Obama Refuses To Attend Unveiling Of Official White House Portrait; The Left’s Response Is Typical

(Tea Party PAC) – Welp, Obama has done it again. The former president has managed to take another White House tradition, ball it up and toss it into the garbage. When it comes to Barack Hussein Obama, there seems to be nothing that is sacred, especially when it comes to the country he calls home.

President Obama was invited to attend the unveiling of his White House portrait, but he’s not attending. Any guesses as to why? It’s something really, really petty. Basically it’s related to the increasing tension between Obama and President Trump, which has reached a fever pitch this week.

Over the weekend, Obama insulted President Trump and his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Trump, not one to back down from an attack, launched into a rather brutal rebuttal of Obama’s presidency, calling him the “worst president in American history.”

Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

For decades, succeeding presidents would host a ceremony for the unveiling of their predecessors’ official White House portrait.

Obama hosted a ceremony for former President George W. Bush.

Bush once held a ceremony for former President Bill Clinton. And Clinton once held a ceremony for former President George H.W. Bush.

Seriously? Obama’s going to allow himself to be outclassed by someone as wretched as a sexual abuser like Bill Clinton? That’s sad on so many levels. It blows the mind.

The tradition reportedly dates back to 1978, when then-President Jimmy Carter unveiled former President Gerald Ford’s portrait. Yet as of 2020, this tradition is now reportedly dead.

“Obama will forgo the unveiling of his presidential portrait in the White House as President Donald Trump ramps up attacks on his record,” U.S. News & World Report reported Tuesday.

“It is a long-held White House tradition that a first-term president hosts a ceremony to unveil the official portrait of his immediate predecessor that will hang in the building. However, people familiar with the matter [said] that Obama will skip the unveiling of his portrait.”

The evidence suggests the Trump administration has for its part at least tried to be congenial with Obama about the matter.

“An administration official said there have been some discussions between the White House and Obama’s team to hang the portrait but no date was ever officially scheduled,” CNN confirmed.

NBC News has noted that former President Obama has no interest in being a nice guy and wants to wait until Trump is out of office before having his portrait go up in the White House. Good grief. That’s some high school drama crap right there. We knew all along that Obama was a child who throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, but this is just ridiculous.

As you can probably already imagine, the left is loving Obama for his decision. Many individuals in the left-wing media have tried justifying his disrespectful response by talking about how Trump has attacked Obama’s record. No mention of the all the times Obama has attacked Trump, including the new evidence of the former administration’s illegal spying on him.

Documentation from the FBI proves that Obama’s people not only spied on Trump, but abused political power and authority to try and destroy Michael Flynn as a means of launching an assault on Trump that would obliterate his administration. These people are truly horrid.

Maybe one day Obama will grow up and act like a big kid. Today, apparently, is not that day.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/05/20/obamas-petty-refusal-to-attend-traditional-unveiling-of-official-white-house-portrait-by-trump-cheered-by-left-923184


  1. Trump the Bond Villain Traitor is the worst President in American History — BY FAR! Obama should still go — just so he could confront the Traitor!

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  5. Will Hussein be wearing the orange prison jump suit in the portrait, or the old-fashioned, black and white striped prison outfit ?????

  6. I guess he thinks that he’ll be arrested for planing a coup against the president of the United States if he steps inside the White House, probably a good reason for not going. Was it true that they put the Obama portrait in the public restroom next to the entrance of the White House?

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  8. It is clear the lines are definitely drawn. The Left attacks everything that the President and the Right do and propose. Their candidate for President will ruin the country. What would make them happy a Civil War.

  9. I wouldn’t think there should be a problem here. I don’t think there is a law requiring that his picture must be hung in the white house. So, send Obama his picture along with a bill so we the tax payer are not paying for it. In its place hang a picture of bull shit in its place, with a caption, ” worst president ever”.

  10. Let’s get the story straight. Pres. Trump DID NOT INVITE Pres. Obama to the White House for anything. He’s the first sitting president to attack his predecessor and it continues today with a simple portrait. Trump is childish and immature to the max and this cements his status as the worst president ever.


  11. Great, just hang the picture with no ceremony people can continue doing the job we pay them for and stop wasting taxpayer time and money with political parties.

  12. Hussein Obama always wants things his way. Instead of acting like a child, put aside your feelings and act like the official you were elected to be and do the right thing regardless if your feelings with Trump. No wonder things are not getting done because Democrats anger of Trump get in the way. Personally, I don’t care what Hussein Obama does and the portrait should go to a Muslim country instead of our White House.

  13. Why not take his (BUTT ugly!) portrait and THROW it AWAY with the Traditions he trashed? It wouldn’t bother me ONE bit! This is the mark of a SORE LOSER. One Humorously Laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  15. Well I guess he is going to have to wait 4 more years. He knows that if he comes to the white hose he will probably be arrested for organizing a coup against the current president of the United States.

    • No, the proper way to hang Obama’s glorious portrait would be in the barn stall of a bull.

      So Obama’s likeness could be to where it can face to where all the bullsh!t starts.

    • Or have it laminated to the bottom of old town gas station toilet bowel that would sit next to a Save A Lot.

  16. Trump should hang a picture of The Trojan Horse instead of the Obama portrait until a kommiecrat enters the Whitehouse and changes it to the even bigger hoax Barack Hussein Obama.

  17. I presume you think that a president has the responsibility to determine what color or type wallpaper should be placed on everyone’s living room wall, and it must be the same! Conditions in each state are different! Where in Wyoming are there 11 million people crammed into an area the size of New York City? You ignorant people that think that milk only comes from a store have no common sense. This president has done more to provide jobs for people of all races than any previous. Stop crying about racism and go out and try to compete for a job that you can succeed at, rather than cry about. Democraps never know how to make a bigger pie, all they know is that they deserve a bigger slice of a smaller pie!

  18. Pres. Trump shouldn’t hang it anyway. Tossing it in the circular file sounds about right. Our country went down the toilet in the 8 years that the Islamic Terrorist sympathizer was the POTUS. 8 years of all trying to forget. Toss it in the garbage or better yet the toilet. That’s where he put our country.

  19. I would like to be the first on this board to agree that 0bummer was the worst president of my lifetime! If he doesn’t want to attend a celebration of his portrait being hung in the White House, I hope that his spot will be be skipped and the order goes right from Bush to Trump. When all the facts come out about his treason and corruption, I hope he’s hung from a tree outside the White House!

  20. OK. I understand Obama not wanting to go to the White House to see his portrait. I see it. So its a crayon drawing done by a little kid in Kindergarten. So what? But we know its his choice.

  21. Now lets look at it open minded in a adult way of looking at it. Now since being sworn in as President, Trump, and his supporters have never missed a chance to condemn Obama the black President and swore to do away with everything Obama did so there would be no legacy of the Obanma Administration, now even before becoming President Trump has shown his digusts for black persons, and court records on Trump Properties prove this.
    Now Trump is again on a triade about Obama calling it Obamagate when there is no proof of that as Barr said on 15 May 2020, yet Trump treats the Presidency as a Reality TV show, looking only for praise and deeply afraid to make dificult decisions because he might have to take the blame for the results so he shoves it off to the Governors, something no other President in the history of this USA has ever done in a crisis like we have now, in every crisis the Federal Govrnment has taken over, in the most cases FEMA, but in this case it would be CDC, yet Trump has to be in the lime light and putting them in 2nd place and over ruling every decision made by CDC.

  22. Obama you are biggest slime ball that the United States of America ever, I mean ever got elected as a dopey President of the USA for 2 terms in office. I hope that you will go to jail for all the crimes you and your henchmen and women have committed etc.


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