NYC Set To Release 125K Accused Criminals; Check Out All The Goodies They’re Going To Be Giving Them

(Tea Party PAC) – Liberals have a well earned reputation for doing some crazy things, things that end up wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in rather egregious ways. Whether that’s through ridiculous studies and reports about the impact of cow farts on the atmosphere or carrying out a useless impeachment inquiry against the president, you can count on the left to blow big wads of cash.

Well, New York City is apparently looking for something else they can blow their resources on, which includes releasing 125,000 accused criminals from prison and handing them taxpayer funded housing and job training services.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

The state of New York is likely to free at least 125,000 accused criminals from prison next year and provide many with taxpayer-funded housing and job training services thanks to criminal justice reform laws.

As Breitbart News has reported, the state’s series of bail reforms will ensure that suspects accused of crimes deemed “non-violent” are not jailed before their trial dates and do not have to post bail.

The list of crimes for which suspects will be freed from prison before trial includes:

• Second-degree manslaughter
• Aggravated vehicular assault
• Third-degree assault
• Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child
• Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child
• Promoting a sexual performance by a child
• Failure to register as a sex offender
• Making terroristic threats
• Criminally negligent homicide
• Aggravated vehicular homicide

In total, at least 125,000 accused criminals are likely to be released from prison in New York City every year, according to an analysis by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Those are at least 125,000 accused criminals who, even if charged with criminally negligent homicide, would be released from prison the same day they were arrested.

Of those 125,000 released accused criminals, New York City will provide taxpayer-funded subsidized housing, job training, and family counseling to 10,000 each year. The scheme, called the “Atlas” program, will cost New York City taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.

In 2018, New York City judges released more than 105,000 accused criminals without bail.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, in addition to providing subsidized housing and job training, is promising to give released accused criminals gifts like Mets tickets and movie passes if they show up to their court dates, as Breitbart News reported.

Across the county, jailbreak legislation is helping to free thousands of accused and convicted criminals from prison. Federally, the First Step Act that was signed into law by President Trump has thus far freed about 240 sex offenders, nearly 60 convicted murderers and assailants, as well as almost 1,000 inmates convicted of drug crimes.

Also freed by the First Step Act is Joel Francisco, a notorious former leader of the “Latin Kings” gang who immediately returned to a life of drugs after his release and is now accused of murder.

Look, there’s no doubt that folks who screw up their lives by making really bad choices need some help to readjust to life outside of the prison walls, but given how highly taxed the city of New York is already, there’s little doubt that this is a bad use of resources.

At the end of the day, you have to wonder how many of these inmates should even be allowed to roam the streets and how many would probably be better off staying behind bars. The current prison system often causes those who go in to come out worse, hardened criminals than they were before.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this all works out come next year.



  1. I do not see how these Politicians, including President Trump think releasing criminals makes USA Citizens safer.
    It doesn’t. So, why this sudden fascination with making these laws that set criminals free?
    I know that law Trump signed was only going to release very low level non violent offenders who were really treated very badly by the Justice System. I guess according to the Kardashian’s.But that law, not even a year old, has already resulted in One new Murder.
    Does anyone think repeal of that law is in order. After all,if that law was never signed at least one innocent citizen would still be alive.
    When will we learn that releasing convicted criminals that are, in fact, GUILTY, is a bad idea??!!!

  2. They should make a movie about this. Maybe portray the city as nothing but a giant prison with various gangs controlling different areas. They could leave one way out patrolled by the army, barbed wire fences, land mines, –the whole smear. Oh wait, they already did – Escape from New York. Everyone thought it was just fiction, looks like it was a blueprint.

  3. Do all the nut cases in America live in New York and California apparently and certainly the elected officials are lacking more tha a few cards to complete the deck. What has happened to common sense in this country.

  4. I think the people in New York are all crazy as hell! I be damned if I want to live in a city where the mayor has no more care for the citizens than to allow them back on the streets to harm or murder more people! What f’in morons! POS!

  5. DeBlasio is of German decent. His real name is Wilhelm something, that is German. He lived temporarily in ?Costa Rica and somehow feels that making his name somewhat hispanic would make him more acceptable to voters. Actually to NOT be associated with Hitler. He married a woman of color, perhaps to help with votes. He is quite a piece of work BUT is allowing prisoners who are still serving time for legitimate crimes, not pot smoking, people who assault people, try to kill people, kill people, do vehicular homicide when enraged, rape children, rape women, steal, et al. He is becoming our Hitler to get the vote of the masses. The DeBlasios’ are providing housing, food, medical care, AND if they show up for probation visits they get tickets to ball games, isn’t that nice? Meanwhile there are homeless Veterans of our wars who are needy, hungry, tired of pooping on our streets in public. NOOOOO don’t help them with housing. Give housing to M13 or 3, or “The LATIN kINGS,” whatever.

    • DeBlasio is not Hispanic, it’s Italian and his mother’s maiden surname. He was born Warren Wilhelm Jr. Hi dad wa a combination of German, English, French, and Scots-Irish.

    • I read your message new York City is going to be hell place to live much like other Dems cities Philadelphia Chicago ST. Louis Miami Boston Detroit San Francisco I could go on Milwaukee is another I support teaparty PAC on Wall funding US attorney general William Barr and block impeachment coup on Capitol Hill I ask everyone who support me and my president to donate we are going to need teaparty PAC and their voters if we are going to win house senate majority and kept the white house in Trump hands if not the USA will become a third world country and nobody is going to be safe on streets with thousands pouring in from Mexico and deep state organization bringing crime terrorists America will be a dangerous country to live in the Dems said if we get 270 or better we will disarm every citizens who has rifle pistol shotgun in their home of residency

    • Di Blasio sounds European to me. I find it irritating that you assume he wants street cred with south american so called hispanics. They are not europeans! But, the man is totally brainwashed, no doubt, and out of his mind for certain

  6. How sick, they should be taking care of the homeless. What makes them think they won’t do the same thing again. Not taking care of the innocent.

  7. Just horrendous how NYC is releasing hardened criminals to continue their rain of terror, providing them taxpayer housing and training and in Seattle, the politicians there aren’t doing anything to help the homeless population. Leftists cities are the dregs of our country.

  8. Deblasio and the rest of the democracts in New York should take their place in jail. Deblasio hope karma catches up with you on stupid decisions you make. The city of New York needs to flow out to sea and away from the rest of the state.


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