Muslims Reveal Chilling Strategy For Global Domination And It’s Happening Right Under Our Noses

(Tea Party PAC) – We are currently living in a society and culture, globally speaking, that is absolutely ripe for the destruction of the Western way of life. This will not come from outside war like it has throughout history, but from within, thanks to the faulty thinking and belief system perpetrated by the mental illness we all know as “progressivism.”

The biggest danger this poses to our society? Political correctness. You might be wondering how political correctness might put us and the rest of the Western world in apocalyptic danger, after all, isn’t being PC really just being careful not to offend people with hateful words and ways of thinking?

Political correctness is a far more destructive force than just limiting free speech, though that in and of itself is totally devastating. This sort of thinking paves the way for the justification of protected classes of individuals and for open borders, both lines of thought that have contributed to the rise of radical Islamic terrorism in European countries where radical Islamic Jihadis have taken advantage of this system of thought to interject themselves in droves into unsuspecting countries they plan to take over.

Don’t believe that’s true? Take a look at what Muslims have said about how France used to colonize their countries, but now they are the ones doing the colonizing.

Via Information Liberation:

More & more videos of young Algerians rioting, attacking French people or just hating on France, are coming out after Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations (football) yesterday.

Here we have a young man saying that the Algerians are conquering France as we speak:


Last night Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations (football) and young Algerians took to the streets in France to cause unrest for the third time in a week.

Here is a video of them scaring two French girls and then stealing their phones and money.

Apart from rioting and looting, some Algerians celebrated Algeria winning the Africa Cup of Nations last night by sucker-punching local French people.

Here we have a particularly cowardly attack on a French guy.

Hopefully, he didn’t sustain any brain damage #FranceIsDying #Macron

Here we have another video showing how many young Algerians in France celebrated their country winning the Africa Cup of Nations (football) on Friday.

A man walks around in #Marseille trying to set French people’s apartments on fire by shooting fireworks into open windows.

Did the mainstream media in your country report on the Algerian violence in France after Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations (football) on Friday?

I didn’t see any articles in the Swedish press so I made a compilation of the riots &vandalism in #Roubaix #Marseille #Lille #Lyon

Did the mainstream media in your country report on the Algerian violence in France after Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations (football) on Friday?

This is why we must put an end to the political correctness sweeping our nation. If we don’t, these videos eerily show the future that awaits us.



  1. Just look at what happened to Lebanon. They welcomed these mosque worshipping trash into their country with open arms but this cancer on the butt of humanity turned on them like the rabid creatures they are. They raped their women and girls while crucifying and castrated the men and boys.


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