Obama Had The Chance To Rename Confederate Bases. Guess What He Did?

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the hysterical left’s causes du jour this week is targeting Confederate monuments as well as military bases named after confederate figures.

This is, of course, part of a full-scale psychological operation on the part of the left to, yet again, paint the United States as a racist dystopia in which the only thing standing between us and complete Trumpian fascism is pink-haired anarchists and Black Lives Matter protesters.

As our cities have erupted into chaos and destruction, some of these historically-ignorant protesters have been targeting not only Confederate statues but monuments to black Civil War soldiers who fought for the Union and lifelong abolitionists who dedicated their lives to ending slavery.

This renewed animosity towards anything Confederate began before George Floyd’s death, however.

You may recall that, over Memorial Day weekend, just days before Floyd would be cruelly killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who has since been fired and charged with Floyd’s murder, The New York Times ran an op-ed slandering the entire US military as white supremacists because of a few bases named for Confederate leaders.

And here we are again.

It’s 2017 all over again.

During the early days of the Trump presidency, anti-Confederate-statue fervor was high, in some twisted attempt to push back against 45’s “racism,” or something.

Now that he’s up for re-election, it appears to have been revived.

One can’t help but notice, however, that while Obama was president, no one seemed as upset by the existence of sites and monuments named for Confederate leaders.

As Newsmax reports, the Obama Administration was actually presented with the opportunity to change the names of some of these bases…and declined.

From Newsmax:

The Pentagon during the Obama Administration declined to change its policy for naming military bases, some of which are named for Confederate leaders, saying “these historic names represent individuals, not causes or ideologies.”

A Pentagon spokesperson at the time, Col. Steve Warren, said in July 2015 that “as of now, there is no discussion of adjusting the naming policy,” according to CNN.

“Every Army installation is named for a soldier who holds a place in our military history,” added the Pentagon’s chief of public affairs at the time, Army Brig. Gen. Malcolm B. Frost. “Accordingly, these historic names represent individuals, not causes or ideologies. It should be noted that the naming occurred in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.”

The Pentagon also noted that each military service decides how to name their own bases.

The Associated Press also reported that the military’s official policy on naming military forts and posts began with War Department General Order Number 11 from 1832, which states: “All new posts which may be hereafter established, will receive their names from the War Department, and be announced in General Orders from the Headquarters of the Army.”


  1. All these anarchist protesters should leave the country. Maybe start their own somewhere. Or better yet, go to Asia, Africa, or South America and start trying to change the way of life there. They are ignorant people. Igniranc3 causes crisis and wreckage. They don’t get all the facts; they don’t try to learn the facts of any situation. Therefore, they scream, lie, burn, loot and try to force others to agree with them By using brute force, They should be brought to court, tried with the evidence presented, then jailed for criminal activity. These race rioters ( falsely named protesters) are out- of- work haters with too much time on their hands.

  2. Our history is a rich one even with all the problems attached to it. Our monuments are a tribute to the actions of our brave Americans. Whining, looting, arson are childish and are not the traits of an ethical high class individual. Rather they define low class barbarians.

  3. Once again we have irrefutable proof of a organized campaign to create total social unrest hoping to prevent Pres
    Trump from been reelected.

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  5. Something to think about Nancy Pelosi’s father dedicated 2 confederate statues one was Robert E. Lee and the other was Andrew Jackson. Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK and a friend of Hillary Clinton. Biden eulogized Robert Byrd at his funeral in 2010. Biden passed the Crime Act in 1994 which put more blacks in prison. Democrats were against the Voting Rights Act in 1964. Richard Russell was against integration. He was opposed to anti-lynching bills. Republicans pushed for freeing black slaves which lead to the Civil War. President Lincolin delivered the Emancipation Proclamation and he was a republican. Republicans championed the landmark Brown vs Board of Education that created desegration in schools and democrats were against all of these things. Biden said if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black and last but not least the Democrats founded the KKK. And yet the black race continues to vote democrat!! I don’t get it, do you?

  6. Great generals on either side blue or grey are part of our nation’s history. History is our past, our heritage and needs to be studied, talked about and learned from so mistakes are not repeated. Lee was a west point graduate in the us army until the south decided to ceceed from the union. He was southern by birth and so he became a leader in the Confederate army.

  7. Nor news – what did Obama ever do? Yak, yak and more yakkity yak. He was the most do nothing President in our history. But then again, what can you expect from a man who never wanted to work, he just wanted the trappings of the Presidency.

  8. I over heard a group of 10 hear olds talking about how to get things they wanted from there parents. In a nut shell they said that if they started screaming and throwing things there parents always compromised and gave in to them .There was one in the group who said he tried that a couple of times ,but all that happened was his parents took something he enjoyed away from him. His parents told him he had to follow the rules of his parents or move out. He gave that thought and it was obvious that would be a bad idea.He really had a very good thing going. ( That in the difference between a young man who will be a asset to his country ,and the idiots in our streets destroying every thing around them, that decent hard working people spent a life time building).The only way to stop LAWLESS force is with a greater force.Its time for decent people to FIGHT back and end the planned destruction of AMERICA.Its not about color it’s about life style . If you want to live by the rules your welcome ,if you want to destroy our rules , make out your will before you come to my home.

    • Put in context – it was a move by a lazy do nothing, anti-American President who was afraid he might get some blow back on it. Wake up ignoramus.

  9. Obvious our country has great historical persons! It hasn’t made anyone crazy for years, just now with paid protestors!! The sheep are plentiful!! Accept the past & make new historical moments to be proud of!!

    • Make new historical moments to be proud of? Do you have a brain in your head? If you value anarchy,lawlessness, chaos and racism I guess that is what you believe.

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