Nikki Haley Gets Revenge On Don Lemon After CNN Fires Him

(Tea Party PAC) – The news of Don Lemon finally being fired from CNN on Monday was music to the ears of conservatives and sane Americans from shore to shore, especially amid the shock of Fox News “parting ways” with powerhouse Tucker Carlson.

No one had more reason to celebrate the news of Lemon’s firing than 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

As you recall, Haley, 51-years-old, was recently insulted by the arrogant 57-year-old Lemon during an episode of CNN’s morning show, saying she was past “her prime.”

The comment was just downright rude and nonsensical, not to mention sexist seeing as how he’s never remarked that Joe Biden, or any other man in the political sphere, is past his prime.

Haley wasted no time expressing her satisfaction with the development on Monday, tweeting, “A great day for women everywhere. Now, let’s get men out of women’s sports,” adding a “Hold my beer” meme featuring lemonade and the hashtag “#StillInMyPrime.”

The former ambassador to the UN followed that tweet up with some advice to women, “To women everywhere, don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re past your prime.”

Lemon’s distasteful comment was made back in February when he was responding to Haley’s calls for competency tests for politicians older than 75 during her announcement declaring she was running for president.

“Sorry,” Lemon stated. “When a woman is in their prime, in 20s and 30s and maybe 40s…”

“Prime for what?” co-host Poppy Harlow questioned.

“It depends. It’s just like, prime,” Lemon stammered, as it began to dawn on him that he just said something stupid. “If you look it up. If you Google ‘when is a woman in her prime,’ it’ll say 20s, 30s, 40s.”

Haley shot back at the time, tweeting, “Liberals can’t stand the idea of having competency tests for older politicians to make sure they can do the job. BTW it’s always the liberals who are the most sexist.”

Fast forward to Monday, Don Lemon finally met his demise but he went out swinging and tried to slam CNN.

“I was informed this morning by my agent that I have been terminated by CNN. I am stunned. After 17 years at CNN I would have thought someone in management would have had the decency to tell me directly,” Lemon noted in a statement he tweeted. “At no time was I ever given any indication that I would not be able to continue to do the work I have loved at the network.”

CNN Communications quickly denied his claim was true, countering in a tweet: “Don Lemon’s statement about this morning’s events is inaccurate. He was offered an opportunity to meet with management but instead released a statement on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, support for Haley was strong on Twitter as many joined her in saying goodbye to Lemon:

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