New York Times Forced To Non-Apologize After Caught Praising This Monsterous Communist Dictator

(Tea Party PAC) – The New York Times is one of the oldest publications in our nation and was once a great paragon of journalistic prowess.

Now, it’s just a cheap peddler of far-left smut disguised as the prestigeous paper it once was.

If you had any doubt that the editorial board at the New York Times was entirely biased, tone-deaf, and clueless, check out this recent “error” they tweeted out before being forced to remove it and make their excuses.

In a recent tweet, the NYT paid homage to Mao Zedong, the mass-murdering Chinese tyrant who brought untold suffering upon his people as “One of History’s Great Revolutionary Figures.”

This is like calling Hitler “One Of Germany’s Great Leaders” or Jeffery Dahmer “One of America’s Most Creative Cooks.”

Here is the offending tweet, which set the internet ablaze:

Just to put this in perspective, 60-70 million Chinese people were murdered under this tyrannical psychopath’s rule.

Seems like a rather major detail to leave out, don’t you think?

The New York Times eventually sheepishly deleted the tweet, but their attempt to walk back their flippant disregard for the true legacy of Mao falls very, very short of anything even remotely resembling an apology.

This did not escape the fresh scrutiny of their critics.


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