Must-Read Trump Update From Newsmax’s Greg Kelly After Exclusive, Off-The-Record Interview

(Tea Party PAC) – Since being banned from popular social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, President Trump hasn’t been as visible to the American people. However, popular Newsmax TV host and outspoken Trump support Greg Kelly was able to spend some time with the former president this weekend and was happy to give viewers some reassurance that President Trump is doing great, despite the barrage of nonstop attacks.

Kelly told viewers that he met with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida and even played a round of golf with him on Sunday.

He described Trump as being upbeat and totally “on top of everything” in regards to what’s been going on politically and doesn’t seem rattled by the sham impeachment trial. Kelly says that Trump looks nothing like someone who has “retired.”

Kelly, a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves and a former AV-8B Harrier pilot, explained that he couldn’t divulge too many details since his time with Trump was “off the record,” but he did say that “his spirits are high, he looks great, and he’s on top of everything.”

Despite being in good spirits, Democrats in Congress and their lawyers are currently dragging Trump’s good name through the mud yet again.

They are attempting to convince the world that President Trump falsely suggested the 2020 election was rigged and therefore his supporters became angry and that’s what led to the Capitol Riot.

It’s truly appalling how completely corrupt these Democrats really are. What actually has incited Trump supporters to anger is fraud and corruption. It’s the Democrats treating us all like we’re a bunch of idiots for the last four years and talking down to us incessantly.

It’s the Democrats behaving as if there’s one set of rules and standards for them and another for Trump, Republicans and his supporters. It’s Democrats insisting that there was “no fraud” when we can all see plainly that the election was rigged.

The fact that the election was blatantly rigged and stolen from the American people has incited Trump supporters to anger. It was all done in plain sight, right before our eyes, and the left has the audacity to claim it’s all a big conspiracy theory. It’s downright maddening.

We see what they’re doing and we’re tired of it. It is them who have incited anger within the American people, not President Trump. When he suggested that the left would try to steal the election months before the election, he was right.

He wasn’t stirring up the American people senselessly. He was right and Democrats have been trying to rig elections for years with their corrupt attempts to do away with common sense election protections like voter ID laws and limits on mail-in voting.

Now that they successfully stole the election, Democrats have put together an absolutely awful plan to ensure all future elections are rigged in their favor.

They’ve included all the horrible ideas that led to the theft of the 2020 election like massive mail-in voting, extending voting a month before Election Day and 10 days after, prohibiting voter roll updates, and even making it a crime to question election results.

Does that sound like a group of people who think they legitimately won the 2020 election? No, and they know the truth. We know the truth and President Trump knows the truth.

The entire impeachment charade is nothing more than a concerted effort to ensure Trump never rises up against the establishment to fight for the American people ever again, and nothing more.

Thank God President Trump sounds in good spirits and ready to go because the fight for America is far from over.

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  1. The PEOPLE know better . . . and We The People know that Trump “has our back” and WE have his! The Left Wing Liberals, and the DEEP state, LOST this one. They just don’t KNOW it yet. The SAME goes for the Political Parties, when We The People know what’s going WRONG. Just STAY tuned. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).


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