Must-Watch: What Trump Supporters Are Doing Outside Walter Reed Will Restore Your Faith In Our Country

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media and the Democrats on the left don’t want you to know how well-loved President Donald Trump is.

He may be vehemently hated by pink-haired anarcho-communists, clueless, wealthy Hollywood celebrities, and the Democrat politicians he thwarts every day in Washington DC.

But real, red-blooded American patriots absolutely love our POTUS–and they have been there for him since his COVID diagnosis.


As soon as President Donald Trump was admitted at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on Friday, a crowd of Trump supporters gathered outside to wish him well and express their undying support for his presidency and re-election.

Can you think of any president in history who has had this much love and adoration from the American people?

Check out these amazing displays of affection and support!

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows came out to show his gratitude to the Trump supporters, handing out chocolates.

Video: Supporters of President Donald Trump gather outside Walter Reed


  1. God Bless President Trump,& God Bless America, our prayers are with our president, Frist Lady, & all those with the virus. God Speed, all Americans, & all the people of the world.

  2. You and the media are full of lies its shame how you disrespect your president. The true heroes of your times are shame by the masses. Because they speak the truth……

    click this link for full detail ———–>>

  3. Thanks for providing a place to comment other than on Facebook, of which I am not and do not intend to become, a member.

    Ben, you are the hardest working journalist/broadcaster in Chicago. I can’t believe that you are providing us with podcasts on Mondays and Saturdays in addition to your regular podcasts. I LOVE them, especially the ones with the lawyer, Jim Coogan. That one hour (or more) was so enlightening, it was worth several MSNBC hours! I hope the unions continue to support your programs, as they help to highlight all of the important local and national issues facing us today.

    L. Nelson, Chicago  —————->>


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