Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told You About Trump’s UK Visit Was A Lie

(Tea Party PAC) – The liberal mainstream media is at it again. The coverage of President Trump’s visit to the UK was mostly represented in a negative light, although that isn’t particularly surprising. What is surprising is when you get to the bottom of the matter and come to find out that Trump actually has far more supporters in the UK than opposition. A fact the media won’t tell you.

If you watch any of the major news outlets in America, you have probably seen footage of unhinged lefties in London throwing tantrums over Trump visiting. Holding protests and flying their immature Trump balloon. This is only half the truth. Much like in America, Trump has massive support.

Although the following video doesn’t get all the facts quite right, it does illustrate this point well. The footage of the Trump supporters is actually from July of 2018 although it is impressive nonetheless. The video proves both that Trump is wildly popular and that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet.

The media is being used to manipulate our minds and persuade our decisions. We are just getting that much closer to socialism as we continue down this road of deception in journalism.

The media outlets must be held accountable for the crimes they are committing against trusting viewers. Trump’s attempts to call them onto the carpet have only resulted in increased attacks against him and the immediate shouting of fascist from the left.

Oh, the irony.

Here is some additional footage from July 2018:

The mainstream media has demonized conservative politicians in the UK just the same as they have in the US. They paint this picture that conservative politicians are hateful and intolerant while protecting groups that actually are! Just look at how the media has treated Tommy Robinson…

The mainstream media is an arm of the liberal agenda meant to dumb down the people and manipulate them. We cannot be blind anymore to this fact. Ignorance might be bliss but if we don’t get our heads out of the sand we will be stuck living with the consequences of our complacency: socialism.

The government is already overstepping the boundaries and violating our rights by lying and deceiving through the media. Imagine where the country would go if there were no more resistance.

This video shows a woman arguing the typical liberal talking points as to why Trump is the worst human on the planet.

The point is this: the liberal media has been lying to you and these videos show that. If you value your freedom stop tuning into these bias propaganda machines and seek out the truth for yourself. Trump has his share of protestors in the UK but he is also supported by thousands.

This is just like in the US. The way the mainstream media covers Trump rallies. If you have ever been to a Trump rally you would know that so many people show up they pack out every venue leaving supporters packing parking lots and streets, gathered around big screens to hear and see Trump. It is like this at EVERY rally yet this is something not covered or highlighted by the media.

Instead they show select portions of Democrat rallies which yield small numbers of supporters and lackluster energy at best. The reporting is completely lopsided and deceitful.

Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet. There are two sides to every story.