Mueller Team Caught In Huge Lie About Joseph Mifsud And His Identity As A Russian Operative; Here’s The Truth They Didn’t Want You To Know

(Tea Party PAC) – John Solomon, an investigative reporter from The Hill, recently sat down and spoke with Maria Bartiromo where he discussed his latest interview with CIA operative Joseph Mifsud’s legal team.

As it turns out, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man who wasted millions of tax dollars while launching a two year probe into alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, lied about Mifsud being a Russian agent.

Here’s the truth they didn’t want you to know.

Via Gateway Pundit:

According to Mr. Mifsud’s attorneys their client was working for the CIA and was NOT a Russian operative as reported by the Mueller witch hunt team of liars.

Maria Bartiromo: We know that there were informants thrown at certain Trump campaign people, like George Papadopoulos. George Papadopoulos was on this show and he told me directly on this show that Mifsud was the guy they wanted him to meet in Italy… That is the individual who told him that Russia has emails on Hillary Clinton. Why is that important, John?

John Solomon: Well, I interviewed Mr. Mifsud’s lawyer the other day, Stefan Rowe, and he told me and also provided me some deposition evidence to both Congress and myself that his client was being directed and long worked with Western intelligence. And he was being directed specifically, he was asked to connect George Papadopoulos to Russia, meaning it was an operation, some form of intelligence operation. That was the lawyer’s own words for this. If that’s the case that means the flash point the started the whole investigation was in fact manufactured from the beginning.

This is a HUGE development. ROBERT MUELLER and his band of angry Democrats lied in their final report on operative Joseph Mifsud.

Mifsud was NOT a Russian operative as the Mueller report claimed he was.

Mifsud worked for Western intelligence — and now his attorney has confirmed this!

So the real question we all need to ask here, is what else Mueller and his team were fibbing about during the course of the probe into President Trump over the last several years? If he lied once about such an important detail, how can you trust that he didn’t lie on anything else?

Mueller himself, who testified a few weeks ago before Congress about his report, seemed nervous during the exchanges that took place and was wholly unfamiliar with his own report. There were many questions asked that he refused to answer.

It seems more and more likely Mueller was a tool in the hand of radical leftists who wanted nothing more than to see President Trump go down in flames by any means necessary.

It’s unfortunate, but it seems the investigation of Trump needs its own investigation to ensure that laws were not violated and that things were done ethically. Sad that’s the case, but that’s the political climate we live in now.



  1. The Mueller/ Weissman probe was a hit squad, targeting certain individuals to give the appearance of Russia collusion and to have others fired or put in prison.
    This is all known fact at this point, the question now is, will Barr/ Durham be able to get the clear evidence that will allow them to bring indictments against people who carried out these crimes and are they going to be willing to, even when they do have the evidence.
    I know one thing for sure, nothing would stop the Democrats from bringing indictments.


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