New Documents Reveal John Brennan Suppressed Intel About Russia; This Explodes Collusion Narrative, Exposes What They Really Wanted

(Tea Party PAC) – Former CIA Director John Brennan is not exactly a very well liked individual at this point, and for good reason, as more documents come to light exposing his role as part of the Deep State plot to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency.

And, unfortunately for him, Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is continuing to release information that is making his life more and more difficult.

In fact, a new batch of documents reveals that Brennan suppressed intelligence that showed Russia didn’t want Trump, but Hillary to win the 2016 presidential election. That sort of explodes the whole Russia-collusion narrative, now doesn’t it? The whole thing as a scam from the very beginning. These people are simply diabolical.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

Fox News host Ed Henry learned that not only did Brennan suppress that information, but he and his cabal deliberately promoted the false narrative that Vladimir Putin favored Trump.

Henry told Fox News host Tucker Carlson: “Remember the ‘U.S. intelligence community’ came out with that remarkable statement and assessment declaring that Russia meddled in the 2016 election…and claimed that Russia interfered because they wanted Donald Trump to win? That set the narrative of the now-discredited Steele dossier.”

Henry continued: “Well it turns out that Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan had intel saying that actually, Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win because she was a known quantity because she had been Secretary of State. And Vladimir Putin’s team thought Hillary was more malleable, while Donald Trump was unpredictable.”

Henry went on to point out that Fred Fleitz, who is a 25-year veteran of the CIA and worked for the State Department, actually put a pretty big spotlight on this information in a column he recently penned.

“Fred Fleitz should get credit for this,” Henry stated. “He was a former Chief of Staff at the National Security Council under President Trump. Fleitz [wrote] that Brennan suppressed some of the intel that suggested that Russia wanted Clinton to win. I separately have an intelligence source who confirmed that that information is one of the four or five other batches of intel that Rick Grenell is declassifying.”

Sources told Henry that John Brennan — as Obama’s CIA chief — deliberately hid intelligence suggesting that Russia wanted Hillary to win. In fact, this intel was more serious and credible than the intel suggesting that Putin wanted Trump to be president.

“Rather than balancing out all that in their assessment, they [the Obama CIA and DOJ] set the narrative that Russia wanted Trump to win,” Henry explained. “This could be a bombshell. There’s a whole lot more coming.”

Henry also reported that Grenell is actually in the process of revealing a list of names of specific Obama officials who took part in the scheme against General Michael Flynn and were responsible for his unmasking.

“That could be illegal because normally the names of U.S. citizens that get picked up on wiretaps are blacked out for privacy,” Henry explained. “In the case of General Flynn, his name was originally redacted because he got swept up in the wiretap of a non-U.S. citizen — the Russian ambassador to the U.S.”

Henry continued: “So when Obama officials unmasked that Flynn was on the other end of the line during the presidential transition and then leaked it to newspapers, it could be illegal. Because leaking unmasked information or using that for political gain is against federal law.”

“Armed with that information from the wiretaps, FBI agents — under the direction of [then-FBI director] James Comey surprised Flynn with that questioning at the White House January 24, 2017 — just a few days after President Trump’s inauguration.

Grenell has specifically declassified the names of Obama officials who unmasked Fynn’s name between Election Day 2016 and inauguration day 2017. It was a critical period, because in his final days, President Obama had that early January 2017 meeting with officials like Comey.”

This stuff just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier, doesn’t it? I mean, who would’ve ever thought our government could be so twisted and dirty that they would actively attempt to ruin so many lives as a means of stealing an election?

Liberals are desperate to retain power in the government because they are truly sold out to the idea of transforming American into a socialist state. Trump interrupted their plans and they are furious about it. This is why they have conspired so much to have him removed from office.

The hatred they have for the president and his followers is real and very intense. We’ve only started to uncover the truth about the Deep State.



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    Mastermind behind this
    OBAMA should have to give up everything including his homes
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  5. I am glad the documentation of the truth is finally coming out. These Obama people need to held responsible. But I am still skeptical enough to think no one will legally be held responsible and the Democrats will continue to go on lying and the lap dog media will continue to spread lies.

  6. You know what is going to happen to anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal?
    No one has the courage to do anything about it.
    All cowards.

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  8. not surprised by all of this. Obama wants nothing more than to see our country go down the toilet. Of course Putin wanted Hillary as POTUS. He knew that she & her Foundation could be bought off (does “uranium gate” come to mind). Obama wants nothing more than to see our country fail. It would become a socialist government with him @ the top again

  9. We’ve been hearing the same rhetoric for quite some time, yet STILL, not one indictment! Time to Schiff or get off the Pelosi!

  10. We will just have to wait and see if conspiring to commit treason is really a crime for “Obimbo” and his cabal or is there two [2] sets of rules.


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