Analysis: Biden Restrictions on ICE Agents to Devastate U.S. Border Towns

(Tea Party PAC) – A brand new analysis of the restrictions President Joe Biden is placing on Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency by Breitbart indicates that these measures are going to have an absolutely devastating impact on towns located along the southern border.

Of course, if you dare to suggest such a thing, the left will toss out any sort of attempt to try and engage the actual issue at work and just call you racist, so it’s not like much is going to be done to prevent Biden from doing what he’s going to do. Unfortunately, there’s a large segment of the population who will listen to him.

Biden issued the orders in question on January 20. They instruct ICE agents to only arrest and deport illegal aliens that are known or at least suspected terrorists, those who have recently crossed over the border, or individuals who have recently been convicted of some kind of aggravated felony, although that doesn’t include convictions for drunk driving, simple assault or other drug crimes.

Local towns located along the border that have a reputation for being cooperative with ICE agents when it came to handing illegal aliens over for arrest and deportation will no longer be able to do so.

The analysis was carried out by the Center of Immigration Studies’ Directory of Policy Jessica Vaughan, who found that border towns, cities that are located north of the border, and jurisdictions that are in between will be hit the hardest from a revolving door criminal policy where local police will basically be forced to let illegal aliens go back into the community instead of handing them over to ICE.

The arrest data for Texas counties like El Paso, reeves, Howard, Harris, Hidalgo, Dallas, Willacy, Garza, Travis, Cameron, Tarrant, Concho, Walker, Webb, and Bexar have turned over the largest number of illegal aliens who were not recently aggravated felons.

“El Paso County law enforcement, for example, turned over more than 8,300 illegal aliens to ICE agents in 2018. In Reeves County, nearly 7,700 illegal aliens were turned over. All of those arrested, under Biden’s order, would have been released back into the community,” Breitbart says.

“Likewise, Maricopa County, Arizona, Los Angeles County, California, Cibola County, New Mexico, Orange County, California, Kern County, California, San Diego, California, Imperial County, California, Pima County, Arizona, San Bernadino County, California, Clark County, Nevada, New York City, New York, Salt Lake County, Utah, Sacramento County, California, and Cook County, Illinois will all be forced to shield illegal aliens from arrest and deportation,” the report continues.

“As Breitbart News previously reported, the order is likely to “prevent the arrest and removal of nearly all of ICE’s caseload of criminals — including many aliens who have been convicted of the most serious crimes on the books,” according to Vaughan’s analysis,” it adds.

“If the new Biden deportation policies had been in force and applied to ICE’s 2018 interior caseload, a total of 91,993, or 96.5 percent, would not have been subject to removal,” Vaughan says. “Only about 3,367, or 3.5 percent, would have been considered appropriate to remove from the country.”

Back in 2018, a staggering 70,000 illegals were deported by ICE, all of whom had charges against them. To break it down for you, 10,300 of these folks had been charged with drunk driving, 4,700 of them had other traffic violations, 4,700 were charged with assault, more than 2,000 were charged with drug trafficking, 2,000 charged with burglary, 1,000 charged with domestic violence, 1,500 charged with sexual assault, clost to 800 were charged with homicide, and another 500 were charged with lewd acts with a minor.

If Biden’s orders for ICE had been in place back then, all of these individuals would have remained on American soil. Think about that for a second. A flood of sexual predators would be in this country, ready to deal out damage to our children.

Just imagine what he’s going to allow to stay here no now. Yikes.

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  1. SEND them BACK to WHERE they came from . . . regardless of what the BIDEN administration says. And, DON’T forget to sign “impeach BIDEN” petitions. HIS SOCIALISM has to STOP! Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. Who is going to be held accountable for the crimes that some of the illegals are going to commit against legal residents, or against the illegals immigrants? Were is government going to house these people? Who’s going to pay the bill?

  3. Put them on buses drive them to California and drop them off in front of Nancy Palosi’s and Harris’s houses. Let them take care of them.


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