MSNBC’s Christ Matthews Makes Surprisingly Honest Statement About Bernie Sanders’ Radical Ideology

(Tea Party PAC) – MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews brutalized socialist Bernie Sanders and his fellow far-left Democrats in the wake of Friday’s 2020 primary debate.

Matthews took aim at socialism in general, pointing quite sensibly to his own experience of watching the damage communist governments inflicted during the Cold War.

“The issue of this campaign is that word socialism. Some people like it. Younger people like it,” Matthews said during coverage following up the debate.

“Those of us like me, who grew up in a cold war and saw some aspects of it while visiting places like Vietnam, like I have, and seeing countries like Cuba, being there. I’m seeing what socialism’s like. I don’t like it. OK? It’s not only not free. It doesn’t freakin’ work!”

Matthews went on to point out that communist governments commonly rounded-up and executed their political opponents, implying that Sanders could do just that were he elected President.

“I remember the Cold War…I think if Castro and the Reds had won the Cold War there would have been executions in Central Park and I might have been one of the ones getting executed,” Matthews said.

“And certainly other people would be there cheering, OK?…I don’t know what he means by Socialism. I wonder if he means Denmark. We want to be like Denmark. OK, that’s harmless. It’s basically a capitalist country with good social welfare…”

Co-anchor Chris Hayes jumped in to defend Sanders.

“Well clearly he means Denmark,” he said matter-of-factly.

Matthews called him out:

“How do you know? Did he say that? Is he? How do you know? Did he tell you that?” he asked.

Matthews naturally ruffled quite a few feathers on the left for this brutal honesty, but he is right over the target.

As Infowars notes:

Over the last few weeks, Project Veritas has released several undercover videos showing numerous Sanders field organizers in multiple states express their desire to round up conservatives and put them in Soviet-style re-education gulags, and even waging mass violence across the country should Trump win a second term.


  1. A lot of you people think it will be real easy to be communist and put us against the wall and shoot us or kill us. Boy do you have a surprise coming maby while you are dieing.

  2. If you look at the photo shown! The only difference I see between this socialist and the leader of the communist nation back in the 60’s, is this one doesn’t have his shoe in his hand beating the podium! But given time he might remember this “trait” and use it to enhance his “message”!

  3. Mr. Sanders have being in Cuba more than once.You can see photos of him marching together with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara( vicious murderer), Raul castro,etc..A prominent journalis once asked Fidel Castro ” What is socialism”? and he answered ” socialism is communism”. Sanders, like the rest of communists, never tell people the word communism because it is a”strong- ugly word, people are scare, frightened to hear it, they say we are socialists. You have to live in a comunist Regimen to really understand how bad it is, unfortunate the young people here don’t know it. I am Cuban, I will vote again for Trump.

  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But, You ever see a actual Bernie supporter? They are freaking upper middle class white dorks living in mom’s basement no actual skills total losers driving older model Prius and Subarus. They are a direct result of our government school system. We have got to get the schools back on track asap.

  5. Educate your kids to the story of the Berlin Wall – built to keep people from fleeing the socialist paradise of East Germany. The pictures of East German troops in front of the Brandonberg Gate, immediately after the wall was erected in one night in secrecy, says it all: the guns and troops are facing their own citizens, NOT the capitalist “enemy”, in order to prevent their escape from socialism. And many died doing just that. That is the result of unbridled socialism – you get to live in a nation-prison.

  6. Sanders’ brand of socialism smacks of actual communism. His campaign banner should incorporate a hammer and sickle logo. Warren advocates a welfare state. Mayor Pete lives in an ideological bubble far removed from a nation wide reality. Fortunately those racist candidates, Harris and Booker, have dropped out of the race. They cared about only minority issues and cared nothing for the country at large. Their narrow views weeded them out. In 2008 Joe Biden was the best qualified candidate in the Democratic primaries. Time has passed him by. The only former Vice President to run successfully years removed from office was Richard Nixon, and we eventually found out what his lust for power resulted in an unforeseen Constitutional crisis of immense magnitude. He dodged formal impeachment by his resignation from office, as he stepped down before the full House voted to approved the impeachment recommendations of the House judiciary committee.

    Why the voters of Vermont continue to support Sanders as a pseudo independent Senator is beyond me, for he is nowhere near an independent. The same goes for the voters of Nancy Pelosi’s California district, and why the House chose to return her to the Speaker’s chair. A representative from an ultra-liberal California district should not chair the nation’s House. Speaker Tom Foley was defeated for re-election in his own Washington State district. Although unlikely, Pelosi’s California district should do the same and deny her another term in the House for the good of nation at large. Fat chance.

  7. Don’t be fooled by the Left’s claim to be moving towards the Center as the Nov. election approaches. Remember Stacey Abrams who still has not admitted defeat in her 2018 run for Georgia Governor and was picked by Tom Perez to give the 2018 State of the Union rebuttal speech? She celebrates the take over of the Dem. party by the Democratic Socialists of America and says ” we can now finally admit what we have been saying in private for years.” in answer to a question on the party’s support of Socialism.

  8. Denmark and the rest of the EU owes their debatable success to the US tax payer and our kids in the military who have stood guard over their wine and cheese parties for the last sixty five years.

    • Absolutely agree. Europeans are lazy bums who are having a good post-war lives by exploiting hard labor of the Americans.


  9. Don’t trust Mr. Mathews. He is a snake in the grass. Although he was one of the first to condemn Slick Willy in his second term, he confessed that Obama sent a ” Thrill down his leg” and parrotted every half a$$ed accusation levelled against Our President since 2016 while ignoring the crimes of Hillary and the DNC.

  10. We don’t have to hypothesise about a Communist take over. Just look at the last 4 years of our political history. Look at what happens when a political party, the deep state and the fake news media conspire to remove an elected President. They use the exact methods the ChiComs used during the Cultural Revolution. Destroy their opponents ability to earn a living. Show trials and executions or locking their opponents up indefinitely. The only thing the Left missed is parading their victims through town in donkey carts with their confessions pinned to their backs.


  11. What we have in the USA is a Republic…not a Democracy. The difference being is the extent the people have in making laws through their elected representatives. A Republic allows greater freedoms and prosperity. A pure Democracy can have a form or anarchy. Total disruption of the elected process going out of control. What these Socialist Demoncraps want it to upset this. They want total control.

  12. Bernie is a trader to his Jewish faith and the US Constitutional Republic which allowed Jews to live without fear of being discriminated against and harassed; because, of their Jewish faith. Bernie wants to destroy everything that has made the US unique among world powers by turning it back to the middle ages. All the Democrats running and the left all want to be Monarchs. We the people cannot allow that to happen. This Election day we are voting to keep our unique Constitutional Republic by voting for Trump and the Republicans or back to the suppression of the people during the Middle Ages brought to you by the Democrat candidates who want the office of President become the office of King.

    • Alan…you meant Traitor. Yes I agree 100% with you but Sauders is essence is about as much a Jew as Trotsky was to Lennin. George Soros alias, Gyorgy Schwartz turned on Jews in Hungary, hiding as a Hitler youth and his family took on a Greek sounding name to hide that fact that they were Jews. Soros is a pure anarchist and lives to bring down the West and freedom that we enjoy.

    • Ted Guarino, I agree with you. I have been looking for evidence that soros was in the hitler youth or at least the german youth league. I can’t find any and really want to. Do you have any documents to prove it? I bet the bastard had them scrubbed from the internet. But if you have I would love to see them

  13. We don’t want Denmark, either, and it’s not as benign as Matthews is thinking. Not, it’s not like a Communist country, but there is still far too much government control of the economy and far too little in the way of incentives and freedom.

  14. Bernie Sanders should not win the
    We don’t want Socialism.
    Vote Republican up and down the
    Ballot. Vote Republican all the way.
    We should win the lower Congress. We should keep the White House and the
    Senate. Vote Red!

  15. Bernie’s workers have said that they would start reeducation camps. That means concentration camps and if you don’t go with the program; you won’t be on the earth long. Obozo’s friend Bill Ayers, tried to overthrow the government along with the Weather Underground. He said had they been successful; he estimated back 15 or 20 years ago, there would probably have to have been approximately 40 million people would have to be executed to accept Communism. These people are serious about their objectives and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

    • There are a very important Video to see . Videos of alexander Solzhenitsyn Gulag Archipelago. Just know Ronald Reagan where following instructions from Solzhenitsyn how to crumble The Soviet Union completely. Solzhenitsyn where leaving in USA until Boris Jeltsin took over in Russia, please watch all Videos and spread the news to all Socialists if you can. Solzhenitsyn pointed out that all nations calling them selves Democratic where using the name Democrat to destroy all Democracy in the world because Democracy where started first in Greece and can’t be compered with Socialism and Communism witch bot are the same evil.

  16. I hold similar concerns as expressed by Mr Matthews. I wish to live in a Democracy not a Socialist Country!
    I could NEVER support the very elderly, not in good health, Bernie Sanders, but I shall/could support the candidacy of Mr Bloomberg who could “intelligently” take on Mr Trump and his pitiful, “money grubbing“ followers for he truly knows the value of a dollar as well as the worth of a high standard education etc.(such as what is a Democracy) which we all need! His acquiring an intelligent “politically expert partner” such as either of the two female Senators, would lead to a Democratic Victory!

    • Please oh smart one tell me what you mean by “money grubbing“. I want to hear your wisdom flow on how Trump is bad for the country despite the best jobless rate ever and the best economy in 60 years. Bloomberg is a rich socialist that will send jobs overseas (like looser Obama did) and crank up the social programs to take away money from hard working Americans to give it to those that refuse to work and those here illegally. There is nothing good about the Democrats that helps our country. Promises of free stuff only goes so far.

    • You need to wake up. Do you not know that Bloomberg is a card-carrying Communist. Do you not know his plans are just as bad as Sanders? His may not as extreme, but in the end, total take over of the American people.

    • You “could NEVER support the very elderly…” I suppose you want to kill babies too, before they become free thinkers!!!

  17. We need more analysis of this type. I would hope that someone has written a book about Sanders and his Socialist (Communist) philosophies. If you know of a good book, please let me know.

  18. Woo, seems as fight started in Dems own yard may be it time for me to share reality of Bernie Nazi utopia compare to my actual experience for 30 years in former Soviets especially concidering brainwashing my kids, now 40 and 45, to the point where before killing family including myself my bright decision to leave left scar in my heart for 23 years…😥

    How stupid anyone can be believing stabborn selfish ego maniac selfkiller compare to one of the most honorable man, based on the public record achievements in hands on…, education…, professional and social/cultural values where even ladies from 18 to 40 years old chasing and dream to be with…🤷‍♂️🤣😜

    Even comming to U.S. with only known Hi and By, from 1st dates, I start my own business and only after approx. 15 years start to understand capitalist system but this Marxist from LaLa Land utopia trying to convince that I was an idiot especially leaving my most darling mother for my kids better future…?!🙈🤷‍♂️

    Hope my few prequalification Q’s will help seriously to concider my offer for recovery of millions of radical brains before they start killing Democrats…🍻

    1 – Why Bernie think his Universal Medicare plan will be better then I have experience and not in Soviets but even from Russia?

    2- Is Bernie proud of his Jewsh herritage (I assume since this Q from Jewish Bernie will not file racial or discrimination charges…🤣?) and if yes why he whant to wipe off Israel from the map by standing in solidarity with Hamas terrorist organization and what his basis on its desision?

    3 – What diferent between ObamaCare and Universal Medicare and if not why Bernie not defending his Universal care under ObamaCare…?

    4 – Why Bernie believe the student loan must be abolished and free Government control education better then private, especially when government education became obsolete due to families getting from Government prepaid vouchers for school choice instead of Government control education?

    5 – What is Bernie plan to transform American constitution and capitalist system to a new American Socialist system?

    6 – Does Bernie planning to use Government health system or he prefer having privet choice especially assuming after his just recent heart attack?

    7 – If Bernie and his tribe… believe in grabbing power illegally or by force and even burning cities, where even Hitler wait 10 years before legally or even with scam grab the power, would Bernie believe being a live even if he succeed to remove over 5 mill. arms and it not even count defeeting Army, police and other constitutional law enforsment entities or agencies?

    Would it be fair if one of us win debate, on the basis of justified and_or actual facts, the other one will publicly admit being a pure IDIOT…?🤣😜🍻

    In case Bernie being coward to debate can he at least rebuttal my Q’s in this tread…? To be fair he can even use unlimited support from his the most qualified professors since Russians say: Even one is a warrior on the buttle feald…👼😜

  19. For once Chris Matthews admits reality.I was in Venezuela in the 70’s,it was quite nice.Yes there was poverty but not like today.Caracas was a cruise destination,beautiful city with nice shopping.How can SANE people think for a nano second that this is what they want in America today.Venezuela is destroyed by Obama’s pals.

  20. Chris Matthews is a racist against all socialists.
    He’s a dinosaur. There’s absolutely no room in today’s “tolerant” left for anyone with an opposing view!!!
    Time for a visit from antifa to Matthews home so that mature people can discuss this!!!!
    Hey Chris Matthews… don’t like where your beloved leftist democrat party is headed?????? Then get the hell out of the way!!!!!
    I’M LOVING IT!!!!! Lol lol lol lol lol lol


  22. Bernie looks like HITLER when he’s yelling . . . SCARY! Don’t vote for this STALINIST politician. His policies will NEVER work. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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