Netanyahu Rival Reportedly Hired Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Cabal To Help With Campaign

(Tea Party PAC) – Anti-Trump hate isn’t limited just to America. Liberal progressives and globalists all around the world hate President Trump and his fight to preserve freedom and democracy in America.

Now that President Trump has been defeated by the forces of evil, anti-Trump zealots are coming out of the woodwork like never before.

This has, apparently, extended to Israel where an Israeli politician who is trying to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hired the rabid Never Trump cabal known as the Lincoln Project.

For reference, the Lincoln Project are the same deranged leftists who have started putting together “lists” of all the people who supported President Trump and who allied themselves with him. They believe that conservatives deserve to be shamed, punished, ridiculed, and exiled from society because of their support of the President.

Now they’re helping former Netanyahu ally-turned-rival Gideon Sa’ar in his efforts to become Israel’s next Prime Minister.

Sa’ar used to be a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party but in December 2020, he parted ways and formed the New Hope Party. Israel’s next election is March 23, 2021, which will be its fourth election in just two years. At that time they will elect a new parliament which will then elect a prime minister from among its members.

The involvement of the Lincoln Project could backfire severely as President Trump is wildly popular among Israelis. Leftists tend to be extremely out of touch with reality, however, so that just might bode well for Netanyahu.

According to the Times of Israel, an anonymous Sa’ar campaign source said that the Lincoln Project founders are headed to Israel right away and will attempt to convince the Israeli right that “Sa’ar, not Netanyahu, is their true leader.”

The Associated Press reports that according to opinion polls, “New Hope will become the second-largest party in parliament, smaller than Likud but with enough seats to prevent Netanyahu from assembling a majority.”

The right is deeply divided in Israel. While the New Hope party is gaining steam, another right-wing party, Yamina, also takes up a chunk of seats. There are also six other parties expected to pass the electoral threshold to be able to enter parliament.

It could be possible for the two other right-wing parties to unite and put together a majority which would leave Netanyahu at a severe disadvantage. Especially because he would have a really hard time convincing Israelis that they are leftists.

However, Sa’ar bringing in the radical anti-Trump Lincoln Project to assist him may just end up backfiring on him.

In the US, the Lincoln Project’s attacks against President Trump had minimal to no effect on the way conservative voters voted. If they plan to actually help Sa’ar they’re going to need to try a new strategy but they still won’t be able to escape their reputation as an anti-Trump group.

The majority of Israelis support President Trump and for good reason. He brokered several peace agreements between Israel and other previously hostile nations, he withdrew the US out of the abysmal Iran nuclear deal, which Biden will promptly rejoin, and he has been a stalwart for the Jewish nation.

It’s doubtful any efforts made by the left to intervene in Israel will have any kind of positive results.

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