New Revelations Raise The Question: “Will Rome Be The Undoing Of Spygate?”

(Tea Party PAC) – There was a time, in the ancient world, when the phrase “all roads lead to Rome” was true.

Is it also the case with the Spygate scandal?

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney John Durham reportedly expanded their investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax investigation following visits to Rome in August and September.

At the same time, concerns about former CIA Chief and suspected Spygate architect John Brennan’s security clearance were raised once again.

Above: William Barr, John Durham

Jeff Carlson at TheMarketsWork reported –

John Durham, the U.S. attorney tasked with investigating the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016, is expected to seek an interview with former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper following an expansion of his investigation.

It was reportedly the meetings Durham and Attorney General William Barr recently had in Rome—where they obtained new evidence—that were the impetus for the broadening of the scope of the probe.

According to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, her sources told her that Durham is now “very interested to question” Brennan and Clapper.

According to Herridge, the meetings “took place on Aug. 15 and Sept. 27, 2019, in Rome,” and that it was during one or both of these trips, that Barr and Durham “gathered new evidence.”

The news comes following months of speculation about whether the former top Obama officials would be questioned over their involvement in the investigation and spying on the Trump campaign.

It was recently revealed in a court motion by the lawyer for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, that the Justice Department (DOJ) had obtained two cell phones belonging to Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese Professor who has been cited as playing a key role in the FBI’s determination to open its probe into the Trump campaign.

At the same time, calls were made anew to remove the security clearance of Brennan, at the same time that Barr and Durham first visited Rome.

As The Gateway Pundit notes, “This leads us to believe that whatever they found is connected to Obama and Brennan’s CIA.”

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos has said for a long time that those who approached him in London were most likely from the CIA.

“Is Rome the key to the undoing of Spygate?” TGP asks.


  1. Agree with Hal Hoffman, Soros is the puppet master but we still need to deal with the puppets for their crimes. Soros and his organization should be looked at from a RICO standpoint.

  2. Time for Soros too crawl under his rock ..that pos should be kicked out of the United States revoke his citizenship and confiscate all of his money hes only using it for evil against this country .

  3. Pilot..I agree with you 100%….I believe it all started at the very top with Obama
    ..Brennan and Clapper and they directed the whole scheme….They need to
    Hang for Treason…

  4. The CIA, NSA & FBI, etc., are only as “good” or as “evil” as the people they employ! Remember, a fish rots from the head down, and nothing happens in any of the aforementioned agencies without the knowledge and approval of those at the top. Power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  5. Remove both Brennan and Clapper clearances. They are both corrupt and abused their positions and power, all to undue the 2016 election and remove President Trump.
    Charge both with treason and forming a coup d’etat to over throw a sitting President and throw the USA into chaos.
    Execution of both would be to good for them. No fed prison except solitary in Leavenworth and bread and a water for life.
    I have lost total faith in our folks in CIA, NSA, FBI, and the rest of our unelected officials in those agencies.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    God save us from the looney lefty koolaid drinking progressive Democrats and socialist.
    26 year retired Navy with a Top Secret clearance.

  6. For the deaf,dumb,and blind I know it’s difficult to believe Barry obama is behind these crimes but the evidence will be conclusive. Brennan and Clapper have shown their contempt for our laws , it’s time for justice for ALL Americans !



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