Obama Stalwart Schiff In Full Meltdown Mode – Goes After Attorney General Barr!

(Tea Party PAC) – House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is in full melt-down mode. Unwilling to accept there was no collusion on behalf of President Trump, he now is attacking Attorney General Bill Barr after Barr dropped the spying allegation on Obama’s camp.

Schiff accuses Barr of doing the President’s bidding. An ABC News reporter asked Schiff, “When you hear the Attorney General say he wants to look into what he calls “spying” into the President’s campaign, what’s your first reaction?”

“It’s stunning to hear the top law enforcement officer in the country talk so cavalierly about spying on a political campaign. This must be very pleasing for Donald Trump who wants to create a narrative that he’s the victim of some Deep State coup,” Schiff whined.

“The Attorney General has a higher responsibility than simply doing the bidding of the President of the United States,” he further said.


The liberal meltdown began when Bill Barr said, during a Senate hearing this week, that Obama’s Intel agencies spied on Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign. The Deep State, including Comey, Clapper, and Brennan, as well as the leftist media went on the offense against Barr for making the spying allegation.

The hypocrisy of it all is almost too much. Adam Schiff and the liberals have been shoving the Russian collusion scandal as fact for more than 2 years. Schiff himself continues to harass and insult the President despite the fact that Mueller’s report established there was no collusion between Trump and the Russian government. When the shoe is on the other foot, liberals go into tantrum mode.

The other House Intel members have had enough of Schiff and his emotional instability. They are calling for his resignation from his position as Chairman of the committee. They are also demanding that his security clearance be revoked. A bill has been introduced by Congressman Gaetz, this week, known as the “PENCIL Act” that aims to have Schiff removed from the Intel committee.

It is long overdue for the actual spies and lawbreakers to be brought to justice. It is time to remove leftist loose cannons like Schiff from their positions of power, of which they have abused. Schiff has used his position of influence to spread lies, false narratives, and leftist propaganda against President Trump since 2016. Deceiving the American people and destroying Trump is more important to these leftist obstructionists than serving the American people and holding lawmakers and government officials accountable for their wrongdoings.