Mueller’s “Pitbull” Andrew Weisman Makes Damning Accidental Admission

(Tea Party PAC) – Deep State superstar and “Mueller’s pitbull,” Andrew Weissman, a prominent member of the Special Counsel investigation into President Donald Trump, let it slip on Thursday that they had been “trying to get rid of” President Trump, in part by laying a perjury trap to get him on record under oath.

Weissman stepped down from the special counsel before Mueller’s final report was released and trotted off to get a book deal about his time working on the high-profile case.

He also signed with NBC and MSNBC as a legal analyst, and it was in this capacity that he made an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday afternoon to comment on President Donald Trump’s comments from earlier in the day about the acquittal in the US Senate.

A spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee shared a video clip of Weissman’s segment on Twitter, explaining that “Weissmann just admitted what we always knew.”

Of Trump, whom he accused of “mouthing off” earlier in the day, Weissman said, “He never submitted to an interview, he never testified under oath — it’s true, the same happened in the Mueller case.”

“Why do you think that is?” MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace asked.

“There’s a classic reason,” Weissman replied. “There is legal jeopardy that attaches if you sit for an interview or if you say something under oath to federal prosecutors, to federal prosecutors, to the House, to the Senate — so if you notice, the president is happy to talk today about ‘oh, this is evil and these people are corrupt,’ but when it came time for him to put up or shut up, which is are you willing to actually say this under oath or even in an interview, he’s completely silent.”

This is a little old thing called the Fifth Amendment, which Trump is entitled to just like any other American.

Trump said while making comments in the East Room on Thursday, the president said that the Russian collusion probe had been “all bullsh*t,” insisting that he was “treated unbelievably unfairly.”

Trump referred to crooked former FBI director James Comey as a “sleazebag,” and slammed the “top scum” at the bureau including disgraced and adulterous former agent Peter Strzok.

“We’ve been going through this now for three years. It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers. It was a disgrace. Had I not fired James Comey, who was a disaster, by the way, it’s possible I wouldn’t even be standing here right now,” he said. “We caught him in the act. Dirty cops. Bad people.”

“These are the crookedest, most dishonest, dirtiest people I’ve ever seen,” he continued.

Weissman embodies the spirit of the “13 angry Democrats” Trump often described when discussing the special counsel.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) denounced Weissmann in an editorial as Mueller’s “corruptly biased henchman,” explaining that he had done “most of the hiring” of the members of the counsel, “stacking the deck with angry, anti-Trump prosecutors.”

“This has always been the Weissmann investigation,” he said, speaking of the Russian collusion probe.

As for bias, while there are many signs, the fact Weissmann attended Clinton’s 2016 election night party in New York City, according to The Wall Street Journal, may say all that needs to be said.


  1. the dems used this coup attempt to try to oust the president, but in reality, they just ousted themselves in 2020. they cut their own throats, and the more they keep trying, the more the voters will turn against them.

  2. Move on people, you are wasting your time and energy. These criminals will never be brought to justice, we just have to bow down to the two tier justice system. We need term limits on all elected officials. The ABC departments need to be changed after each new President comes to office. GO TRUMP MAGA.. GOD will handle the criminals in due time.

  3. Why are they still walking around….and not in orange suits, or 6 feet under – isn’t this treason? Also, look at the amount taxpayer money that they stole, shouldn’t that have to be repaid?

    • Weisman is the epitome of prosecutorial misconduct. Should never have been on crooked Mueller’s team. The fact that Mueller found nothing to discredit our president is proof positive that there was nothing. Total waste of time and taxpayer dollars that this gang of idiots should be forced to reimburse. It was never about Russian collusion and Ukraine corruption on the part of our president. The dirty Dems were out to get rid our our president at the outset all because crooked Hillary was a sore loser who would stop at nothing to blame everyone else for her loss.

  4. These mostly democrats are undermining and trying to destroy our government . What is the definition of a ” domestic enemy ” as in the oath we all took when going into the military ?


  5. Guilty or not, the President was compelled to resist Congressional infringement on the Executive branch for future presidents. Period. This matter was so clear it was just a power grab by the House.

  6. People who are inclined to work for or get elected to positions in Government do so because of the Unaccountability that exists along with room to lie or cheat there way in and out of situations while “working” for the Government. The presence of Trump interferes with this conduct and so these people decided Trump had to go, particularly the Democrats–the biggest offenders.

  7. Andrew Weissmann is the man who wrongfully charged the firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. with crimes in the Enron matter. He put tens of thousands of people out of their jobs and then the SCOTUS rules much too late that Andersen had not done anything wrong. I was an audit manager with AA&Co, but left the firm before he forced them out of business. He is a dirt bag and I hope the worst for him.

  8. Let’s pray for #Bill Barr #Donald Trump (& for his salvation), #John Durham #John Roberts #Brett Cavanaugh #Neil Gorsuch, and against Row Vs. Wade, the spirit that resided within #Margaret #Sanger & still does in #AOC #Pelosi #Chuck Shumer #Adam Schiff & his ilk, & for Jesus to bring them freedom in Christ

  9. Yes, prescient social & fiscal conservatives & followers of Jesus (definitely not necessarily one & the same group of people) DID already know that this was a purely political, partisan attempt at a treasonous coup – to take down a legitimately elected president of the United States #Trump, under the planning and oversight of then President #Obama, #James Clapper, #John Kerry, water boy #James Comey, #Hilary Rodman (“Clinton “), #Cheryl Mills, #Huma Abedin (with whom I offer deep empathy for being stuck that abusive, adulterous “husband” of hers), and her Islamic, terroristic sponsors, #Andre McCabe, his mistress, #Loretta Lynch, deceptive #Eric Holder, #Samantha Powers, & their ilk. Who have I left out??? Hopefully the full truth will come out in a timely way that will appropriately impact the Presidential, Senate, House, governors’ & state legislature’s elections in 2020 & for a millennium to come (or as #Jahweh wills. May both seekers of truth & everyone else on the planet be smitten & persuaded by the Truth, & by the maker of all things, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! To Him be all Glory! PTL, oh Divine One! #Tony Evans #Franklin Graham #Tim Tebow #Mike Pence #Donald Trump, Jr #Jeremy Lin. #Dennis Quaid #Jeffrey Overstreet #Jan Meyers #John Eldridge #James Dobson #Nik Traxler #Reed Davis Miriam Adenauer #Phil Eaton

  10. Tim Notice that all the dumbacrats have this big ass forehead, that require a good solid hit from Nervous Nancy’s gavel to knock some sense into these morons! notice it went from Russian collusion (Hillary involved) to Ukraine (Biden Involved) Obama era and trying to pass it off on Trump! what total Liars, even a blind man see this!

  11. After the corruption and falsification of documents and testimony used by FBI, CIA, and NSA with Flynn, Popadopalos, C Page, and P Manafort to get them charged and given prison sentences, Trump’s lawyers were SMART to not let him testify. Thank God some people are smarter than these coup loving Dems.

  12. Trump’s biggest mistake was to not fire, or at least furlough, every bureaucrat over a GS14 the second he was sworn in.They should have had their security clearances pulled, locks changed, and houses and computers searched.

    Never, never, never trust any government bureaucrat or politician. Ever….
    They are lower than present day teachers.

  13. All these liberal fleas are on the DNC dog-Weissman, Comey, Mueller, Strzok, Paige, Brennan, McCabe, Pelosi, Schumer, Schitt, Nadler, …..

  14. Where was Obama. Clinton’s, Bidens, Comey, FBI love birds, etc.
    This was part of A Coup by the Democrats. They all not investigated, and thrown out of Government offices and jailed.
    Corruption, Greed, Ungodliness needs stopped.
    Office term limits now…Democrats are power hungry. Its do as I say, not as I do. They smell to all heavens.

  15. Corrupt left-wing Clinton-following criminals like Andrew Weissman should be given a public beateing with a stick like a mad dangerous dog.

  16. I hope AG Barr does what is appropriate and send those responsible where they deserve to be ….. in jail for a long time!

  17. Robert, your just a sore loser. Everybody knows the Mueller report was a con job. They set out to prove President Trump was guilty of something…anything! After all in the world of dirty cops everybody is guilty of something. Lord knows they are. They couldn’t even get Trump on a parking ticket. MAGA 2020! Vote Trump/Pence!

  18. It is wonderful that GOD is the true power and not sinners. Those that repent and put their trust in JESUS will get eternal life, those that do not will get the second eternal death, which is torment in a flame forever. You can believe what you want, but this fact will not change. You cannot be saved by works. You get saved first then you work for your savior and your fellowman. Ignore God’s Word (JESUS) and be hardhearted and want to be GOD (like satan) and you will be cast into the lake of fire.. The Bible, has been proven thousands of times, never been shown to be wrong on physical things, you better be concerned about the spiritual things it tells. Come to JESUS, He loves you and died for you and me,

    • Amen!!! God through Christ will judge us all and those who continue to lie, cheat and steal from American people will NOT be an exception to the promise of the Word.

  19. In cuba, old cambodia, maybe current venezuela these perps WOULD be jailed, deported or disappear. If these perps were Republicans here in the USA the same would occur, but, since these jokers are Dems the new double standard of justice will prevail and they will walk away unscathed.

  20. The TRUTH comes out, from a man who was LICENSED to LIE, along with Comey. These are the two people who turned the company of ANDERSON Accounting upside down and started the ENRON debacle and the financial crash of 2008-2009. I hope the Durham investigation make EVERYONE who participated in it are THOROUGHLY investigated and prosecuted.Everyone who fell victim to their miscarriage of justice should be financially compensated and reputations restored. Cynthia

  21. Now when something that someone said is turned around to make it into something else, that just says the person turning it around is lying about the whole thing. Any investigation is to find if wrong doing occurred and dig deeply into the facts of the matter. No investigation is to clear a person even though sometimes it happens, which it did not in this case. Mueller stated in no uncertain terms that the investigation did not exonerate Trump in any way, just like in a mob trial you may not be able to convict but you know from the facts that they committed the crime, and that is exactly how the Mueller investigation came out.

  22. OK
    SO W H Y !!!!
    W H Y ????

  23. When do the “players” involved in this coup attempt of our duly elected President begin falling like dominoes? It’s clear in the words of Adam Schiff that we have overwhelming evidence of sedition involving Weisman, Rosenstein, Comey, and the other cast of characters of which there are too many to mention yet alone remember.

  24. It’s one thing to feel it in your bones because a small part of you PRAYS that people can’t be that innately EVIL, it’s another thing altogether to read it in black and white. I’m NOT a naive woman, but I have to tell you, I had no idea whatsoever how deep the deep state or the pure evil ran. How are we supposed to just say; “Oh well, we got another one” for our President and move on? At this point, I’m thinking NO ONE can be trusted! Hell, President Trump would be well off to fire EVERYONE in the White House, even all the cooking and cleaning staff (🤣) and start all over again from the ground up! Now, when I hear him call people, and I use the term loosely, “sleaze bags” on the likes of Comey, Strzok, LT COL VINDMAN AND Pelosi, I’ll consider them lucky I wasn’t mentioning them at the ‘prayer’ breakfast!!


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