Now “Transprejudice” For Heterosexuals To Not Date Trans People – How Dare Straight People Act Like They Are Not Homosexuals

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(Tea Party PAC) – The Left has never been for ‘equality.’ The goal has always been special treatment for the small 4.5% of the population that identify as LGBT. First they insisted they just wanted to be treated with acceptance which then turned into wanting “gay marriage,” which is an oxy-moron but that’s a topic for another day. It wasn’t enough to pervert the institution of marriage, now they want to make their immoral lifestyles the ‘norm’ in society.

From teaching teens how to have anal sex to grown men dressed as women reading stories to children, everything from the Left is geared at breaking down traditional views on gender and the family unit. The mainstream media is more than happy to push this sick propaganda making us feel like somehow the deviants are the majority. It’s a clever trick the LGBT has played. Now, if you don’t want to date someone who identifies as a transgender person, you are “transprejudice.”

You read that right. Now there is a label for those who do not wish to engage in sexual deviance with mentally disturbed individuals. If that is you, you are now considered “transprejudice.” Shame on you.

According to Infowars:

A new study which found that only 3 per cent of heterosexuals were willing to date a transgender person proves society has a problem with “transprejudice” and must be re-educated, according to its author.

The study found that only 3.1 per cent of heterosexuals were willing to date a trans person compared to 55 per cent of people “with queer or bisexual sexual orientations”.

According to its author Karen L. Blair Ph.D., the results showed that many heterosexuals rejected dating trans people because they thought they had “make believe” identities and that this is a form of “transprejudice”.

“These types of responses questioned the legitimacy of transgender and non-binary identities and took a very dehumanizing tone in referring to trans people,” writes Blair, noting that even people who rejected trans partners because they “mentioned a desire to only date people with whom they could have biologically related children” did so “using dehumanizing language, such as saying that a trans man “was not a natural man” or a “real man”.

Blair said that such “dehumanization” and “transprejudice” could be combated with more “education about the diversity of gender identities” and by increasing “accurate media representations of trans and non-binary people”.

The author notes that the same type of “prejudice” doesn’t exist when it comes to dating people of a different race.

There definitely appears to be some kind of innate stigma that straight people have towards transgenders when it comes to having romantic and possibly sexual relationships with them.

Some transgender commentators have previously asserted that it is bigoted for heterosexuals to choose not to date transgenders.

Blair says this kind of “prejudice” doesn’t exist when dating people of a different race. Well, I would argue that it does, but also that is like comparing apples to oranges. Nobody decides what ethnicity to be. Trans people choose to live a lifestyle based on fantasy and delusion, not reality. There is nothing prejudiced about not wanting to participate in such deranged, immoral behavior.

Also, it seems silly to have to even point this out, if someone is heterosexual that means they are attracted to the opposite sex. Trans women are biologically male and trans men are biologically female, therefore it would be homosexual deviance for heterosexual person to be sexually involved with a trans person.

This is absolute lunacy.

The LGBT have always been societal bullies but this is a whole new level of ridiculousness. The bullies are playing the victims and accusing those of us who just want to live normal, traditional lives of being prejudice. It would be really comical if it weren’t actually happening.

Look how far down the slippery LGBT slope we have already fallen as a society. Why has this happened? Because we have little-by-little accepted more of this sexual perversion out of fear of being labeled intolerant or hateful. Well, now they are labeling us as “transprejudice.” Are we just going start dating transgender people to avoid the scary leftist “labels?” Conservatives and Christians need to stand up to this madness and be the voice of reason and truth.

Whatever happened to the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” Seems like WAY too many conservatives and Christians are afraid of dangerous, scary words like “intolerant” and “bigot.” Well if being opposed to sexual perversion is being “intolerant” and a “bigot” then so be it.

If you choose not to partake in homosexual deviance by not dating transgender individuals, don’t let anyone tell you that is some kind of act of prejudice. It is not.

We have to start yelling louder than the Left or else we are going to find ourselves living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We all know how things ended for them.