New Report Reveals The Mysterious Case Of RAZ, The BLM Warlord Who Now Runs The CHAZ In The City Of Seattle; This Is Very Weird

(Tea Party PAC) – Never in a million years would I ever have believed you if you would’ve told me six months ago that a six block section of the city of Seattle would be taken over by lunatic left-wingers hellbent on protesting police brutality and racial equality. I also wouldn’t have believed you if you would’ve told me they would call this area CHAZ and that a Black Lives Matter warlord named Raz would be calling the shots.

After all, this sounds like the plot to a really bad Michael Bay action flick from the 90s, not the reality we actually occupy. However, it actually is the reality we occupy, and yes, Raz is a real dude. Who just happens to have a very weird story.

Thankfully, the Gateway Pundit is here to walk us through this mess:

Solomon Samuel Simone (aka RAZ from CHAZ or CHOP) is the proclaimed warlord of CHAZ, the multi-block area located in Seattle. Raz hates America but owns multiple guns, luxury automobiles, millions in real estate.

More importantly, Raz is supported by the Islamic government in Dubai.

The leader of CHAZ, Warlord Raz Simone was previously identified running guns in the newly formed country in the center of Seattle. Today we have more on RAZ thanks to the work of Yaacov Apelbaum.

Raz the warlord, doesn’t only run guns, he owns guns. Raz owns a couple of handguns, which were somehow ‘restored’ through a special intervention after a conviction.

So what kind of guns does Raz own exactly? Well, they aren’t the kind you take out with you on a weekend hunting trip with your son. No, the weapons our dear terrorist friend here — and that’s what he is, a terrorist — includes six semi-automatic rifles, including an AK-47 an Uzi, and an AR-15.

And to go along with these powerhouse weapons, he possesses armor piercing bullets. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t hardcore leftists claim to be against guns of this magnitude being owned by the average American citizens? Why is the mainstream media not condemning this sort of behavior and the ownership of weaponry of this magnitude? Seems sort of hypocritical, right?

Raz somehow received a grant for $82,000 from the city of Seattle to open his own studio in a building he purchased with another loan.

And Raz owns multiple luxury cars, including a Tesla, a BMW and a Jaguar XJ.

He also owns some prime real estate and rental properties.

He owns the RAZ fashion line, the Aurora Smoke Shop, a social club called “The Spot”, the Black Umbrella Corporation. All this came from funding in sweetheart deals.

Finally, and most importantly, Raz is connected to Islamists. He is involved in the manifesto, Washington State – the first black Muslim independent state. He also is being sponsored and has been hosted by the Dubai government. Raz’s anti-white and anti-America rants are supported. He also has been spotted attending the Sheik Zayed mosque.

This is some serious stuff, folks. We are going to have to send in the military to step up and end this nonsense right here, right now, before really bad things happen as a result of Raz having control over this area of the city.

Clearly, the mayor and the governor are not going to step up and get it done, so it’s up to Trump and other sane individuals to make the hard call and get this under control. It’s time for the vacation for these millennials to come to an end.



  1. Turn off the electricity…can’t charge their cell phones.
    Turn off the water…..can’t bathe or drink.
    Take away the porta pottys. Why is the city giving them anything? They are their own country they have to take care of themselves. Don’t allow food to be brought in. Put a border around CHAZ so that they are inside and can’t get out to get food. Starve them out.

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  4. “ALL POSITIVE LAW is NULL and VOID in this Country for Justice is being Bought, Sold, Denied , Delayed and Purchased in every City, Town, Township and Borough in these United States without Consequence”! “The Country is OUT of ORDER with a Self Will Run Riot and a Purposeless Existence” until the “Insurrectionist are Identified and Lawfully Prosecuted and Punished as Designed by Our Founding Fathers AT COMMON LAW”! Quote me, “for I Stand with Themis in redress under the Stated First Amendment”! Unchallenged!

  5. Time to end this now. Time to go to war against these terrorists and take back our country. President Trump needs to send in the military because the Mayor and Governor will do nothing. They should both be in jail and removed from office.

  6. If the people of Seattle and Washington want it, let them have the government they wish for. Sorry for the people who worked all their lives to create a business or have a nice home, but the rest of the nation ought to pay attention.

  7. Our great president needs to stop playing games with this shit and Send in the military to stop this shit we are tired of this crap

  8. Take out CHAZ! . . . it’s WAY past time to LOCK and LOAD, go in and PROSECUTE the SURVIVORS with STIFF Federal Prison sentences (Hard Labor/”chain gangs”) for Insurrection, TREASON and SEDITION. And, don’t forget to prosecute the MAYOR and GOVERNOR for dereliction of duty, Treason, Sedition as well. this is TOTALLY ridiculous. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. The only thing the LEFT preach is: “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO”!

    Left can own guns.
    Right can’t!
    Left can protest, riot, loot, burn and occupy city blocks.
    Right can’t go to church, can’t get haircuts, can’t go to rallies!
    Left can hurt police. Right aren’t allow to put a criminal in jail.

    Don’t you just love the double standard?!

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