Numbers In The New CDC Report DESTROY The Case For Mask Mandates

(Tea Party PAC) – A brand new graphic that overlays data from surveys done on mask usage along with the number of COVID-19 cases has now confirmed studies that indicate wearing a mask has no significant impact on the spread of the illness. Boy, oh boy, you can just hear all the statists, like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Dr. Anthony Fauci, having full meltdowns over this little scientific tidbit, can’t you?

According to WND, data was pulled from and also from the COVID Tracking Project from the dates of March 20, 2020, to March 3, 2021, and then turned into a chart created by economist Brian Westbury who then posted it on social media.

The surveys demonstrated that mask wearing reached about 80 percent by sometime around the middle of summer last year and has remained fairly consistent ever since. During this period, the number of daily cases continued to go up and then fall abruptly.

Quite a few epidemiologists have pointed out that COVID-19, in a second big wave, is following the bell-shaped pattern of epidemics predicted by Farr’s Law way back in the year 1840, regardless of the kind of actions being taken to mitigate the spread of the illness.

“Another chart, from a Financial Times analysis of the Covid Tracking Project, shows very little difference in the number cases between North Dakota and South Dakota. That’s despite the fact that North Dakota has had a mask mandate, while South Dakota has not,” WND’s report read.

On Tuesday of last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that his state would be opening up 100 percent this coming Wednesday, bringing an end to the statewide mask mandate, making the argument that cases and hospitalizations have dropped, vaccines are now being distributed, and that “”too many Texans have been sidelined from employment opportunities” and “too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills.”

Not long after, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves followed Abbott’s example by replacing all the current executive orders concerning actions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with “recommendations.”

By the end of the week, six other states had decided to make some very significant moves in bringing mask wearing to an end, as far as a mandate goes, and opening their state up for business, which is a move that won’t be popular with statists, but will help massively with economic recovery.

Former White House COVID adviser Dr. Scott Atlas recently conducted an interview where he explained why using masks is ineffective, calling it “garbage science.”

That’s all I need to hear. Let’s get more states on board with ditching masks and opening states all the way back up so we can get back to living our lives the way we used to.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. I am old enough to remember the polio epidemic where people had to be put in iron lungs (as they were called), people who died and people who had to wear leg braces for the rest of their lives because of polio! We did not shut down the country then and life went on! A vaccine was found to combat polio and everyone got one! This shutting down our country and hurting so many people’s lively hood is purely a political hit job in order to control the people and make us all follow like sheep! I at the age of seventy six will not get this vaccine now (maybe next year if needed). I do not trust this government or the doctor’s who encourage mask wearing knowing that they are ineffective. Herd immunity is the answer! This virus was released on purpose by China to destroy countries and they should pay the price! They are our enemy and so is the democrat party!


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