NYPD Gives Update About Police Officers Poisoned At Shake Shack; What They Had To Say Smells A Bit Fishy

(Tea Party PAC) – Earlier this week, a news story took over the Internet concerning a group of three New York City police detectives who became ill after consuming beverages from a Shake Shack in Manhattan. With things as tense as they are right now for police officers across the country, many individuals immediately assumed that employees had decided to express their anti-cop feelings by poisoning these law enforcement professionals.

However, according to new reports coming out of the NYPD, an investigation has been conducted and there is no evidence to suggest that the poisoning was done on purpose. There has been no crime committed according to officials.

Now, to be honest, this seems a little fishy. Why were only these detectives poisoned if this were part of an accident involving the shake machine? Seems like there would be a lot of other individuals ill as well. Could the NYPD be terrified of hightening violence between cops and anti-cop individuals on the street? That could be a possibility.

Here’s more on the matter from Breitbart:

UPDATE (6/16/20): NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison declares that an investigation of the incident did not find evidence of a crime from any Shake Shack employees.

After a thorough investigation by the NYPD’s Manhattan South investigators, it has been determined that there was no criminality by shake shack’s employees.

This article’s headline has been updated to reflect the findings of the investigation. The original report begins here:

An investigation is underway after three New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers were allegedly poisoned with bleach at a Lower Manhattan Shake Shack on Monday evening.

While policing a protest in Lower Manhattan, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and the Detectives Endowment Association said three NYPD officers were poisoned with bleach after ordering food and beverages at a nearby Shake Shack.

“Tonight, three of our fellow officers were intentionally poisoned by one or more workers at the Shake Shack at 200 Broadway in Manhattan,” the Detectives Endowment Association confirmed.

PBA President Pat Lynch said in a statement:

This evening, several MOS assigned to a protest detail in lower Manhattan took meal at the Shake Shack location on Broadway and Fulton Street. At some point during their meal period, the MOS discovered that a toxic substance, believed to be bleach, had been placed in their beverages.

“The contamination was not discovered until the MOS had already ingested a portion of their beverages,” Lynch said. “They are currently at the hospital receiving treatment and are expected to recover.”

Fortunately, the officers involved in this situation were not seriously injured by the incident and are, as of this writing, recovering at a local hospital. This situation could most definitely have been worse.

While the official story is that this was the result of an accident, that doesn’t mean that’s the truth or that local law enforcement shouldn’t be extremely careful when ordering food and drinks from restaurants. It’s important with so much anti-cop rhetoric going around that those who choose to dine at eating establishments, both locally owned and those that are part of bigger chains, check their food before consumption.

It’s truly a sad day in America when things have reached this level. Folks, there are far more good cops in the world than bad ones. Let’s not punish the good ones for doing their jobs to serve and protect. These individuals haven’t harmed anyone.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/15/report-three-nypd-officers-poisoned-with-bleach-at-manhattan-shake-shack/


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  2. This is all a set-up. Interesting how it fell right on the heels of covid-19. It’s a set-up to instigate public demand for defunding the police, so the illuminati can usher in marshall law by way of the UN’s military. Think it’s any accident? I’ve been watching for a couple of decades now as ramp gates have been installed at every ramp leading onto highways in my province to control traffic, the new police cars becoming more menacing looking, and police cars all over the world starting to look the same. The police cars and departments are all being prepared for the take-over. Are you sure you citizens are up for what’s coming? I think not.

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  5. If the poisoning was truly an accident, anyone can be poisoned there. Therefore it should be Shut Down. No one should go there. All should boycott. What is wrong with NY health dept ?
    If the amount of bleach was enough to sicken someone, it was more than what was left by cleaning the machine.
    Police should absolutely sue the company and the management at this location.
    If there were a shake shack in my state, I would surely Not Go There.

  6. …what is fishy, is that most of these machines use a chlorine-based-sanitizer to sanitize them, but they do so on a rotating basis, and some machines clean themselves every 14 days or so. If the machine was being broken down to be cleaned and sanitized, no shakes would have been available. However, in order to finish cleaning the machine and get it to the point of making shakes again, one has to drain all of the sanitizing solution, load it with shake mix…and give it time to come down to temperature…in order to produce a shake. So even if the machine had been cleaned, it should have been rinsed…and if any, a minimal amount of sanitizer remaining in the lines. A customer wouldn’t even taste this, and yet the cops somehow had enough bleach in the shake to require hospitalization? Did someone put bleach or a small amount of sanitizer…(which comes in dried packets)…in the shakes? Did someone put real bleach in the shakes? Have you ever smelled anything that is contaminated with straight bleach? You can smell it immediately….and you would hardly be able to ingest any of it, without knowing it was contaminated? Did the cops poison themselves? Are they covering it up? I don’t know. But someone is lying.

  7. If the people that did this are caught they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with no reductions allowed to them, period.

  8. Once again, we cannot trust the official cops rendition of events. This obvious coverup of the truth is part of what the people see as contributing to the “can’t trust police” mentality. Why can’t the brass allow the truth to come out?!

  9. Stop eating out folks….this will start happening more…uncivilized people are trying to take over our country…as the loon’s say vote often in the next election….MAGA!!!!

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  11. Articles like this is exactly why social nmedia is trying to controkl the content. Now the facs are that the 3 police officers were not the only ones who became ill from drinking th beverage, there were sever more and investigation showed that the machine was not properly cleaned and some of the cleaning solution was left in the machine when it was started.
    Just thingsa like this implying out right lies instead of all the facts to try to drive wedges betweeen people who actually believe everything they see on the social media.

  12. It is very suspect that no one else has come forward claiming to get sick. Common sense tells you the officers were targeted. I would not visit that store again if I was a police officer. All police officers need to find someone not in a uniform to go and pick up their food. It is very sad that it has come to this. I love the police in my town.

  13. What’s left of the NYPD is controlled by Comrade De Blasio so this decision is not totally unexpected. I am sorry for the police in NY when their own department apparently does not care about them!

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