Mueller Report Bombshell: Deep State Was Spying On Cell Phone GPS Signals To Try To Pinpoint Trump Associate’s Location In 2017

(Tea Party PAC) – The Trump-Russia investigation was an orchestrated Deep State attempted coup against a sitting president.

There’s simply no two ways about it.

It’s a very good thing that Barr and the other agencies are working very hard to build a strong case in the course of their investigation,but we already have all the facts we need.

There was no real evidence of collusion; the accusation was the brainchild of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, thought up to distract from her multitude crimes as she attempted to take the White House for herself so she could ensure that the crimes committed by the Obama administration would be buried while she was in office.

When this failed, they launched an all-out assault to try to unseat a duly elected president of the United States.

Every day, we learn more about the extent to which the Obama deep state was hunting down Trump associates to try to implicate them in imaginary crimes.

In early January 2017, before Trump was inaugurated, the Obama Deep State followed Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, on his travels to the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean island nation, for a meeting with a Russian official and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

Later, Obama deep state officials leaked information they had about the meeting to the anti-Trump outlet the Washington Post.

The Seychelles meeting was not successful.

Prince not only achieved nothing, but no one back in the Trump team seemed interested in what he was trying to achieve in the first place.

According to the Washington Times, the Mueller report said that officials in the deeps tate used cell phone GPS signals in January of 2017 to try to pinpoint the exact locations of Trump associates.

This was at the same time that Obama officials were listening to General Flynn’s calls to foreign leaders in his role as National Security Advisor, during the Trump transition period.

The same deep state used cell phone data to track down Prince in January of 2017, and may very well have spied on him during his trip to the Seychelles.

The Washington Times reports:

Robert Mueller says he was able to pinpoint security company executive Erik Prince’s precise location for several hours in January 2017 by matching his mobile phone signal to a cell site near Trump Tower in New York City.

The special counsel’s report discloses the use of this investigative technique, by which police determine a suspect’s location via a cell phone’s GPS signal.

The Prince narrative is one instance in unredacted sections of the report in which Mr. Mueller’s team explicitly disclosed cellphone tracking. It raises the question of whether the FBI applied the process to other investigative subjects — a phone’s GPS signal can disclose its exact location within a few feet. One of the first requests the FBI makes when confronting subjects is to ask for their electronic devices.

The fact Mr. Mueller could pinpoint Mr. Prince’s exact whereabouts suggest he used GPS readouts, which prosecutors can subpoena from cellular service providers.