MSNBC Historian Warns That Trump Voters May Not Give Pollsters Critical Information About Voting In The Upcoming Election

(Tea Party PAC) – As of right now, it seems that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has quite a leg up on the incumbent, President Donald Trump, in just about every poll known to man. This, as you might imagine, has folks working in leftist media networks thrilled to pieces, giving them the impression the vast majority of Americans are stoked to boot Trump from office and see Biden as their next commander-in-chief.

However, historian Jon Meacham issued a warning on Friday that while Biden might be pulling ahead of Trump significantly in a lot of polls, the fact of the matter is a lot of his supporters are not going to tell pollsters who they are going to vote for, thus the numbers in these polls should be taken with a grain of salt.

Perhaps that’s what led to the mistaken belief that Hillary Clinton was easily going to beat Trump in the 2016 election and why people on the left were so baffled when she lost?

Here’s more from Breitbart:

He said on MSNBC that Biden’s “campaign is being careful about this as well” because they know “it’s a long way to go.”

Meacham added that 100 days is “endless” and “an eternity” in a campaign, not the least “because of the tumult of this remarkable year.”

He referenced questions about the economy and the Coronavirus pandemic in addition to “the inherent instability” of the president.

The historian said though there is “something about the American character” that prevents the country from running “in one direction with one party for very long,” Trump has “upended” many norms.

Voters agree with Meacham’s concerns.

A majority of Pennsylvania voters, for instance, recently said there are “secret Trump voters” in their communities. In addition, numerous polls have found that Trump outperforms his polling numbers when voters are asked if they think Trump is going to win the election instead of whether they support Trump.

If the 2016 election has taught us anything, it’s that the data presented in these polls is highly suspect and most often not completely accurate, so why give them much thought or credence? There are far too many American voters who buy into the idea that polls represent majority thought in this country.

President Trump is proof that’s simply not the case. There are plenty of folks who are supportive of Trump and what he has done thus far in office. They just also happen to be people who don’t care to share their thoughts and opinions with the mainstream media that turned their backs on them long ago in exchange for becoming propaganda machines for the Democratic Party.

The last thing these individuals want is someone like Biden, a puppet for radical socialists, to be calling the shots as the leader of the free world. That’s not the kind of leadership this nation needs.

Here’s to hoping we give President Trump another four years to continue making America great again.



  1. Meacham, a liberal and not so accurate historian, is afraid Trump will win. He may be accurate about this as I know conservative who will not answer a poll. Polling is horrific science now anyway since the end of the home phone and the advent of the Chinese virus.

    My evil twin sister who uses my clothes and speaks in a male tone makes 1111 buck a week working for The Guardian telling lies about Trump. She doesn’t tell them she supports Trump or she’d get fired–they’re so tolerant. She’s a good fiction writer. If enough us get hired by the liberal paper we’ll bankrupt them and they’re running out of ideas. She just wrote that Trump is secretly in Greenland and his evil twin sister who dresses in his clothes and speaks in his voice is actually running the country. They printed it.

  2. I’ll venture an educated guess that the polls are about as accurate as this site is on screening out spam scams. IOW not very.

  3. All these “how to make big money” ads are all libtard fools. You know, leftist idiots. Wave goodbye sleepy dumbass Joe! Trump in November’s win!

  4. There IS NO “inherent Instability” of this PRESIDENT. POTUS Trump is CONSTANTLY on the MOVE putting VAST improvements in the U.S. Citizens lives, VASTLY different to the LYING TRAITOR “Do Nothing” Left Wing Democrats (including RINOs – same thing). These “polls” are nothing but Left Wing PROPAGANDA attempting to SWAY the VOTERS – which WON’T happen. POTUS Trump: Four more YEARS! One Enlightened and WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Most of the polls are “Left Wing PROPAGANDA attempting to SWAY the VOTERS” at least for now. In the fall, especially after October first when even the few serious pollsters have fulfilled their political role, those few serious pollsters become a bit more honest in their numbers to avoid looking like total fools.

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