No Transparency In PA As Secretary Of State Is Refusing To Do This

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s a good reason why Pennsylvania is thought to be one of the most compromised states in the US right now where the 2020 presidential election is concerned. If Democrats in the state haven’t been up to no good they’ve certainly made no effort to convey that through their behavior.

The appearance of evil can be just as damning as actually committing wrongdoing but, apparently, Pennsylvanian Democrats really don’t care about appearances.

If we went solely off of their own behavior it seems obvious they did what was necessary to hand the state over to Joe Biden. Governor Tom Wolf and his lock-step Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar have made no secret of their contempt for President Trump. We all knew they weren’t just going to sit by and watch him win the state again.

It certainly looks bad enough that Democratic election workers were kicking GOP ballot-watchers out of counting places and that Boockvar took it upon herself to change election rules just days before the election.

Now, Boockvar herself is attempting to impede any attempts to bring legitimacy and integrity to the election in Pennsylvania.

On Friday, Boockvar declared that she would not be ordering a recount of Pennsylvania’s election recounts. If she and the Democrats have nothing to hide, why not be as transparent as possible and order the recount?

It’s painfully obvious neither Boockvar nor Wolf care about freedom or democracy. If they did they would be doing everything in their power to work with President Trump’s campaign to clear the air and prove everything was, in fact, legitimate.

In a statement, the PA Department of State said that according to the “unofficial returns” that have been submitted be all counties to the Dept. of State, Boockvar will not order a recount and recanvass since “no statewide candidate was defeated by one-half of one percent or less of the votes cast.”

Well, of course, they weren’t because Wolf and company made sure they would appear to be defeated by a lot more. He actually thought he figured out how to stop a recount and Boockvar is more than happy to do his bidding.

Currently, the state results show that Joe Biden leads President Trump by around 60,000 and if you’ve been following along you’d know this is nothing short of a miracle. At one point Biden trailed President Trump by over 700,000 votes on Election Day.

Boockvar thanked all of the 67 Pennsylvania counties “who have been working overtime and putting in an extraordinary effort to count every vote, with so far more than 6.8 million votes having been counted.”

We wonder how many of those 6.8 million voters are dead or no longer live in the state? How many of them double voted? How many were illegitimately given to Joe Biden via a “glitch?”

These are all questions Americans, especially Pennsylvanians, deserve to know the answers to but Boockvar would prefer to jeopardize our democracy by allowing these questions to go unanswered. If Americans no longer believe our elections are fair we are no longer free.

As of Friday, the Department of State said there were around 40,000 of the outstanding 100,000 provisional ballots issued on Election Day counted and another 28,000 military absentee ballots remain uncounted.

Pennsylvanians would do well to note the way in which their elected officials are behaving during this time. President Trump is well within his rights to challenge the election results. The fact that Democrats are opposing his rights and this perfectly legal, constitutional process should be extremely troubling to residents.

It’s time for voters in PA to vote out corrupt Democrats. They’re literally showing you all who they are. It’s time you believe them.

Featured image credit: Governor Tom Wolf –

Copyright 2020.


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  4. Well now we know who collaborated with China to release a deadly virus on the world. We now know who the target was! They exhausted every way to get rid of trump but couldn’t and look what they did to the world with China’s help to defeat trump. What a shame that all kids have just learned from
    The democrats it’s ok to cheat to get what you want. It’s ok for dead people to vote (FACT ) it’s ok for people to vote that don’t live in certain states (FACT) check with the person now living in Tennessee for the last year that voted in his former state AZ and has no idea who filled out the ballot in his name. This is what happens when signatures aren’t verified. People voting that aren’t citizens of the United States, try that in Mexico, it won’t happen! Who would of thought our elections are worst than third world countries. You would think if just one vote was verified as fraud in a state the whole state would be audited! We audit all the time for tax cheating. To all Americans that are part of America’s party which was the old Republican Party that is gone, if trump does finally lose please sell all of your stocks and crash the corrupt system of Wall Street that backed Biden. Sit on your cash and buy nothing but what you need for the next 4 years. 72 million hard working Americans are being called racists and deplorables and every other Nasty name by Obama and his wife and other democrats Pelosi and Schumer. 72 million Americans can wreck havoc on the economy if they sick together, help your neighbors who belong to Americans party which are people of all races! The socialist communists party which was the Democratic Party will fail. The old democrats will join the Americans party when they finally see what these haters of America real agenda is. God bless America!

  5. I live in Pa and find it hard to believe that Pa would vote against Trump when Biden is going to do away with millions of energy jobs. The Supreme Court should order a redo with republicans present for every democrat at all times. They purposely went against Alito’s order. The Pa Supreme Court overstepped when allowing 3 extra days. Redo is only way. Then that 700,000 lead will then be over a million for Trump.


    THE TIME FOR FIGHTING IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PA should do a recite in light of interference!!! Transparency is a word Democrats don’t comprehend!!!? They will go down in history as snakes!!! Pathetic garbage and hypocrites!!! Enabling criminals destroying the country!!!

  8. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to vote out theDemocratic hierarchy in Pennsylvania as long as democrats are already in control of the state and will continue to rig elections to insure they maintain the power and control,,it is time that liberal, non constitutional judges were removed from the benches in Pennsylvania,,,,there is no transparency in any democratic controlled state and that is the way they want it,,,,this should be a huge wake up call for our country,,,with democrats in control there will never be another honest election in the USA. Biden should be in jail,,,,the criminal acts that he has perpetrated all over the world should be front page news,,,but demo controlled media will never be upfront about any of those,,,,however,,,we Americans can take charge,,,and I believe we will,,,you push people far enough and sooner or later they start to fight back,,,this will happen,,,,the democratic socialist party relies on everyone falling in line,,,bullshit,,,,millionslike myself have fought and many died in preserving the ideals that this Nation was founded upon and we will fight again,,,make no mistake,,the time is coming,,,

  9. Little late to bote out virrupt PA officials.Trump has done more for PA than any Democrat ever did, especially Obama and Biden. PA, through it’s corrupt ekection officials and Sec if State and Governor, have just kicked Trump in the teeth. And with Biden and his agenda, PA citizens will be losers.

  10. The reason they will not allow a count is because that would show fraud and that state has already been guilty of that…who would trust those jerks to ever have an election without fraud…they r guilty as sin or they would allow a recount on ballots….GUILTY…Crooks

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  15. These Democrats will continue to do whatever they want to weather legal or not because we have spineless, afraid of their own shadows Republicans that will not fight with our duly elected President to win. We have to not only remember the corrupt Democrats we need to start remembering those Republicans that don’t fight back and do what is right when we go vote. I think we are ready for term limits, it’s the only way to stop fraud and corruption in our government. Go Trump MAGA 2020

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