New Report Reveals The Most Heinous Criminals Deported By ICE In 2019; This Is Why We Need The Wall

(Tea Party PAC) – Immigration never ceases to be a burning and divisive topic here in the good old United States, especially when you have bleeding heart liberals who want to chuck borders out the window and just allow anyone to come into the country willy-nilly.

Why would these folks want to just let people into the country en masse? Well, because the Democratic Party spends the vast majority of its time and energy pandering to illegal immigrants to transform them into lifelong Democrat voters. It’s their whole strategy for future elections.

Well, with 2019 now in the rearview mirror, a new report has come out that shows the most heinous criminals that were deported by ICE over the course of the year, every one of which could be a case study for building the wall at the border.

Here’s more details from Bizpac Review:

Despite a national security crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border that forced a significant portion of its resources away from the interior of the country, and the passage of local and state laws by Democratic lawmakers that largely prohibited cooperation between law enforcement and their agency, ICE still removed a significant number of criminals out of the U.S.

In fiscal year 2019, which does not include the entirety of the 2019 calendar year, the agency repatriated 150,141 convicted criminals, an ICE spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Caller New Foundation. In fiscal year 2020 (which began in October), the agency repatriated 26,327 convicted criminals as of Dec. 14. These individuals include known or suspected gang members, known or suspected terrorists, and people convicted of a number of other crimes.

In honor of the New Year, the DCNF examined just a few of the most heinous criminals deported by ICE in 2019.

Slobo Maric — War Criminal

Slobo Maric, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, became a U.S. citizen in 2002, but later had his citizenship revoked and was removed when authorities discovered he hid his past war crimes.

Maric had previously been a member of the Bosnian Army and committed war crimes during the Bosnian Conflict in the 1990s. As a shift leader in a Bosnian detention facility, Maric participated in the abuse and humiliation of prisoners. The Bosnian government charged him for his actions, and after he fled to the U.S., was indicted and convicted in absentia for war crimes.

Upon this discovery, U.S. authorities sentenced Maric to 18 months in prison and revoked his citizenship. Afterward, ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations deported him back to Bosnia.

Arturo Lopez-Mendez — Alleged Child Rapist

Arturo Lopez-Mendez, a Mexican national, was deported by ICE in June on charges in his home country relating to the gruesome rape of a 7-year-old girl.

In November 2000, the Criminal Judicial Branch in Sinaloa, Mexico, issued a warrant on Lopez-Mendez, also known as “El Mocho.” However, he was able to evade apprehension and later entered the U.S. It was until June 2018 when Mexican authorities notified ICE he carried outstanding rape charges.

According to the charge, Lopez-Mendez “allegedly assaulted and raped a seven-year-old female at a private residence, leaving the victim with visible signs of the assault, including blood-soaked pants and legs,” according to an ICE statement.

El Mocho was ultimately placed in ICE custody in April 2019, and was repatriated just two months later.

Houcine Ghoul — ISIS Supporter

ICE deported Houcine Ghoul, a Tunisian national, back to his home country in June after authorities discovered that he violated the terms of his tourist visa, made numerous false statements in an attempt to become a U.S. citizen, and was an active supporter of the Islamic State.

Ghoul first entered the U.S. on a tourist visa in 2001, and committed a number of immigration violations. However, it was until he posted an online photo in 2014 when authorities began to look into his case. Ghoul’s photograph displayed an individual holding a sign that read in Arabic, “The victory of the islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” That same photo appeared in an online propaganda video by other supporters of the terrorist organization. Ghoul described himself online as an “extremist, terrorist, tough, brain-washed, radical, I love explosions, booby trapping, beading the enemy, and am among the supporters of establishing the religion with the sword,” according to an ICE statement.

Authorities later determined he had been an active supporter of ISIS online and in person, and had committed numerous immigration violations, including marrying someone to obtain immigration benefits, in attempt to gain legal permanent status and ultimately U.S. citizenship. A judge sentenced him to 24 months in prison, followed by deportation.

Juan Ramon Avila-Leon — Convicted Child Molester

Juan Ramon Avila-Leon, a Mexican national, was deported by ICE in September following his conviction of child molestation. And thanks to the work of Border Patrol, he was apprehended before he could illegally re-enter the U.S. just weeks later.

Avila-Leon was first charged with three counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes and child molestation in July 2018. Upon an interview by ICE, the agency lodged a detainer request to take him into its custody. The Mexican national was ultimately convicted of child molestation, and also convicted of four counts of commutation with a minor for immoral purposes in August of the same year.

On Sept. 5, 2019, he was ordered by a judge to be removed from the U.S. — ICE deported him just days later. The following month, Border Patrol agents spotted Avila-Leon attempting to enter the country illegally near the California-Mexico border, and were able to arrest him before he could escape.

Ezra Dave Maling — Alleged Murder

Ezra Dave Maling, a Philippine national, was deported by ICE in May after authorities discovered he was wanted for murder in his home country. He stands accused of choking his then-girlfriend to death before fleeing to the U.S., and was able to live under the shadows for years before people started becoming suspicious of his past.

Maling is accused of strangling Rebeny Vergara, then his live-in partner in the Philippines, with a leather belt in 2003. He avoided arrest from local authorities by fleeing to the U.S. and living here for roughly 16 years. During that time, he lived a double life, working as a musical instructor for a church in the San Francisco area. However, it was his apparent ego that ultimately led to his arrest and deportation.

Maling, according to Balitang America, told his church congregants about his musical achievements in his home country. Curious to know what he had done, members began to search him online, but instead of finding the musical accomplishments he spoke of, they discovered his alleged dark past. Word eventually spread to U.S. authorities, and he was deported by ICE in May.

The next time one of your left-wing friends wants to know what possible justification you could possibly have for building a border wall and enforcing deportations — you know, obeying immigration law — just whip out this list and have them take a look.

Leftists want you to believe that every single person who crosses the southern border is just some poor soul seeking refuge from an oppressive government, but that’s not true. Sure, some folks might be, but a lot of individuals crossing over are coming to escape the consequences of a criminal lifestyle. Others want to expand their criminal empires into our nation.

We cannot allow our own people to be put in danger like that. Hence, the need for strong immigration laws and a sealed border.



  1. My solution Is very simple for ALL these stinking POS’s…..Chain them to an SUV or “4 wheeler” and drag their azzes through the desert until….Yea – you get the general idea!!
    Then make sure the “word” gets back to the border!!

  2. Do what Australia did to the illegal immigrants. Put them on a island or on a barren part of the US away from main stream America. They can steal and rape each other. Plant their own gardens for food. Not a hard thing to do, the start up funds can come from the DNC so the Democrats can say they gave illegal immigrants a place to stay…. oh once a year they can go on a field trip to California and see how the homeless are treated by Pelosi,Shiff and Walters. Just think how lucky they will feel being able to rob and rape each other with no consequences and best of all not harming another American

  3. Eddie, I totally agree with that and make sure they start with our so called Democrat’s in Washington along with the Rinos who agree with them.

  4. Build that wall yesterday. Our safety should be top of the list. If people want open borders then they can sell their belongings and move to the other countries and find out first hand our bad the would be treated with not being born there. We have enough home grown criminals here don’t need anymore. Get it done ASAP

  5. The VAST majority of Democrat politicians are TREASONSTIC traitors who will allow GLOBAL ELITES to come in. This way GLOBAL Socialism/Communism can be implemented. And the best way for this to happen is to cause the systems (U.S. Laws) to IMPLODE upon themselves and bring in Martial Law. This is why they believe in “gun control”, Climate Change Crisis”, etc. The U.S. citizens won’t STAND for this and they are ARMED. Disarm the U.S. Citizen and you’ve got the citizen under control by a TYRANICAL government (and the criminal element). Don’t vote for these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS if you value your COUNTRY! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. If you believe in killing heart beating babies, (42 million last year), child rapist, dope, illegals taking jobs and keeping wages low. Vote democrat. If you do not believe in this then get out and work to get rid of the people that do and get people in to help Trump get this mess straighten out.

    70 million Black babies and millions of other races killed. Murder is murder and all responsible should be arrested and charged with murder. If the heart is beating you are a human being.

  7. While teaching ESL to migrants near L.A. for years I saw and heard a few stories that forever changed my take on illegal migration. One guy in particular’s story aligns with this article. He confided one evening that he was scared about his upcoming deportation hearing, then returned a few days later smiling, stating that he wouldn’t be deported. Mind you, this was when such hearing occurred based on commission of a serious felony. I had to request that he be assigned to a different class due to his demanding and disruptive behavior in class. My concerns at the time were what felony he’d committed to earn a hearing and, two, why was he still free to roam the streets and offend again. I really liked most students, even gang and cartel members who behaved well in class. But guys like him? Not. This article is no surprise at all and a priority needs to be placed on removing social parasites from our streets quickly, not in a year or two or three.

  8. Let them go live with the Democrats. If their family members or close friend get raped, killed r addicted or died from drugs maybe the blinders will come off, though I doubt it. ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL. If an American commits a crime we go to jail, what gives them the right to be above the law when they have contributed to us and went through proper. Channels. Remember AIDS was brought to the U.SA. through illegals coming from Africa. Is this what you want, them bringing diseases without being checked out. Do we want epidemics here. Do you want another 911 because you feel sorry for them? Look what they’re doing, recruiting these idiots from America ho are idiot. These people are dangerous to us but before thousands get killed maybe then these people who feel sorry for them will wake up.

  9. WHY is it so difficult for folks to consider our COUNTRY as our HOME?? Would these folks just leave their house door wide open day and night and allow “just anyone” to
    come and go as they pleased?? FOOLISH!!!!

  10. I think they should pass a law that says if you vote against sending these invaders back where they come from that you are required to adopt one full family of these parasites and pay all of their expenses until they are citizens.


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