooz wuz whens yooz wuz jus a po ass negro . Aints it funny how dat happen like dat…….RICH by playin wid uh ball make yooz a skoller and a expirt on every dam thang and when yooz was jus a street walkn negro yoo ain’t nowin shit lol – sum howz dat $$ make yoo smarter – it be amazin how dat cha chang make peoples so much smarter aints it !!!! ?

    • I have two dollars…now I am smarter because I know that 1 plus 1 is 2. I haves two dollars and I am already smarter, then when I had one. I’m gonna get me some more dollars now. and pretty soon I will be telling you how to run your live, becasue with all that money I’ll be smarter than you and tell you what to do. Baseball now done for me to.

  25. I have always been a baseball fan who pulled for many great players as well as teams. I cannot say this now because I do not support them any longer. Keep your political activism out of sports!

  26. The only ones who HAVEN’T been heard from are THE FANS, who buy the tickets (and the Hot Dogs, and the beer, and who would otherwise watch games on TV.) At this point, I’d like EVERYONE to remember this quote from the movie “The Replacements:” “You’re all professional ballplayers: you’re being PAID to play (foot)ball!” If the fans decide NOT to participate, then all of you OVERPAID athletes will have nothing! The FANS have been taking it on the chin for years! I grew up in Yankee Stadium. The only NY ballpark I missed was Ebbets Field (only 9 when the Dodgers left.) I was present when Shea Stadium was opened; met Bill Shea and most of the 1960’s Mets. I USED to be a big Giants and Jets fan; played football and baseball into my 30’s; managed an NYPD softball team. Now I watch AAA baseball, only (sometimes) the Super Bowl (mostly for the commercials,) some college football and basketball. Right now, I don’t even have THAT!
    Respectfully submitted, Bob

    • Bob – there’s still hockey. Brawling on ice – it’s a great sport. I remember the Hull brothers and Rocket Richard (that’s Rocket “Reeshard”, it’s French; Maurice Richard – one of the greats.) ANY sport that hasn’t become political. Even checkers! Horse racing! Lacrosse! Hopscotch even! Heaven help us, you can’t get away from this crap. Kneel here, a new black lives anthem there, here a nitwit, there a nitwit, everywhere you look, some nitwit trying to out-woke the other nitwits! Remember what they taught us in kindergarten? How to show respect and get along with our fellow human. The BLM movement is all about oppression, all right, and how to achieve it. Remember that come November.


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