Newsmax Reporter Grills Psaki Over Illegal Aliens Getting Hotel Rooms When National Guard Slept In Parking Garages, Made Sick From Meals

(Tea Party PAC) – The fraudulent Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants who help move along their radical progressive agenda by checking off the “diversity” box.

Meanwhile, the administration has been treating the National Guard troops tasked with protecting the illegitimate regime like dogs.

As you recall, back in January, the day after Biden had been inaugurated, 5,000 National Guard soldiers were forced to rest and sleep in a cold parking garage in DC that was equipped with two bathroom stalls and one outlet.

Once Biden and the Democrats used the National Guard as props on Inauguration Day, they cast them out like garbage.

Then last month, National Guard troops began getting sick and even being hospitalized because of the disgusting and undercooked meals they were being served.

More than a dozen Michigan National Guard soldiers were sickened after being fed raw and undercooked meat as well as meals containing metal shavings. Other meals being fed to the troops were barely enough to sustain a child let alone grown men and women.

These were meals that weren’t even fit to be fed to a dog and yet they were being served to National Guard troops stationed in DC.

Now, after making National Guard troops sleep in a parking garage and feeding them dangerous raw food, the Biden administration is set to spend $86 million on a contract with a Texas non-profit to house up to 1,200 illegal migrant families at hotels across Texas and Arizona.

On Monday, Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson pressed White House mouthpiece Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the differences in treatment between the National Guard troops and the illegal aliens flooding our border.

Naturally, “Circle Back” Psaki did her best to spin the narrative and explained that Biden responded immediately to the claims of troops sleeping in a parking garage. He offered his help and that’s about all Psaki had to say about it:

Sure must be nice to be an illegal alien in the US. After coming here illegally not only are they apparently exempt from COVID rules and measures but they’re being fast-tracked for vaccines that Americans want and now they’re being put up in hotels that will ultimately cost the American taxpayers $86 million.

These illegal aliens haven’t done a thing for America and will only leech off of our welfare system yet they’re being treated with exalted status. A stark difference from the way the current administration treats our armed forces who have vowed to serve and protect America.

The Biden administration doesn’t even bother trying to hide their progressive agenda. The only thing that matters is diversity and breaking down America. As long as America remains strong, the globalist agenda cannot move forward.

Joe Biden is doing exactly what he was installed to do: Make America Weak Again, just like we were under the globalist Obama.

Copyright 2021.


  1. This is such a load of utter BS from start to finish. The deployment commander is responsible for the Military under their command and no one else is responsible but that person. Now the illegals are responsibility of a Government agency, in fact multiple Government agencies under the the Control of Homeland Security.
    It is a fact that the President, any President stays out of the affairs of the Military, at lower levels.
    Now if you think that illegals leach off of the society why is it more of them per capita own homes and businesses than Americans, you do not buy a home when you are leaching off of the Government.
    Then there is that $650 Billion that the illegals added to the economy in 2018, plus about $60 BILLION to Social Security Trust Fund and over $45 BILLION to the IRS bank account, or in another way of putting it almost 1% of GDP, according to the Government Accountability Office.


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