MUST-SEE: Ellen DeGeneres MOCKED For Blaming California Flooding On Climate Change

(Tea Party PAC) – Anytime there’s severe weather around the US, lockstep leftists are quick to blame it on so-called climate change. Those of us with brains know that for the thousands of years the earth’s been turning, the climate has been changing. Leftists, however, insist that climate change is man-made and is getting so bad that the world will literally end in just a few short years if we don’t all hurry and embrace their radical “green” agenda.

The intense flooding going on in California has been no exception. Former talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to give everyone a reminder of what happens when we tick off “Mother Nature” by not adhering to the climate change dogma.

Twitter users weren’t amused. DeGeneres found herself being endlessly mocked for her inadvertently humorous Instagram video blaming mankind for the dire flooding situation playing out around the state.

In the video, DeGeneres stood in front of a raging creek next to her home, which she asserted “never flows,” and blamed humans, warning, “We need to be nicer to Mother Nature. Mother Nature is not happy with us,” adding, “Let’s all do our part. Stay safe everybody.”

Of course DeGeneres doesn’t want to have to flee from her opulent home in affluent Montecito, which is under evacuation orders. She and her other celebrity neighbors, like Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, would much prefer the rest of us give up our gasoline powered cars and natural gas stoves so that the creeks near their homes don’t flood, forcing them to have to fire up their private jets to take shelter at one of their other homes.

“This is crazy,” DeGeneres said in the video, bringing awareness to the fact that it had been five years since 23 people were killed in mudslides in the area. “We are having unprecedented rain,” she stated in apparent shock that it was happening 5 years to the day after the mudslides.

The video went viral and Twitter users didn’t hold back in their responses to her suggestion that the floods were a punishment from Mother Nature on humans.

Canadian psychologist and outspoken defender of truth and reality, Jordan Peterson, joked, “Maybe we should push a virgin into a volcano.”

We don’t seem too far off from the left making these kinds of suggestions as they push their climate religion harder and harder.

Kevin Dalton, a former candidate for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors District 1 told DeGeneres, “No Ellen, we need to hold our elected officials accountable for decades of not preparing for (checks notes) rain.”

He isn’t wrong. Even President Trump angered California lawmakers when he was in office by pointing out the obvious fact that state officials have failed to adequately prepare for forest fires leading them to be much more intense and severe then they ought to be.

California Democrats are obsessed with climate change and constantly use it as an excuse not to take meaningful action that would actually reduce the impacts of severe weather (which humans do not have the power to stop).

Radiologist and National Review contributor Pradheep Shanker took a shot at DeGeneres over past allegations that the former television host wasn’t exactly nice to her own employees.

“She hates you because you treated your employees like crap. It’s all your fault, Ellen DeGeneres!” he joked.

In that same spirit, podcast host Gerry Callahan joked, “It’ll be the first time Ellen has been nice to anyone.”

Feminist writer Joanna Schroeder also dove into Ellen’s past, slamming her over an interview she did with Taylor Swift a decade ago.

“I would find this fascinating … Except yesterday I was shown video of Ellen harassing young Taylor Swift about the guys she’s dated despite Swift literally begging her to stop, setting a boundary again and again, and clearly nearly crying. As a woman, it made my stomach turn,” she tweeted.

DeGeneres is not alone in her belief that humans are to blame for the intense flooding. California Governor Gavin Newsom also blamed the storms on climate change.

“Hot’s getting a lot hotter,” Newsom said. “Dry’s getting a lot dryer. But the wet’s getting a lot wetter, as well.”

These leftist politicians and celebrities actually believe humans have the ability to change the very climate of the earth because their own egos are so overly inflated. The reality is that the climate has been going through cycles ever since there has been a climate. It’s nothing new. The climate changes and it’s perfectly normal. There’s nothing mankind can do to stop it and it’s not going to destroy the earth. Only God has that power and he’s already written the end.

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  1. Stop cutting the trees and tearing up the land with the grass and weed and other plants to put in unneeded house and buildings. My under standing is the human produces carbon monoxide and the pants and trees take in the carbon monoxide and out put the oxygen. So these big cities like chicago, new york, la, sf and a number of other cities and companies are the ones destroying the environment by destroying the country side for profit.

  2. I actually examined the CO2 vs “Global Temperature” data, it is available on the web. The data clearly shows that CO2 does not cause Global Warming. The rise in Temperature precedes the rise in CO2 by over a decade. It actually looks like it is the rise in Temperature that causes the rise in CO2. This is easy to explain because the increase in Ocean Temperature causes the Oceans to release large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.


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