MSM Brags About Biden’s “Overflow Crowd” But Here’s How Many People Were Actually There

(Tea Party PAC) – Democratic frontrunner in the race for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination, Joe Biden, is limping pathetically along, each gaffe or embarrassingly small crowd worse than the last.

This is the one the majority of primary voters are placing their faith in?

Let’s just admit it: the Dems are screwed in 2020!

Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe held a town hall event in Hanover, New Hampshire on Friday to discuss his new horrible-sounding healthcare plan.

The MSM took the opportunity to try to manipulate the appearance of just how popular the septuagenarian is in the race, and reminded us yet again why they have rightly earned the nickname “fake news.”

ABC’s coverage of the event featured a video of the so-called “overflow crowd” at the event, clearly to try to demonstrate that Biden is bringing out the big crowds.

Only he’s not.

The “overflow room” contained about a dozen people.

Not only that, but most of them were probably from the media! LOL!

Biden also tried to milk the “overflow crowd” narrative, apologizing to those who were unable to get into the event.

“I just came to apologize for you not being able to get in. Okay?” Biden told the crowd of low-energy Uncle Joe supporters.

This would be painful if it weren’t so hilarious!

Now, why don’t we compare this to President Trump’s recent rally in New Hampshire, shall we?

That event packed over 11,000 people into the arena, busting crowd size records previously held by Elton John over a decade ago.

Meanwhile, his overflow crowds actually were something to brag about.

Not just a dozen, not even hundreds, but thousands of people watched the president’s rip-roaring speech outside.

Meanwhile, in Hanover, this is who Biden was apologizing to:


Do they really think he has a chance against Trump? Heck no!


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