New Video Montage Exposes Fear Mongering Narrative Of Leftist Media Concerning Virginia Pro-Gun Rally

(Tea Party PAC) – The people of Virginia are going through a tough battle against the Democratic Party in their home state, which just so happens to control the state governing bodies and are hell bent on putting in place a gun ban which would violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

As a result of the plan being pushed by these gun haters, Second Amendment supporters decided to voice their concerns through a protest event, which the media wasted no time jumpping on, claiming there would be tons of “white nationalists” there who would cause violence and all kinds of issues.

Well, that isn’t what happened at all. The protest was completely peaceful. Now a new video montage has been released that showcases how the media tried their best to fear monger by hyping the narrative that this was going to be a violent event.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Fake News CNN and MSNBC were wrong…AGAIN.

All morning CNN and MSNBC hyped fears that “swarms” of scary “white nationalists” would cause violence at the pro-gun rally in Virginia.

So far there has been no violence and no arrests at Monday’s rally despite estimates of around 25,000 people in attendance.


#NEW MONTAGE from me showing how @CNN and @MSNBC spent their mornings hyping fears that “white nationalists” and “extremists” would cause “violence” at #VirginiaRally for the #2A like in 2017 at Charlottesville #LobbyDay2020

The fake news media ignored blacks who attended Monday’s pro-2A rally.

What a great day expressing our First Amendment rights in Richmond today at the #Richmond2ARally. We will not be quiet as our Constitutional rights are trampled on. #VA10 #LobbyDay2020

Just look at these white supremacists:

Seen at Richmond rally – group of Black Panthers who support the 2A

A black man in attendance said guns rights are not only a constitutional right issue, but it’s also a civil right issue.

“I love this country.”

“It’s about the #2ndAmendment… It’s not only a constitutional right issue, but it’s also a civil right issue.”

“As an African American on #MLKDay, it’s critically important that we preserve the ability to defend ourselves”

The worst white supremacists ever.

This black guy trolled KKK-Blackface Ralph Northam:

REPORTER: “Sir, are you a white supremacist?”

PROTESTER: *points at Ralph Northam* “This ain’t me!”

The Second Amendment is probably the most important right we have in the Constitution, because without it, we wouldn’t have the available means to defend the other rights listed in our founding document. Instead, we’d be an unarmed populace held hostage by the government, who of course, would have all the guns.

That’s exactly what liberals want. They want to take guns from law abiding citizens so there is no way they could possibly rise up and rebel against a corrupt, bloated government that wanted to force them to get on board with their program.

This is why we must fight so hard to keep the Second Amendment alive, why we must fight tooth and nail to stop them from taking our guns. Our liberty depends on it.



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