Nancy Pelosi Not A Big Fan Of Mexico’s Promise To Keep Migrants, Opposes Measure

(Tea Party PAC) – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is apparently not a fan of Mexico’s promise to President Trump to do comprehensive immigration reform and keep migrants on their side of the border.

Which isn’t all that surprising. After all, without illegals pouring across the border, the Democrats won’t be able to have enough voters to cheat the system and take the White House next year in the presidential election.

Breitbart reports:

The deal expands the “Remain in Mexico” policy which returns illegal migrants back to Mexico until they can be bussed to their asylum-court hearings in the United States. The policy is now keeping just 8,000 migrants in Mexico, out of roughly 330,000 who crossed the border in the last three months.

“We are deeply disappointed by the Administration’s expansion of its failed Remain-in-Mexico policy, which violates the rights of asylum seekers under U.S. law and fails to address the root causes of Central American migration,” said the statement from House Speaker Pelosi.

But it is not clear how Pelosi can block Mexico’s agreement with the “Remain in Mexico” policy. It has already survived one review by judges, and Mexico’s offer of jobs and healthcare to the migrants will make it difficult for pro-migration lawyers to argue that Trump’s deal violates the legal asylum rights of illegal immigrants.

The expanded Remain in Mexico plan is a political blow to Democrats, who welcomed the Central American migration because it pressured Trump to get a fix with a deal that also offered some form of amnesty for the millions of illegals in the United States.

Trump has used his power over tariffs to cut the deal with the Mexican government, so denying political leverage to Democrats and the cheap-labor lobbies in Capitol Hill’s many disputes over migration and wages.

Pelosi’s statement showed frustration over the Democrats’ loss of political leverage:

President Trump must stop sabotaging good-faith, constructive, and bipartisan efforts in Congress to address this complex problem in a humane manner that honors and respects our most cherished national values.

One reason Pelosi seems to be so upset is because Trump used the threat of tariffs to bypass the need for Democrats to be involved in the deal making process with Mexico, stating:

”President Trump undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world by recklessly threatening to impose tariffs on our close friend and neighbor to the south … Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer wasn’t happy about Trump’s success either.

Pelosi closed out her comments by saying that Trump is refusing to resolve a “humanitarian” crisis. According to her, the deal “fails to address the root causes of Central American migration … [so] Congress will continue to hold the Trump Administration accountable for its failures to address the humanitarian situation at our southern border.”

But this just isn’t the truth. He’s dealing with the crisis, just not in the way they want him to do. This deal will enable American border patrol agents to put the “catch and release” of Central American migrants to rest, opening up the door for them to actually uphold our immigration laws.

One of the reasons this is such a major step forward is that it allows border patrol agents to have other legal options of dealing with illegals so that catch-and-release rules no longer allow them to enter the U.S. and bring their children to claim asylum.

Here’s more on catch and release rules from Breitbart:

Those catch-and-release rules are set by Congress and the courts, and they allow the migrants to get work permits before their asylum court hearings, which are now backlogged for two or more years. Instead of catch-and-release, border agencies can now return migrants to Mexico until their asylum claims can be heard by a judge.

The end of catch-and-release will likely wreck the cartels’ labor trafficking business, which depends on migrants getting U.S. jobs to repay their smuggling debts. Few poor people in Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala will go into debt with the cartels, or mortgage their farms and homes to the cartels, once they know they will be forced to remain in Mexico prior to their asylum hearings.

Pelosi may not like the way Trump is handling the situation, but he’s still handling it and comments to the contrary need to be retracted.