Nancy Pelosi Is Now Refusing To Release Transcripts That Could Exonerate Trump! This Is Big

(Tea Party PAC) – We all know that Nervous Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat House Speaker, decided that the best course of action after voting in favor of two articles of impeachment against the president was to sit on them and make unruly demands of the Senate because she knows they’ll vote to acquit.

Well played Nancy.

Well played.

If you think she’s being just plain stupid though, think again. Nancy Pelosi may be batcrap crazy, but she’s somewhat sly.

There’s something far more explosive she’s sitting on though. This will shock–but perhaps not surprise–you.

Speaker Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff are still sitting on transcripts from the Soviet-style closed-door hearings in the basement of the Capitol Building.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

The hidden transcripts also bury evidence that shows the so-called whistleblower Eric Ciaramella committed perjury.

Rep. Ratcliffe said House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is burying evidence of the whistleblower’s crimes in the House SCIF.

A couple weeks ago, Ratcliffe revealed he “asked IG Atkinson about his “investigation” into the contacts between Schiff’s staff and the person who later became the whistleblower. The transcript is classified “secret” so Schiff can prevent you from seeing the answers to my questions.”

Ratcliffe suggested Monday that the “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella committed perjury by making false statements in his written forms filed with the ICIG and that Adam Schiff is hiding evidence of Ciaramella’s crimes to protect him from a criminal investigation.


  1. Regardless of what Nancy says, she will always believe she’s above the law. Her and her nitwit cronies feel they don’t have anyone to answer to and feel it’s business as usual even if it’s illegal. In her pee brain, she does nothing wrong. PS She’s like that turd that won’t flush! They’ll have to drag her out feet first, or when she dies. Don’t worry folks! When God/Lord/Jesus comes, she’ll be judged and taken care of one way or the other.
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  2. Damn , The Do Nothing law Breaking Democrats need to be held accountable for there crimes. This has to STOP . It’s unreal what they are doing ! TRUMP 20/20 Save America from these morons !

  3. All of this will continue until someone wakes up and starts prosecuting these criminals. They only do and say things because the Republicans cannot and will not do anything about it, because they too, are knee deep in all this. There will be more RINO’s sprout and more Republicans retiring if any witnesses are called to testify in the Senate trial.

  4. JVO is right. They are all a band of liberal, loony losers. They are committing treason. Why does no one address that? Also libel, slander, sedition. You name it and they are guilty. Hopefully Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham can drain the septic tank.

  5. I thought Pelosi and her band of “nitwits” were “bound by the Constitution and “have to protect the Constitution”!! Due process is gone, in this case which violates our Constitution. I would imagine that these transcripts are exculpatory evidence, in some or all forms, which would make it tampering with evidence which is an act in which a person alters, conceals,falsifies, or destroys evidence with the intent to interfere with an investigation usually by law enforcement, governmental or regulatory authority. It is a criminal offense in many or most jurisdictions. What basis of the law would protect these lemmings from not disclosing this exculpatory evidence if “nobody is above the law”? This is no longer a hatred of President Trump. This act is in contempt of President Trump’s Constitutional rights. This act is in direct conflict of American law and appears more suitable to say that this act is more so in hatred of American law and Constitutional law when our laws protect those being “investigated” or indicted by those operating outside of the Constitutional realms of our laws for their own agenda(s) .

  6. Hang in there TRUMP. True Democrats will vote for you in 2020.
    They don’t want higher taxes.
    They don’t want to lose there 401k value.
    They don’t want to lose their jobs.
    They don’t want the country to turn into a San Francisco.
    They don’t want the Corruption.
    They don’t want illegal aliens in the country.
    They do not want Socialism.

  7. The entire impeachment proceedings reeks of desperation on the Leadership of the Democratic side of the house leadership. Both Adam Schliff and Nancy Pelosi have committed so many violations of the Constitution that it hard to keep up with them. We all know that Schliff is a puppet of Hillary Clinton and why. Hillary Clinton cannot move on and will go to her grave as an desperate, evil and uncaring politician and take anybody down she can that stopped her “rightful assertion” to the POTUS throne. After all in her mine she was God’s selection and it was her divine right. As for Nancy Pelosi, one must feel sorry for her as she is trapped between a rock and hard place. She is no longer mentally fit enough to do the right thing as she has lost control of her far left Democratic House, obvious when she finalized and announced the Trump Impeachment and the Left cheered. Adam Schliff has absolutely no business in congress as he is not following the letter of law, has committed so many violations of the Constitution, has made up rules or laws along the way to help him cover up evidence, and has conducted witch hunts were there were no witches. He has caused more damage to our Constitution and America than any enemy that has ever attacked the USA. His actions should be censored and he should be barred from the Congressional assembly. If his district in California does not recall him or vote him out of office, then I hope the next Congress, if the majority is Republican, rejects his entrance forever.

  8. I believe the American people have seen, are seeing, and will see the end of this dummicRATic B S. All Americans know you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. We all know you have a RIGHT to present a defense. Without this RIGHT, you cannot show your own defense. pelosi and schiff denied this right to Trump. By denying him in the house court, they have shown their TRUE intent. They want to thwart the American way of justice and bring into play the socialist rule which is their goal – socialism. I believe the American people see this and will deliver their own form of justice come November 2020.

  9. It’s simple ; without the complete cooperation of the 116 house Democrats, this impeachment has been a sham and invalid. TRUMP 2020

  10. Well, isn’t this very interesting, and if true, what are the Republicans doing about it? Or is it one of those situations that they can’t do anything because the “Presumably All Righteous” Democrats don’t have to give out that information? They’re all just polished turds!!!

  11. As everyone knows they are so dam crooked, if they get trump and now they are making up false evidence again against vice president Pence and get it to stick through their lies Nancy Becomes President,,, now wouldn’t be a bad door to the control the United States,,, They are pushing towards civil war and if course they know that, that is why they are pushing confiscating guns away from all US Citizans …. Well, just try it and don’t be surprised if this does not work too. They are like 2 year olds and no they are playing with toys,

    • Ken, why do you think the VA Governor is thinking about calling out the VANG to remove firearms by force after the first of the year? It is a move to protect the DC sewer rats that live in VA. But he is already facing resistance from many VA Sheriffs. One has even threatened to deputize all legal gun owners to resist any such attempts.

  12. Their total corrupted power driven
    Pieces of Shit.
    Only looking out for their own corrupted
    Get them the hell out of office one way or another.

  13. With all of the people’s attention being on this sham job Impeachment we are all missing what these evil Democrats are doing in the background with all of these Illegals. The Democrats are sending them all to the Democrat states to build up the Illegal voters that are going to vote Democrat to overcome the Republican vote. Wake up. This is why they have been protecting the sanctuary cities and states. What is really bad is that President Trump never got rid of all these Obama judges that Okayed the Illegals to now get Drivers licenses so they can vote. Big mistake.

  14. The loony liberal losers are making up the rules as they go along…screw due process, the rule of law, and the Constitution. But, their day of reckoning is coming, and they know it…truly, a sad day for this country, putting up with this charade and cast of clowns.

  15. Where is the coward justice department? Her actions are beyond any doubt obstruction of a congressional investigation just charge her behind and jail her. Result, end of a major criminal interprise.

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