Newport Beach Doctor Explains Exactly How The “Experts” Got It Very, Very Wrong

(Tea Party PAC) – Our nation is in the midst of a crisis the proportions of which have never been seen before.

And it has virtually nothing to do with the deadliness of the coronavirus.

While sadly we have lost many lives due to the novel disease, far more Americans have experienced unprecedented threats to our liberty that is going to impact generations to come if something isn’t done.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t fight, bleed, and die to keep us safe from every sickness that might come our way.

They fought, bled, and died for our liberty.

A family physician in Southern California is calling out the “experts” for how they’ve handled the coronavirus pandemic and the threats to our liberty.

“My name is Dr. Jeff Barke, and I’m here representing thousands of physicians across the country whose voices are being silenced because we don’t agree with the mainstream media and the experts who are telling us what to do,” he told a crowd of fired-up protesters in Riverside, California this week.

The now-viral video shows Barke dressed in his scrubs and white coat.

“What if the experts are wrong? What if quarantining the healthy doesn’t actually save lives? What if wearing a mask in public is not effective,” said Barke, whose practice is based in Newport Beach, California.

“Never in the history of this great republic have we quarantined the healthy,” he said. “Never in the history of this great republic have we told churchgoers that it’s illegal for you to exercise your First Amendment right of freedom of religion. Yet at the same time it’s essential to keep pot dispensaries open.”

He’s not the only member of the medical community who has called out the establishment for their dangerous lockdown measures.

Last month, two Southern California doctors made a video sharing similar sentiment about the lockdowns.

They were subsequently banned from YouTube despite their many collective years of experience.


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  4. Wake up liberals. Is this taste of socialism frightening yet?. It should be. Ben Franklin once said, “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  5. Wait up Dem lovers, You are getting a glimpse of the Country the DemocRATS want for YOU – not them, mind you- just YOU! Unless you also own a $25,000 refrigerator, you’re NOT one of them! He Dems allow the State to kill 1.6 millions babies a year, do you really believe they care the Virus is killing a fraction of us?? No, they’re trying to kill your FREEDOM! It isn’t about Trump!
    Look what the The DEMs did to Flynn! You and me are next!

  6. This criais sgould be a call to live healthier lives. It appears those with a healthy immune system, and now sufficient levels of vitamin D in our systems, fight off not just the China virus, but a number of other things.

    We are our own worst enemies when it comes to our personal freedoms. We allow ourselves to be talked into just about anything by so called experts.

    .i know only one true expert, God. He says these mortal bodies “will die.” (Isaiah 57:1 & 2)

    He offers a new body, an eternal body, with no more sickness or death. (1Cor 15:54-56)

    But this promise only comes to those who know Him! (John 17:3)

  7. A little old-fashioned candor from the medical community would be greatly appreciated at this stage of the game! Dr. Barke has struck the first blow in this regard!

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